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Hey Christian: Resurrect This!

By Eileen Fleming

30 March, 2013

"Any god who can be killed ought to be killed."- Clifford Stanley, Episcopal Priest and Professor of Theology

Bishop John Shelly Spong, spent twenty years in pray-full research before publishing “Why Christianity Must Change or Die: A Bishop Speaks to Believers in Exile” in 1998.

God gave us all a brain that we should use it and as there is so much baggage attached to the name God, I propose a new name: Pure Being.

I imagine that Paul Tillich might agree.

Tillich was a refugee from Nazi Germany, a Christian existentialist and American theologian.

Tillich philosophized that the existential questions of human existence centered on ontology: the study of the nature of being, existence and reality in general.

Before Tillich died in 1965, he proposed a 100-year moratorium on the use of the word God, because it had become so corrupted.

The concept of Being, "appears in the present system in three places: in the doctrine of God, where God is called the being as being or the ground and the power of being; in the doctrine of man, where the distinction is carried through between man's essential and his existential being; and finally, in the doctrine of the Christ, where he is called the manifestation of the New Being, the actualization of which is the work of the divine Spirit." -Tillich, Systematic Theology Vol. 2, p.10

For this struggling Christian Anarchist-Buddhist with a dose of dervish, Jesus for me is my Brother and The Prince of Peace.

His last words to his community before he was carted off to his crucifixion--the Roman occupying forces standard method of capital punishment--was "To put down the sword."

Among the last words Jesus/AKA The Prince of Peace uttered on the cross were: "Father, forgive them; they know not what they are doing."

Not much has changed in 2,000 years!

The Prince of Peace also said that he came so that we would have life to the full; abundant life [John 10:10] and that takes deep thought and then taking action.

Two thousand years ago, there was lively debate about who Jesus-the very first WIDE AWAKE man was all about.

Until the Church got in bed with Emperor Constantine, all churches were hot beds of individuality and not the institutions that have become big business today.

In 1994, Spong wrote, “Resurrection: Myth or Reality?” which faced the fact that viewing the resurrection of Jesus as PHYSICAL was a late developing tradition in early Christianity-known as The Way until the days of Paul, in the third decade.

Paul as well as the gospel writers of Mark and Matthew made NO such claim that the burst of life, light and energy that accompanied the birth of Christianity was dependent on any theology or any dogma.

In 1996, Spong wrote, “Liberating the Gospels” in which he contends that the writers of the synoptic gospels-Luke, Matthew and Mark- were NOT eye witnesses to the life and death of The Prince of Peace and these gospels/good news were not even based on eye witness memories.

Instead, they were liturgical works organized around the Jewish liturgical year and were NOT to be taken literally, but probed within the Jewish context.

The Prince of Peace/Jesus was never a Christian; but a social justice, radical revolutionary nonviolent Palestinian devout Jewish road warrior who rose up and challenged the job security of the Temple authorities by teaching the people they did NOT need to pay the priests for ritual baths or sacrificing livestock to be OK with God; for God already LOVED them just as they were: poor, diseased, outcasts, widows, orphans, refugees and prisoners all living under a brutal Roman Military Occupation. What got The Prince of Peace crucified was disturbing the status quo of the Roman Occupying Forces by teaching the subversive concept that God/Pure Being preferred the humble, poor, diseased, outcasts, widows, orphans, refugees and prisoners all living under a Military Occupation above the powerful, elite and arrogant.

"There is no hope for the revival of worship as long as an idol lives undisturbed in the place preserved for a living God."-Bishop Spong

"My aim is to agitate & disturb people. I'm not selling bread, I'm selling yeast."-Unamuno

No religion owns God and no church can own The Prince of Peace-- and any god, church or religion that is threatened by new truth is already dead!

The Prince of Peace spoke about "being born again" and he never meant that to be a solitary experience, but a lifetime endeavor of waking up and seeing GOD/Pure Being within oneself, all others and in every situation.

Living in the past has got no soul and the future of Christianity will not be found in antiquity- but in our ability to re-IMAGINE ancient stories, symbols and concepts with modern eyes.

Christianity came into existence in a world radically different than ours.

The ancients believed the Universe consisted of three tiers; the earth at the center was flat, and the judging, all knowing deity was up in the sky and hell was the place below.

The ancients ascribed to a tribal, male supernatural being who validated warfare as a noble and divine enterprise and his foreign policy was pro-Jewish.

The Christian god 'evolved' from tribal roots and the power of the Church to control knowledge and public opinion in an invasive deity dominated civilization for 1,600 years until a new concept dawned.

Copernicus and his disciple Galileo concluded that the sun did not rotate around the earth but that the earth rotated around the sun. This revolutionary evolution in consciousness began the shift from a god who was not so involved in the daily affairs of humans.

Galileo was condemned a heretic and not until December 28, 1991, did the Vatican officially admit Galileo was right and the Roman Church and Bible had been wrong about the universe and humankind's place in it.

The god on his throne ‘out there’ had died.

When Freud exposed the childish neurotic elements in religion he was vilified and demonized by Christian leaders.

Carl Jung offered a bridge of reconciliation when he recognized the historic process necessary in the development of Consciousness; which is the quality or state of being aware of something within oneself.

Albert Einstein introduced relativity as present in all things including "eternal and unchanging truth."

Astrophysicists raised awareness of the emptiness in the heavens above and that hit at the heart of human loneliness.

"In the West there is loneliness, which I call the leprosy of the West. In many ways it is worse than our poor in Calcutta."-Mother Teresa, Commonweal, Dec 19, 1997.

The theistic concepts of a supernatural big daddy in the sky, an errand boy just waiting to fill our desires, and a deity that will punish us and thus motivates behavior is a god that must at least be fired, if not killed.

Among the forward thinking founding father's of America was Thomas Jefferson, who weeded out the miracle stories from the gospels and clarified the teachings and ethics of Christ in “THE LIFE AND MORALS of JESUS of NAZARETH” which can be broken down into these 9 ‘rules’:

1. Be just: justice comes from virtue, which comes from the heart.
2. Treat people the way we want to be treated.
3. Always work for PEACEFUL resolutions, even to the point of returning violence with COMPASSION.
4. Consider valuable the things that have no material value.
5. Do not judge others.
6. Do not bear grudges.
7. Be modest and unpretentious.
8. Give out of true generosity, not because you expect to be repaid.
9. Being true to one's self in more important than being loyal to one's family and those who think they know the most are the most ignorant.

The most ignored of our founding fathers was Thomas Paine, who noted:

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.”

“It is not a God, just and good, but a devil, under the name of God, that the Bible describes.”

“Any system of religion that has anything in it that shocks the mind of a child, cannot be true.”

“Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.”

“Every religion is good that teaches man to be good; and I know of none that instructs him to be bad.”

“Is it not a species of blasphemy to call the New Testament revealed religion, when we see in it such contradictions and absurdities.”

“Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.”

“Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us.”

“Soon after I had published the pamphlet "Common Sense" [on Feb. 14, 1776] in America, I saw the exceeding probability that a revolution in the system of government would be followed by a revolution in the system of religion...The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.”


Mother Teresa said she was just "a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who was sending a love letter to the world."

I also HOPE to “be a little pencil too” and true "HOPE has two children. The first is ANGER at the way things are. The second is COURAGE to DO SOMETHING about it."-St. Augustine

Mother Teresa also knew that, "In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway."

But, "Christ, you know it ain't easy. You know how hard it can be. The way things are going. They're gonna crucify me."-John Lennon

Amen; and amen means so be it!

Eileen Fleming is Producer "30 Minutes with Vanunu" and "13 Minutes with Vanunu" Author of "Keep Hope Alive" and "Memoirs of a Nice Irish American 'Girl's' Life in Occupied Territory" and BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu's FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial and My Life as a Muckraker: 2005-2010
Her blog is http://www.eileenfleming.org





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