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Obama Looks More And More Like Bush

By Timothy V. Gatto

30 March, 2009

Who knew that Obama would end up being a pro-banker President who feels that the status quo in and around Wall Street should be the model for America for the foreseeable future? Well, I hate to bring this up, but I saw it, and so did just about every third party candidate.

So how did we know? Well, it wasn’t really that difficult. There is an old saying that usually fits any situation where one needs to know where the “center of power” (COP) really is. It’s called “follow the money”. If anyone wanted to see just who the “anointed one” was, all the way back to December of 2006, by going to the website, run by The Center for responsive Politics, one could plainly see who the investment bankers, the hedge fund people and the bankers were supporting.

You need not be an MBA or a CPA to see who the real players were in the last election. The sad truth is that most Americans don’t really do their homework. They rely on what the candidate tells them, even though in this election, Obama only spoke in vague terms of “change” and other examples of abstract terms without having to explain exactly what he was proposing. Seems like the only change we actually received was a change not unlike rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic.

If one were really concerned about this country we live in, we would actually try to get past the rhetoric and into facts. Even Paul Krugman, the Nobel prize winning columnist who writes for the New York Times, doesn’t believe that throwing trillions of dollars at the bankers while we assume 94% of the toxic assets while accepting 50% of any potential profits is just plain wrong. Why should American taxpayers subsidize the bankers and investment houses that brought us this mess? . The banks should be nationalized if we are going to assume their debts. That’s only fair, fair and prudent. Tim Geithner, the former head of the NY branch of the Federal Reserve, (a group of private bankers that actually consist of a few banks that aren’t even American and now the Treasury Secretary), has been in the pockets of the big banks almost his entire career.

Look, this country cannot continue to print money without any kind of actual value behind it. This is fiat money, and history has shown us that fiat money usually hyper-inflates like it did in the Weimar Republic in Germany when it took a wheelbarrow full of money just to buy a loaf of bread. In the United States, the government tries its damn best to keep gold at artificially low prices. If the truth were really known, people would see the rush to buy gold has almost become epidemic throughout the world as the value of the dollar has become more suspect with each passing day. The move by several nations to replace the world’s reserve currency which is now the dollar succeeds, hyper inflation is only days away. Investors know this and the price of gold reflects it.

The Obama Administration has also been busy with new copyrightlaws that will allow the Federal Government into your laptop or IPOD to seize any copyrighted material.
While it does so, a veil of secrecy surrounds the new copyright laws. Where is the “transparency” that Obama touted when he took office? Allowing the Federal government into your hard drive without a warrant is another example of “Big Brother” inserting its big nose into citizen’s lives. File-sharing will become something that will allow the Government to peer into where you have been on the net and to also see what you have been doing. This is untenable. Where is the “Change” that we were promised? The passing of each day brings new and undesirable similarities between the Bush and Obama administrations. The wars, the support for the bankers on the backs of the taxpayers and draconian secret legislation seems very familiar. Of course there are many that are not surprised, me being among them.

Both the Democrats and Republicans are part of the corporacracy that enables the looting of the American treasury to continue. The government does its level best to keep us embroiled in controversy over left/right, liberal/conservative, race and anything else they can think of to keep the citizen’s eye off what is really happening. It is a shame that more people in America can’t learn to think with their heads instead of their hearts. The economic policies of Obama are “wishful thinking”, the same kind of thinking that the majority of Americans are doing. I really hope I’m wrong, but I’m buying gold next week. Maybe you should be thinking about it too.

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