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Fallujah's New Nuclear Weapons And Petrodollar Warfare In Iraq

By Mary Hamer

22 March, 2013

*PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the causes of severe medical problems witnessed in Fallujah citizens after the Fallujah battles of 2004. Are these health problems the result of Traditional weapons of war?, Depleted Uranium? or were New Nuclear Weapons used in the Fallujah battles of 2004? I will discuss Professor Busby's research regarding Fallujah's medical problems & the possible causes of these health findings.

*KEY SECTIONS: The Key Sections of this essay are: I. Professor Busby's Biography. II. A Review of the Fallujah Battle of 2004. III. A Brief Review of Depleted, Natural & Enriched Uranium. IV. Professor Busby's findings in Fallujah. V. US Troops & Medical Problems. VI. Comments: PetroDollar Warfare & US Troops' Medical Care.


“Christopher Busby  ... is a British scientist known for his controversial theories about the negative health effects of very low-dose ionising radiation . Busby is a director of Green Audit Limited, a private company, A. & scientific advisor to the Low Level Radiation Campaign (LLRC) another private company that Busby set up in 1999. B. Busby is a visiting professor at the University of Ulster . C. Busby was the National Speaker on Science and Technology for the Green Party of England and Wales .” D & E. (1)

II. FALLUJAH: Operation Phantom Fury November 2004.

A. OPERATION PHANTOM FURY:“Operation Phantom Fury (was) the bloodiest battle of the Iraq War .” (2) “On November 8, 2004, a force of around 2,000 U.S. and 600 Iraqi troops began a concentrated assault on Fallujah with air strikes, artillery, armor, and infantry.”

B. BIRTH DEFECTS & CANCER: “Research by Chris Busby , Malak Hamdan and Entesar Ariabi published in 2010 lent credibility to anecdotal news reports of increases in birth defects and cancer after the fighting in 2004.”

“Results from a survey of 711 households in Fallujah on cancer, birth defects and infant mortality suggested that large increases in cancer and infant mortality had occurred. Responses to the questionnaire also suggested an anomalous mean birth sex ratio in children born a year after the fighting, indicating that environmental contamination occurred in 2004. Although the authors noted the use of depleted uranium as one possible source of relevant exposure, they emphasized that there could be other possibilities and that their results did not identify the agent(s) responsible for the increased levels of illness.” (3)


*Here's a brief review of 3 main uranium isotopes relevant to this topic:

A. DEPLETED URANIUM: “ Depleted uranium ( DU ; also referred to in the past as Q-metal , depletalloy or D-38 ) is uranium with a lower content of the fissile isotope U-235 than natural uranium.” (4)

B. NATURAL URANIUM: “Natural uranium is about 99.27% U-238 , 0.72% U-235 —the fissile isotope, and 0.0055% U-234 ).” (5)

C. ENRICHED URANIUM: “Enriched uranium is a type of uranium in which the percent composition of uranium-235 has been increased through the process of isotope separation .” (6)

IV. FALLUJAH NEW NUCLEAR WEAPON? Professor Busby's Findings.

A. NEUTRON BOMB? Dr. Fetzer's Introduction to Dr. Busby's Interview states: “It has become apparent from Busby's research that a new kind of bomb– which seems to be a Neutron bomb – (was) used in Fallujah.” (7)

B. RESEARCH: Dr. Busby describes the medical problems found in the Fallujah population following the Fallujah battles of 2004 which involved heavy firepower. Then Dr. Busby investigates the possible causes of these health problems.

#1. MEDICAL PROBLEMS: Dr. Busby discusses the findings of: The “ International Journal of Environmental Public Health , a Swiss journal, in 2010.” “What it showed was that there was an enormous increase … in cancer in (the Fallujah) population, highly statistically significant, and also there was a big increase in infant mortality … mostly driven by congenital (birth defects) & there was a change in sex ratio … which is very indicative of a … genetic effect.” “There was … some other cause … (for the) cancer(s) (which) were higher than had been reported following Hiroshima . So we're talking about some sort of agent which causes massive genetic damage in a population. And of course everyone said ‘Well it must be Depleted uranium'.” [DU] (8) (8)'

#2. URANIUM 235: “Then (we) decided to go ahead & … look at a group of parents of children with congenital malformations.” “(We) took hair samples from these people and we analyzed those hair samples.” “We looked at 52 elements in the hair samples of these people …The only thing that could explain (the congenital malformations) was uranium.” Further analysis showed that the uranium was “Manmade enriched uranium” [U-235] “Enriched uranium is a material that should only be found in a nuclear power station or inside an atomic bomb. So to find it in the hair of the parents of these children with congenital malformations was really astonishing.” “So we then went to look to see how this could be … we concluded from various patents from the US patent office that we received from physicists, that it was quite entirely likely that there was a New secret weapon being used (in Fallujah), an anti-personnel weapon of some sort which contained enriched uranium or else generated enriched uranium.” Dr. Busby suggests that a new nuclear weapon such as a “Neutron device which uses enriched uranium” was used in the Fallujah military battles of 2004. Dr. Busby reviews the possible new military weapons used in Fallujah including: Cold fusion weapons (Uranium & Deuterium), Directed charge weapons & Thermobaric weapons. (9) (9)'

#3. NUCLEAR WARHEAD WASTE DUMPING? *Dr Busby states that it is “Possible … that what they are doing is just disposing of a load of old nuclear warheads. As you know, they have to have a lot of decommissioning of nuclear weapons and there are significant amounts, very large amounts of enriched uranium in those nuclear weapons, and … that that stuff would have to normally be disposed of as nuclear waste.” (10)


*Not only has there been an increase in medical problems in the Iraqi Fallujah citizens as a result of the Gulf War, but also US troops have suffered significant health problems including the Gulf War Syndrome. Of specific interest in this paper is: What are the medical consequences of Depleted uranium or uranium in exposed military personnel & civilians during the Iraq War? The following Section on US Troops' medical problems is taken from the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses in Washington , D.C. of 2008 – A review of the evidence & scientific evidence RE: The health consequences of Military service in the Gulf War. (11)

A. GULF WAR ILLNESS. “Gulf War illness is the most prominent and widespread issue related to the health of Gulf War veterans.” “Gulf War illness refers to the complex of symptoms that affects veterans of the ... Gulf War at significantly excess rates. It is characterized by multiple diverse symptoms not explained by established medical diagnoses or standard laboratory tests, symptoms that typically include a combination of memory and concentration problems, persistent headache, unexplained fatigue, and widespread pain, and can also include chronic digestive difficulties, respiratory symptoms, and skin rashes.” “What Causes Gulf War Illness?” This Veteran review acknowledges that Depleted Uranium is a possible cause of Gulf War Illness, but states: “There is little information from Gulf War or other human studies concerning chronic symptomatic illness in relation to DU or uranium exposure.” This Veteran summary states: “Evidence indicates that DU exposures, at levels experienced by the majority of Gulf War veterans, are not expected to produce long-term health effects, specifically in relation to excess cancer rates and chronic renal disease.” (12)


“Limited cancer data have been reported for U.S. Gulf War veterans in general.” “There is little information from Gulf War epidemiologic studies concerning associations between DU exposure and health outcomes other than Gulf War illness.” (13)

C. BIRTH DEFECTS : “Children of Gulf War veterans had significantly more birth defects than children of (other) veterans.” (14) “Although many have speculated that DU exposure causes elevated rates of birth defects, no research information is available that directly addresses this question.” (15)



#1. DEFINITION: “The phrase petrodollar warfare refers to a hypothesis that one of the driving forces of United States foreign policy has been the status of the United States dollar as the world's dominant reserve currency and as the currency in which oil is priced. The term was coined by William R. Clark, who has written a book with the same title. The phrase oil currency wars is sometimes used with the same meaning.” RE Iraq & the PetroEuro:  “ In 2000, Iraq converted all its oil transactions (from dollars) to euros.” (16)

#2. PETRODOLLAR REVENGE : “Nations that abandon the petrodollar incur severe consequences from the United States and that of course includes Iraq, Libya and now Iran.” (17) Was Fallujah, Iraq the victim of Petrodollar warfare & Revenge for Iraq's abandoning the US dollar, in favor of the Euro?

B. US TROOPS: Sadly, “Gulf War military personnel were frequently not aware of what DU was, when it was used, or if they had come into contact with it.”  Also, “Despite the large number of military personnel and civilians potentially exposed to DU during and since the1991 Gulf War, relatively few studies have directly evaluated human health effects associated with DU exposure.” Furthermore, “Studies of Gulf War veterans provide … limited information concerning possible associations between DU and the health of Gulf War veterans.” (18)

*QUESTION: Why hasn't President Obama, the US Congress or the Veterans Administration taken responsibility & mandated a comprehensive evaluation & treatment program for US troops exposed to Uranium weapons in Iraq & elsewhere?

Thank you. Respectfully, Mary Hamer MD. USA


1.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_ Busby. Referencing: A. Green Audit B. Green Audit, About Green Audit . C. "Professor Chris Busby" . University of Ulster . http://biomed.science.ulster.ac.uk/nsb/Professor-Chris-Busby,31.html . Retrieved 1 May 2011 . D. "Greens launch radiation activist network" . Green Party of England and Wales. 23 October 2004 . http://www.greenparty.org.uk/news-archive/874.html. Retrieved 26 January 2011 . E. "Far more spin than substance" . Green Party of England and Wales. 2 September 2002 . http://www.greenparty.org.uk/files/reports/2004/Labour%20record%201.htm . Retrieved 26 January 2011 .

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