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Open Letter To Vice Chancellor Of JNU

By Sanjeev Kumar

29 April, 2016

The Vice Chancellor
Sub: Punishment for anti-national students

Jai Hind Sir,

Our beloved ‘Vice Chancellor’, first of all I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your act of punishing some anti-national students for their act on 9th February 2016. But I have some grievances which I would like to bring into your consideration.

1. First of all the only son of Bharat mata in this campus, our joint-secretary of JNUSU Saurabh Sharma should be discharged of all the charges and awarded with the most prestigious award that this university can.

2. We believe that punishment of merely rustication or financial burden is inappropriate for breaking Bharat Mata into pieces. I ask you to give the permission to all the true son of Bharat Mata to come and lynch publically those involved in the incident. And the only patriotic news channel ZEE News and Times Now should be allowed to do live of the lynching event.

3. Third, Why only leaders, there were more than 200-300 students, including me, when slogan were raised on 9 Feb? Even all organizers were not fined, all the people who were assisting in the event were not fined, all those shouting slogan were not fined. I urge you to give punishment to all those present at the event. There are number of video available of event. Even university security personals have their own footage right from the beginning of the event. I urge you to identify all and punish them.

4. I also believe that you should also think about those students and teachers who came in support of those traitors of 9th February event. They should also be equally punished.

5. If you don’t find any evidence against more students, I can give you some. Yes, I, Sanjeev Kumar, student of Mphil do claim that I was there at Sabarmati Dhaba and participated in the event of 9th February. I did help in putting paintings there. I did help in making sitting arrangement there. I did call Kanhaiya on his phone at 6:16 PM and asked him to come to the venue of event. I did quarrel with university security guards who were not allowing us to proceed with program.

I request you to give appropriate attention to the above issue I raised as early as possible.

Sanjeev Kumar
M.Phil, (East Asian Studies, SIS)




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