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Caste Society: A Pan-Africanist View In A Technologically Advanced 21 st Century

By Tsungai Chipato

19 February, 2014

As a foreigner when reading about Dalit history, I have marveled at the similarities between other disenfranchised ethnic groups such as mine; and that of Dr Ambedkar's . It became surprising to me, that the Dalit were not discussed as much as Black people were, especially since; for an ethnic group the Dalit had over 3 500 years of consistent subjugation in evidence.

For thousands of years thanks to our so called progression to civilization; human beings have been continuously perfecting the art of creating the ultimate chattel of ethnic groups or classes of people; generationally trapping them within a vicious cycle of exploitation or mental-subjugation.

Throughout that human history all these different ethnicities or classes of people have been behaviorally changed or influenced toward the fundamental goals of being under the beck and call of disenfranchisement and neo-colonialism.

“Decolonialization can only be complete when it is understood as a complex process that involves both the colonizer and the colonized”.

Discrimination and its different virulent strains of prejudice has been the most effective precept thus far; throughout our global history capable of controlling different ethnic groups of people within a finite geographical space; without having to resort to a state of violence in the 21 st Century.

The year is now 2014 and this lone fundamental has not yet changed; even as the old overt methods of disenfranchising groups of people has now fallen to the wayside; other more nuanced and complex systems have evolved globally, based on the same old fundamental, however far more adept at masking the hidden agenda of exploitation and neo-colonialism.

“ Turn in any direction you like, caste is the monster that crosses your path. You cannot have political reform; you cannot have economic reforms unless you kill the monster.” Annihilation of Caste: Dr Ambedkar

The fundamentals of an effective caste system relies on the constant awareness of all geographical locations, control over the education pipeline, adept artistry in manipulating the religious systems, unfettered power over bread and butter economics, and influence over cultural identity issues.

Knowledge of the vital and non-vital chokepoints of all geographical areas, both economically and socially helps lubricate the political engine of the given government, enough for them to effectively decide where to set up institutions, municipality districting and instituting of targeted zoning laws, all of which make it easier to triangulate; where possible future leaders of any influential group may originate from. Drafting of government policy and pushing through the implementation of Acts becomes easier for the bureaucracy of any oppressive system to accomplish and sustain.

Pinpointing the ethnic groups that are most susceptible to exploitation is usually taken care of, by precursors to government systems; voluntarily entering into unknown geographical areas. In 2014 Somalia could be a good example of unchartered territory ready for exploration, from a Western perspective.

Adventurers, anthropologists, linguists, pseudo-aid organizations, historians, scientists, religious evangelists, and economic mercenaries are all examples of professions that help shape the initial image perceived; of any unknown ethnic group not really known by the larger society.

Understanding the inherent weaknesses and taboo issues of any ethnic group ; is more important and telling; than really analyzing and delving into every single aspect of their existence. What the ethnic group doesn't feel comfortable about talking; is probably where it will hurt or sting the most if one was to attack or subject that ethnic group to a barrage of constant scrutiny.

Targeting certain geographical choke points where you can control the movements of your future colonized-group ; will help you begin to initiate bills and acts of psychological legislation that imbues within that specific ethnic group, a sense of worthlessness and fear; without necessarily affecting other groups within your nation.

In effect the legislature begins to create a legal-virus that can attack a specific ethnic group with no mercy, and is also equipped with the capability of easily adapting against any of the chosen methods of fighting against it, just as long as it is dedicated devastating that specific ethnic group .

Encouraging your colonized-group to despise other ethnicities will force their own day to day interaction and social worth to become insular in philosophy inadvertently they will, during the course of time become very quick to reject new ideas and slow on initiating innovation.

Take note, as a collective nation; you must be able to siphon off, the naturally talented individuals, socially astute and capable innovators within that colonized-group by co-opting them into the larger more ambitious ideals within your nation; basically your society must encourage individuals to renounce their own ethnic- group or at least be ashamed of claiming it, in order for them to assimilate into its common body politic.

This will also become an opportune time to highlight the appeasement policies and agendas being given to your chosen colonized-group by the society. The more that the ethnic-group feels oppressed the harder it is that think; they will ever be truly free. Any given improvement will be seen as being better than the status quo ; the rule of thumb for the oppressive government in 2014 would always be, to keep them depressed but never angry, hungry but not starving, sad but not suicidal.

The marketing is finally the most difficult and tricky aspect of subjugation of any “ neo-colonialist” endeavor. The term “propaganda ” is now in disrepute however all its tenets are still in full use. People in power have learnt through history and patronage that violence or the consistent threat of suffering should be kept in the shadows, away from public discourse thus allowing for our own human psyche to concoct vivid imaginations of the horrors that will happen to us if we dare cross that Rubicon.

Power has now tapped into the science of coddling and manipulating bravery. In 2014 if you are not a soldier or an activist martyr it basically means that you are normal and considered a lukewarm coward. The control of utopian values and abstract ideals is no longer within the realm of common people.

As difficult as it is to believe… humanity is now in the technological feudal age of civilization. Fighting for human rights currently, should be more important than ever, nevertheless for whatever reasons or misconceptions; this is not the case.

According to Narendra Jadhav in his bestselling biography Untouchables; “when you meet a person in India today, even as you introduce yourself, your caste will quickly be assessed from your family name. Consciously or subconsciously, Indians, whether in their own country or abroad, still make judgments based on caste. Over the years, the caste system has taken on sophisticated dimensions, it has become subtler, though no less pernicious”

What Narendra Jadhav did not realize was that built upon a 3 500 year old legacy and buttressed by an established Western philosophy, was a caste system that could and may become the future; for the current global world we know.

Where race will no longer matter but the class of the person will, most of the time race gets in the way of sifting through the chaff to get to potential talent in the society. Economic-caste appears as if it may be the answer to capitalist human resource problems the world over.

Class as a caste system is the new theory that may be on the rise worldwide within the backrooms of power. Defined and bordered; by capitalism , monopolist, meritocracy , welfare and oligarchy , economic-caste may soon replace racism and become the next hegemony that people will rail against.

The funny thing about all these terms is that the basic precepts and fundamentals never change throughout the centuries, exploitation, neo-colonialism and subjugation. Some ethnic group ends up being subjugated.

Tsungai Chipato is a Journalist and blogger within Toronto Canada Contact him @: [email protected]








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