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Sorry, We Haven't Got Answers To Our Questions

By The people of Idinthakarai

08 May, 2013


The people of Idinthakarai
People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy
Tamil Nadu

Dear friends,

We hop this letter finds you all fine. We, the people of Idinthakarai are feeling cheated and dejected ever since day before yesterday, the 630 th day of our peaceful struggle for justice and truth. When it was announced that the Supreme Court's final verdict on the commissioning of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant will be announced on 6 th May 2013 , most of us here chose to place faith on the Court and hoped that truth will triumph.Instead by day before yesterday noon, the Supreme Court gave the green nod to the KKNPP throwing aside all petitions that spoke about the safety and security of the people, the various scams and shams associated with the Inter- governmental agreements and technology in addition to the Environmental impact of the Power Plant.

We know that many of you thought that our struggle is over since many months and we have been silenced by the powerful system that now advocates that the project is for the welfare of the people and will bring sustainable development to the country. We are concerned about our welfare and that of our children and livelihood living so near a Power Plant for which spurious and under quality equipments have been used. We do not understand how nuclear energy which will provide less than 4% of the country's energy needs will bring about sustainable development. Though we are called illiterate and ignorant, we know enough to say that all the nuclear power plants being planned in India will bring in more disaster and harm to the people and will hamper progress, leave alone sustainable development of the country.

We have not been given clear cut answers for the questions we have been asking for the past few years. We are not stupid enough to believe the generalized statements that are being aired regarding safety and security of the Power Plant.It scares us to be told that the agencies handling the project can also handle a Fukushima type disaster. We do not want to hear that of the 17 conditions to be fulfilled for a NPP to be operational 15 has been cleared.What about the other 2? We demand that no such chances are taken especially in the case of nuclear power plants. Don't we know enough and has mankind not suffered enough in the case of nuclear disasters not to take a chance? For us and for the many to be affected by Nuclear Power Plants there is no chance at all to be taken other than shelving the Plant.

We are concerned about the oceans, the fisheries, the air and water that will be contaminated by the operational power plant. We hear that the atomic energy experts are pleased with all the safety indicators of the plant. But do the experts know anything about the living systems outside that sustain life and our livelihoods? Have they braved the wind and tide and gone out fishing in the seas? Do they know anything about the various fishes that visit our seas, their behavior patterns, zonation according to temperature and sunlight, the associations between them and their habitats? Have they heard of the algal blooms that kill the ocean life as temperature and nutrients enter the waters in unnatural proportions as may happen when desalination plants work full time?

Where are the answers and convincing scientific evidence for all our questions? Unless this is given, our struggle against this demon will not cease. Please do not think our movement has failed. Can truth and faith fail? Can the questions we raised about democracy, transparency and participation in the decision making processes be considered wrong? Can our struggle highlighting the safety and health of our children and future generations ever be misplaced? Will our concerns about the sea and soil, the air and water be considered stupid?

Sorry, we do not believe so.

For us, this struggle and movement knows no failure. We are happy that through this we have touched great thoughts on democracy and justice.Our youth and children were able to interact with peace and coexistence and envision a world where the power of people attains supreme position. We know that true sustainable development will be based on

clean energy and utilization of natural resources with equity and environmental justice.

So please do not forsake us in this most significant phase of our struggle.Do come to us with new ideas and thoughts on how we can overcome this malady and live in the world with integrity and honesty.For we do not want to think or tell our youngsters that there is no truth and justice in the world.We want them to grow up and struggle to reinstate democracy, truth and justice. For that the People'e Movement Against Nuclear Energy needs the support of the world.

With regards


People of Idinthakarai

As told to Anitha.S ( catastrophe64@gmail.com )










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