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Indian Farmer's Final Solution
By Devinder Sharma

Ever since Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy took charage on May 14, more than 300 farmers have committed suicides. This was the official death toll in the suicides register till June 25. Unofficially, the death toll is estimated to be much higher

Genetically Modified Crops In India
By Devinder Sharma and Aditi Kapoor

GM food diverts precious financial resources to an irrelevant research, comes with stronger intellectual property rights, and is aimed at strengthening corporate control over agriculture

Food as Political Weapon

Interview with Devinder Sharma

India Shines!!!!!!!!!!?
By Devinder Sharma

In the mid 1980, the sale of Banita, a minor girl from Kalahandi in Orissa, had shocked the nation. Two decades later, the nation refused to even notice the cries of a one month old baby who was sold by her mother for a mere Rs 10

Biotechnology Will Bypass The Poor
By Devinder Sharma

Agricultural biotechnology advances are being desperately promoted in the name of eradicating hunger and poverty. What is being very conveniently overlooked is the fact that what the world's 840 million hungry need is just food, which is abundantly available

No GM please, we are British !
By Devinder Sharma

In a historic verdict, the British people have rejected genetically modified crops (GM crops) and foods

Cancun, A New Beginning
By Devinder Sharma

First Seattle in 1999, and now the sudden death at Cancun 2003, the developing world has demonstrated that it will no longer take it lying down. Their anger and rebellion has already caused the biggest derailment to the development agenda. And, rightly so

WTO and Agriculture - The Great Trade Robbery
By Devinder Sharma

As expected, the United States and the European Union have arrived at a new accord, just ahead of the fifth WTO Ministerial at Cancun, which in letter and spirit lays out a detailed road map for what can be called as the second phase of the great trade robbery

Abandoning Agriculture
By Devinder Sharma

The dreams of billions of farmers have been completely shattered,who were initially promised the stars when the WTO was formally launched. It is only a matter of time before the collapse of agriculture in the developing world triggers massive displacements from the rural areas

Zero Tolerance for Farm Subsidies
By Devinder Sharma

Indian farmers are starting to feel the direct impact of the farm subsidies provided by rich nations to their farmers. American wheat is available at Chennai at a landing price much lower than that of the home grown golden grain while the wheat surplus in the north western parts of the country rots in the open

Produce and perish - The Fallacy of Raising Crop Yields
By Devinder Sharma

To ask the third world farmers to increase productivity and thereby reduce the cost of production to remain competitive in a globalised world is a fallacy since it is impossible for them to compete with the farmers of the developed world ejoying huge amount of state subsidy.

Gm Foods: Towards An Apocalypse
By Devinder Sharma

After taking control over one-third of the world's crude oil supplies George Bush appears ready to take over the world's food market

Bt Cotton: The Flop Show
By Devinder Sharma

Devinder Sharma analyses the Bt cotton debacle and suggest some measures that are necessary to bring in accountability among the scientific and regulatory authorities.

A Scientific Fairytale Providing a Cover-Up to the
Bt Cotton Fiasco in India

By Devinder Sharma

The Economists and scientists paying lip service to the biotechnology industry are working overtime to prove that the introduction of the first genetically modified crop in India - Bt cotton - was a big success. Devinder Sharma takes a look at this lie machine.

The GM Potato Hoax
By Devinder Sharma

After the failure of the much-hyped 'golden rice', comes another magic bullet from the trashcan of biotechnology industry -- a protein-rich genetically modified potato