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Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad Blast: Rein In The Police

By Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee

03 March, 2013

Open letter to Prime Minster of India- Don’t be silent spectator on Atrocities, you must act and intervene immediately to stop Abduction, Harassment and Illegal Detention of Muslim Youth. Hand over the investigation to NIA immediately

Dear Prime Minster of India!

We are writing this letter to you with a heavy heart and at this high time when the Hyderabad police by taking the advantage of bomb blasts are targeting the innocent Muslim youth only to dissolve the case and leading it towards wrong direction. Also their intention is to misguide and misinform the people and the government of India. As on date many Muslim youth are illegally detained and no one knows their whereabouts. This is the clear violation of Supreme Court guidelines and the abduction by the state agencies is a grave violation of Human Rights of the people.

In the past in the Makkah Masjid and twin blasts as well Hyderabad police had done the grave mistake and played with the lives of innocent youth and spoiled their future. But, after the arrest of Hindutva terrorists by Maharashtra police and by the confessional statement of Aseemanand, the real faces of terrorists have been exposed. Your congress led government made the apology, paid the compensation and character certificate as well to those youth who were implicated in false cases of terror. But it seems that Hyderabad police did not learn any lesson from past mistakes and are repeating same mistakes and targeting selectively. The same youth are picked up again and investigating in illegal manner asking these youth as to who carried bomb blasts. These youth told the policemen that, the central Home Minster has already said that the RSS and its outfits are running the training camps, so ask these questions to them only not we. But police officers said, ‘no, they cannot do these blasts, the matter of questioning them does not arise because they are nationalists.’

If the track record of Hyderabad police is examined then we find that it is very much biased, communal minded and working on Hindutva ideology. This type of police cannot investigate sensational cases like bomb blasts because there is best guess that they will target innocent Muslim youth, torture and implicate them in false cases only to prove their performance and also to get rewards and awards.

Mr. Prime Minister of India, we are writing and informing you all these things not only because you are Prime Minister of India but also because you are father of great human rights activist. That is why we hope that you can understand the ground reality better than any head of the government. The actual situation in Hyderabad is that on the name of investigation of bomb blast a big political game is being played within the different wings of police department. Hyderabad police is trying its maximum to keep the authority on investigation with themselves.

Since the blasts took place on the border between Hyderabad and Cyberabad police commissionerates, the police of both the commissionerates are probing the attacks besides Special Investigation Team (SIT), Crime Investigation Department (CID) Counter-Intelligence and Octopus, the anti-terror wing of state police. The NIA, Intelligence Bureau (IB) and National Security Guard (NSG) are also taking part in the investigations.

Many investigating agencies have informally started their investigation in illegal manner without the approval of the government. With this you can understand that on the name of investigation a drama is being played here which is part of a greater conspiracy to wash away the evidences, divert the investigation. Instead of solving the bomb blast mystery they will dissolve it as they have done in Makkah Masjid bomb blast case.

NIA, which has already spread the probe to several states, is looking to piece together the information to track down the culprits and it is largely believed that NIA is proper agency to investigate this case so that real culprits can be held. But the intention of Hyderabad is mala fide and they do not want the investigation to be carried out by NIA. We came to know that NIA is also in disturbance due to Hyderabad police attitude. They have written to Central Home Ministry that they want to investigate the case but the Hyderabad police are not allowing them to do so and the DGP is saying that the investigation would be done only by the Hyderabad police and NIA can look into the other leads of the country.

So, Mr. Prime Minister, people of this country are wondering as to why the investigative agencies are fighting and competing with each other to investigate the Hyderabad blasts? Why the Hyderabad police are not allowing NIA to investigate the case? The Hyderabad police have already failed in solving the Makkah Masjid bomb blast and twin blasts, then why are they jumping to investigate these blasts? Is it only to target and harass the Muslim youth? As you are well aware that in this region Telangana agitation is going and law and order is in worst condition, on daily basis many people are killed and rapes are taking place, the state police are not in the position to neither control these crimes nor investigate them properly. The examples are murder and rape case of Ayesha Meera, a student of Pharmacy, and Vatoli massacre, where six members of a Muslim family were burnt live by Hindu Vahini, they have failed in investigation and solving these cases. Then instead of leaving the bomb blasts case to the National Investigating Agency, they are misleading the case.

Here we want to say clearly that the intention of Hyderabad police is malafide. You are the head of the government of India and under your supervision, Home Ministry is working and you have to take the decision in this regard. NIA has already requested the Home Ministry to hand over the case to them. At this juncture, you cannot be a silent spectator. You must act now and take the straight forward decision and instruct the Home Minister of India to direct the Andhra Pradesh government to stop heir own investigation and hand over the complete case to NIA immediately. We hope that you will understand the seriousness of the problem and fulfill your responsibility as head of the nation.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Lateef Mohammed Khan,

Gen. Secretary .

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee. India
Amberpet, Hyderabad, A.P. India 500013
Contact Nos: 09391051586, 09347853843 Fax No: 040-27427860
Web: www.civillibertiesindia.org Email: [email protected]





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