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I Am That Baby Calf, That Raccoon Dog, That Kitten

By Dr Mary Hamer, M.D

09 May, 2010

* INTRODUCTION: I cry for the Animals; For I AM that baby calf slaughtered for veal meat; I AM that raccoon dog skinned alive for a sexy fur coat; I AM that kitten or puppy experimented on for prescription drugs. Animals are the victims of the human Ego & Anger. Humans: kill, beat, abuse, torture, skin alive, experiment on, encage, whip, knife, rope, electrocute, inject, traumatize, hit & kick -- the beautiful, sacred, innocent animals of this Earth. Humans: deny, play dumb & turn a blind eye to all this human cruelty aimed at animals. On behalf of all this human violence directed towards Animals – I Apologize from the depths of my heart. I formally declare my sorrow to all the animals throughout history who have suffered at the hands of Homo Sapiens. I proclaim my grief for human cruelty to animals -- to the ends of the Universe.

*MISSION STATEMENT: I, Mary Hamer, withdraw my name from the human race because of the crimes humans have committed against animals. I have witnessed many immoral human acts of Violence & cruelty to animals during my lifetime. I grieve & I anguish over the selfishness & arrogant attitude Homo Sapiens have regarding crimes such as: Animal slaughter, animal skinning, animal testing & animal entertainment. This paper is Not about criminalizing humans for these acts of animal cruelty; Rather this essay is about taking a stand against the Intellectual dishonesty many people have about human violence towards animals. Humans brag that they are the Superior species on Earth; The truth is that Homo Sapiens are the most Violent species on Earth.

*APOLOGY: I hereby Apologize to all the animals throughout history that have suffered at the hands of Homo Sapiens. I announce my sorrow on behalf of the animals to the entire Universe: From the Milky Way Galaxy to the Andromeda Galaxy out to the 10K-1 Galaxy. (1) Dear Animals, I will carry your message with me for the rest of my life. I declare my Apology for all the crimes humans have committed against animals. I withdraw my name from the human race; I withdraw my consent for this human madness of killing animals for food; I withdraw my consent for the horrific manner in which Homo Sapiens skin animals alive for sexy fur coats; I withdraw my consent for barbaric animal testing methods which are unscientific & inaccurate; I withdraw my consent for the savage industry of animal entertainment including horse & dog racing and circuses, rodeos & marinas; I withdraw my consent for the beating of dogs hung in trees to increase the sexual aphrodisiac content of the meat. I will not participate in these injustices humans inflict upon animals in the name of Homo Sapien Gods, Governments or Gluttinous human egos.


Humans are violent towards animals due to the Human EGO & Human ANGER. Some people justify their crimes of animal cruelty as a God-given right of Superiority to abuse & exploit animals. Other people have Anger disorders & avenge their anger by abusing animals. Many humans deny that animals experience pain & suffering. Many people turn a blind eye toward a stray animal crying out in pain. Others play dumb about human cruelty. Overall, Homo Sapiens pretend that animals do not suffer because of Selfish human interests. The 6 th Commandment states: Thou Shalt Not Kill (2) – But humans violate this commandment each time they eat a hamburger, take a medical pill or wear leather shoes. The truth is: We are Pro-Life Killers. (3) Humans want to Dominate the Earth with their Power & control in their Me –vs- You universe – Disconnected, Alienated & Dislocated from the Animals, oppressed Humans, the trees & the Earth.

*ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY for ANIMAL ABUSE: I, Mary Hamer will no longer eat meat including cow or any other kind of meat; I will no longer take any Medical prescription drugs derived from animal testing; I will no longer participate in any horse or dog races, etc.. I am looking for a substitute for leather shoes. I have just recently learned how the dairy industry is based on killing the “unwanted” baby calves – So that humans can drink the mother cows' milk; The baby calves are killed for Veal meat, baby calves liver & leather products for human food & clothes; Therefore, I will now no longer drink or eat dairy products. I am significantly decreasing my intake of fish. I am now almost a vegan.

*I pause when I buy organic eggs, as I read the label that states: Cage Free hens, raised in sunlit barns & porches. I know I am not harming those chickens to sustain myself.



*In my opinion, America's animal factory farming industry is the one of the worst acts of human cruelty & violence towards animals. “In the United States, around 10 Billion animals are slaughtered every year”. (4) There has been criticism of (slaughter methods) including complaints that some of these “Animals are being skinned or gutted while apparently still alive & conscious … including blinking, kicking & shrieking”. (5) Also, there has been criticism of the methods of transport of the animals (to the slaughterhouse) in conditions that often result in crush injuries & death en route”. (6) The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approves of the following methods of livestock slaughter: Chemical or Asphyxiation by carbon dioxide gas, Mechanical captive bolt stunning, Mechanical gunshot killing, & Electrical slaughtering. (7) Slaughtering animals is a global tragedy on a monumental scale. Some have compared the abuse of human beings in Abu Ghraib to the manner in which Americans violently slaughter animals. (8) If I could quantify the amount of animal pain & suffering as a result of factory farming throughout the world – It would be astronomical.

*DOWNED ANIMALS: Often during the transportation of animals to slaughter, the weaker animals are severely injured including: Open wounds, fractures, crush injuries, eye balls hanging out of their heads, eviscerations, organ prolapses, calf injuries, etc.. “In … 2008, Video documentation exposed California slaughterhouse workers using: Shock prods, chains, high pressure hoses & even forklifts to move suffering, bellowing & injured downed cattle into the slaughterhouse. Sadly, Farm Sanctuary has documented similar treatment to animals throughout the country. … What has been caught on video is just the tip of the iceberg” (of animal abuse at slaughterhouses). “Downed animals awaiting slaughter often suffer for hours or days at a time without veterinary care”. “Changes are needed in terms of laws & oversight. … The Downed Animal & food Safety Protection Act has bee introduced in Congress”. (9)


*Animal Testing/Research/Experimentation “Is conducted inside Universities, Medical schools, Pharmaceutical companies, farms, (military) establishments & commercial facilities” (10) The types of animal testing include: Injecting animals with toxic chemicals, Force-feeding animals chemicals, Surgically mutilating animals, Traumatizing animals, Radiating animals, Burning animals, etc.. Also, there are many reports of animal abuse occurring in animal research laboratories: For example, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filmed staff inside (an animal testing facility) in the UK … hitting puppies, shouting at them & simulating sex acts while taking blood samples”. (11) To quantify some of the animals used in this cruel industry: “In the U.S. the numbers of rats & mice used for (animal testing) is estimated at 20 Million a year”. (12)


*”In China, there are no laws to protect the welfare of animals on fur farms; According to the Swiss Animal Protection animals may be skinned alive”. “Fur farms in Shandong province hold the highest number of animals, followed by Heilongjiang province & then Jilin province. Hebei province acts as the hub for the marketing of fur. At the Shangcun Market in Hebei province, 35 Million fur skins are traded each year”. “It was in the Shangcun Market that a 14 minute video was secretly produced in 2005 by the Swiss Animal Protection (group) which shows the skinning of raccoon dogs, foxes & other animals that are still alive & even struggling”. “The animals are … stunned with repeated blows to the head, or by being slammed on the ground. The animals are injured & may convulse, tremble or attempt to crawl away”. “The skinning may begin while the animal is conscious or regaining consciousness. Desperate & writing in agony, animals … hopwlessly try to defend themselves even to the point where all the skin had been forced off … breathing, heart beat … & eyelid movements were evident for 5 to 10 minutes”. (13)


* “According to the USDA, the two slaughter plants in Texas killed 49,235 horses in 2003 for human consumption & about 20,000 horses were transported to Canada & Mexico for slaughter”. (14) The Humane Society states that (Horse) slaughter … is a brutal & terrifying end for horses. (15) The Animal Welfare Institute says we have “Betrayed our Equine Ally”. (16)

It is sad that the human race brutally kills horses for meat to eat. It would be kinder to euthanize these horses – rather than send these beautiful animals to such a vicious death by stabbing or electric shock in Mexico.


*Some Homo Sapiens place a higher value on selfish pleasures rather than show concern for the pain & suffering of others. For example, some Asian cultures beat dogs to death or boil cats alive to maximize the aphrodisiac chemicals in the meat; These people then eat the dogs & cats for sexual satisfaction. “2 Million South Korean dogs are electrocuted, strangled or bludgeoned to death each year. Ten they're boiled, skinned, browned by a torch, chopped up & eaten”. (17) Overall, these humans value sex & orgasms more than the well-being of animals. This Homo Sapien obsession with copulation & the compulsion for aphrodisiacs causes horrific fear, pain & suffering to these sentient dogs & cats. Homo Earth (described in the Conclusion of this paper) do Not participate in such selfish, narcissistic, hedonistic activities; Homo Earth care about the welfare of all life including dogs & cats; Homo Earth treat all beings with respect; Homo Earth value the happiness of other beings more than sexual addictions.


*People say they eat dairy products, Therefore, they don't hurt or harm any animal. Wrong. Once a mother dairy cow gives birth to a baby calf: They are separated: The mother goes back to the milk farm. The baby calf cries for it's mother as the baby is pulled away, off to a dark barn where it will be put into a tiny crate. The calf will live there for several months – Unable to move around, with skin ulcers & breathing ammonia fumes. This baby calf will never see the sun light of day. Then it will be slaughtered for Veal meat, calves liver & a leather coat & shoes. While the baby calf is being killed, we humans are sipping on our milk, spreading butter on our toast & eating our ice cream with sprinkles on the top.


*Introduction: In this “Civilized age, a most vicious & cruel spectacle of blood continues to flourish in Spain & other countries. Bullfighting is barbaric & should have been banned long ago. … It is difficult to understand how crowds of people will pay money & take pleasure in watching one lone creature – who has never done them any harm- getting hacked to death”. (18)

*Pre-Fight Treatment of the Bull: “What spectators see is not a normal, health bull, but a weakened, half-blinded & mentally destroyed version. … The bull has wet newspapers stuffed into his ears, Vaseline is rubbed into his eyes to blur his vision, Cotton is stuffed up his nostrils to cut off his respiration & a needle is stuck into his genitals. Also, a strong caustic solution is rubbed onto his legs which throws him off balance. … In addition to this, drugs are administered to pep him up or slow him down & strong laxatives are added to his feed to further incapacitate him. He is kept in a dark box for a couple of days … to disorient him. … When he is let out of the box, he runs desperately towards the light … He thinks that at last his suffering is over & he is being set free – Instead, he rung into the bullring to face his killers & a jeering mob”. (18)

*The Fight: The Picadors “Exhaust the bull. The cut into (the bull's) neck muscles with pica (knife). … Once (the pica) is thrust into the bull it is twisted round & a large gaping wound appears. The bull then starts bleeding to death”. (18)

*The Kill: “A trumpet signals the final “Act” … The kill should last 6 minutes & is done by the main matador”. “The matador is supposed to sever the artery near the heart with one thrust of the sword. …The bull's lung & heart will be punctured & he always vomits blood. … (The bull) sometimes attempts to rise again & gets up on his knees, only to receive further mutilation at the hands of his tormentors. He finally gives up. … Even then he is not allowed a little dignity to leave this world in peace: His ears & tail are cut off (often when he is fully conscious) & his broken, bleeding body is dragged around the ring by mules. … The crowds boo & jeer him. … His body is then taken away to be skinned & even then he may not be dead when this happens”. (18) & I Mary Hamer cry an eternal cry on behalf of all the bulls Murdered intentionally & with pre-meditation, so violently in Spanish bullfights.


*”Bear Baiting is possibly the world's most savage blood sport. Teeth & claws removed, bears (often with raw, open wounds) are tied to a post & set-upon by trained fighting dogs. All in the name of entertainment”. (19)

*Bear Dancing is when bears are forced to “Dance” by Madaris: “Red-hot needles are jabbed through (the bears') noses & thick ropes are forced through throbbing wounds including in the nose; When the ropes are tugged, the bears lift their legs & ‘Dance'. … They are forced to perform up to 12 hours a day. Bears are ‘Trained' to dance through a regime of pain & starvation. Many cubs die before the training begins because of the stress of capture, the terrible transportation conditions, starvation, dehydration & rough handing.” (20)


*LEG-HOLD TRAPS: Leg-hold traps cause many severe injuries to the trapped, frightened & suffering animal including: skin laceration, tendon & ligament damage, dislocation of joints, compound fractures, limb amputations & frostbite. Other cruel traps include: Body-gripping traps & Snares. (21) en.wikipedia.org: Animal Trapping.The Ban Leg-Hold Traps website describes these traps as: “The leg-hold trap doesn't kill – It traps & holds the animal alive in cold steel jaws. Pain is long … death is slow. Finally, hunger, cold, (heat), exhaustion, (a predator) or the returning trapper ends it all”. (22) *POISONING AFRICAN LIONS: “African (cattle) herders (from Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania) whose livestock & livelihood are threatened by lions are killing them … using a cheap American chemical called Furadan … a pesticide.” (23)


*Failure to Spay & Neuter Companion Animals.

*Domestic Violence against Animals.

*Cruelty to Stray Animals.


*Internet Videos & Photographs: You Tube & other Internet sites are good resources for investigating the truth about human cruelty to animals. I have reviewed You Tube (24), PETA (25) & other videos on: Downed animals in America, Horse Slaughter in Mexico, Animal Testing such as on Kittens in the U.S. & Chinese Fur Farms.

*The Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery shows both Videos & Photos of Animal Abuse: e.g. This Internet site shows a soldier throwing a crying puppy dog up into the air & over a cliff to it's death – As the soldier laughs. (26) This Animal abuse website also shows: A mutilated dog from a New Zealand research laboratory; One can only imaging the horrific pain & suffering this deformed, bloody dog went through for the sake of Narcissistic human beings. (27) This photo gallery of animal abuse also shows how “In Spain, at the end of hunting season, when the dogs are of no further ‘use' to the hunters, they are hanged to death & left to rot”. (28) This animal abuse website also shows many other cases of animal cruelty including: Sled dog abuse in Greenland, Dogs in cages at a meat market in Korea, A dog shot to death several times by a soldier in Iraq & A dog called Big Girl starved to death with a chain around her neck. (29)


*I am an animal advocate because I feel Connected to Animals as well as to humans, the trees & the Earth; I am One with the Earth. I see the fear in the eyes of animals before they are about to be slaughtered. I hear the cries of animals being skinned alive. I feel the pain of animals being beaten & abused. I grieve for the dolphins gasping for breath & dying in the British Petroleum Gulf of Mexico Oil spill.

*I AM that cow in America that is: Electrocuted in the brain, hung by a hind leg, filleted open, with legs cut off & skinned while it is still alive. I AM that medical research kitten in the U.S. being injected with toxic chemicals that: causes it's eyes to tear up & causes it to vomit. I AM that raccoon dog in China being beaten in the head, hung by it's hind legs, skinned alive & thrown alive onto a pile of gasping corpses. I AM that dog hung in a tree in Korea & beaten to increase the aphrodisiac content of the meat.


*Thank you Jains for your Non-violent philosophy toward all living beings including animals. (30)

*Thank you Austria & other countries for banning fur farming in your country. (31)

*Thank you Paul McCartney for being an advocate for animals.

*Thank you Ralph Lauren for banning fur in your fashion clothes line. (32)

*Thank you Charles Patterson for you excellent book: Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals & the Holocaust – That exposes the brutal, barbaric & savage nature of human cruelty to animals & the comparison to Hitler's Nazi Holocaust. (33)

*HOMO EARTH: The NEW HUMAN SPECIES: (34) *Homo Earth is a philosophical concept that I have developed to deal with my Anguish after having witnessed many severe acts of Cruelty committed by Homo Sapiens -- inflicted upon humans, animals & the Earth -- throughout my lifetime. May we all undergo a spiritual transformation to the principles of Homo Earth.

*DECLARATION: As a result of Homo Sapien cruelty, I declare my withdrawal from the human race. This Homo Sapiens species is far too cruel for me. I am a new species: Homo Earth. I will not participate in this human madness of murder, torture, slavery, pollution, human overpopulation & bombings that humans commit against other living beings & the Earth. I am Homo Earth – a New species that is partners with & that treats humans, animals & the planet Earth with respect. .

Namaste. Salaam. Shalom. Shanti. Peace.

Thank you. Respectfully, Mary Hamer, M.D.


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