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Global Peace March To Damascus Planned

By Marinella Corriegga, Vanessa Beeley, Feroze Mithiborwala & Roohulla Rezvi

10 September, 2013

Say No to US War on Syria!!
"Syria you are not alone, we shall not let you down"

The world yet again waits with bated breath, as the clouds of war threaten to drown the voices of peace. The US is once again threatening a sovereign country, under a false pretext & fabricated lies. After Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya where millions of innocent civilians died, now it is the turn of Syria.

Once again US is going to use its lethal weapons and 'save' the people, by bombing them under the dubious pretext of 'humanitarian intervention'. The American unilateralism poses a threat & a challenge to the overwhelming majority of nations that oppose the war. Yet again the US is complicit in destroying & undermining the international political structures & legal framework, even as it tries to speak in the name of the international community. But even though the US stands in splendid isolation, but yet persists with the war.

Thus once again innocent children & entire populations are going to be subjected to the role of helpless guinea pigs, whilst the latest weaponry is yet again tested. Once again residential areas, hospitals, schools, bridges, water supply systems, electric plants, will be targeted by the Cruise missiles, even as the entire civilian & social infrastructure of an entire nation is degraded & destroyed. Once again apache helicopters are going to display their accuracy on civilians, their graves to be marked as collateral damage.

The impending Imperialist-Zionist war on Syria is a threat to the entire region & will soon envelop the entire world into a fratricidal world war, where hundreds of millions of innocents will lose their lives. The very survival of humanity is at stake & thus this is a clarion call for peace.

Enough is enough!!

The overwhelming majority of the people are opposed to the war & are protesting across every nation across the world. The true international community, the comity of nations has spoken out against the attack, but the US imperialist pays no heed due to sheer arrogance & the brute force that it commands.

But this time we are not going to demonstrate & protest in our cities only. We are not going to follow the news of destruction, death & war through the satellite channels any more. We are not ready to sit by & watch a new Iraq and Afghanistan, even as the occupation & destruction of Palestine carries on.

This time, we are going to be there with the people of Syria. This time, for the sake of global peace and justice, we are going to March to Damascus from across the nations of the world, to bring the message of peace & stand in solidarity with the Syrian nation, which is one of the most ancient human civilizations.

Our objective is to resist, to defy & stop the US led war on Syria.

Our objective is to stand witness to the destruction that will be wrecked on this nation & let the world know about the true reality of the genocidal war.

Our objective is to act as a deterrent & protect the civilian & social infrastructure.

Our objective is to stand in solidarity with the Syrian people.

The very fate of humanity is at stake, where the choice is between peace & a global war, a war which will spell certain doom for all of humanity.

Join us from across the world in our collective endeavor for peace!

Join us in the “Global Peace March to Damascus”!

In solidarity

Marinella Corriegga, Vanessa Beeley, Feroze Mithiborwala & Roohulla Rezvi

(For the International Coordination Committee - GPMD)

Contact us on Facebook:

Contact us via message to this page if you wish to take part and we can help you to organise your participation.

Contact us via https://www.facebook.com/pages/Global-Peace-March-to-Damascus/597025893693258?fref=ts if you wish to participate.

Thank you



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