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Israeli Lies

By Dr. Elias Akleh

05 January, 2009

A must have requirement skill for every Zionist Israeli official position is the ability to flagrantly lie and to distort even proven facts. Israeli officials would rudely look you straight in the eyes and tell you their lies without even the slightest twitch of the face. They lie first to their own people and they lie to the international community.

Unfortunately and deceitfully the Israeli-terror-sponsored American major media outlets repeat the Israeli lies although other international media outlets are exposing these lies at the same time.

The Israeli lies propagate immensely specially during terror attacks the Israeli terrorist army launches against civilian Arab population like the latest worse-than-Nazi American supported holocaustal one-sided all-out onslaught the Israeli terrorist state is inflicting against the unarmed civilian Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli officials are claiming that they are targeting Hamas government; a “terrorist” organization in the Israeli skewed standard, and not the Palestinian civilians. Yet examining the targets of the Israeli fighter planes one discovers the exact opposite. Israeli targets included police stations, government buildings, educational institutions and elementary schools, residential homes and apartment buildings, hospitals and ambulances, sea ports and fishing boats, religious buildings (11 mosques bombed on top of praying worshippers), children playgrounds and busy market places, shops and bakeries. Many of these civilian targets were bombed several times until their locations were left with nothing but large holes in the ground.

Nazi-Israeli American made and supplied F-16 and Apache helicopters had murdered so far about 520 Palestinians and wounded more than 2500 others; 90% civilians and 30% children under the age of 17 years old. Some families had been completely wiped off. Fifteen members of the Rayan family were murdered when their home was bombed. The Ba’lousha family with its five children sisters, the Barbach family also with its five children, three children from Al-Astal family, 15 years old Hamad Mesbeh, 6 years old Christine Al-Turk, and13 years old Sejoud Dardasawi, just to mention a few, were all murdered with high precision Israeli bombs. In the first day of the Israeli ground offensive 70 Palestinians civilians were murdered, 21 of them were children.

Facts on the ground, and throughout history, expose the lies that Israel tries its best to target only militants and to spare civilians. Israel has implemented the policy of deliberately targeting Palestinian children to cripple Palestinian new generations, and to “coerce” Palestinian families to evict their towns fearing for the lives and the future of their children. Israel’s barbaric massacres of Palestinians, throughout its short history, are witnesses to such a policy.

In an attempt to dehumanize the elected Palestinian Hamas government, Israelis have the audacity to accuse Hamas leaders of hijacking Palestinians and using them as human shields, behind which they launch rockets against Israeli colonies. Hamas history has shown that, as an organization and as a government, it has cared for Palestinians through its numerous charitable organizations, has sacrificed its members to protect civilians from Israeli aggressions, and has protected their rights and freedom from the unfair, unjust, and humiliating political PA/Israeli agreements, something the Ramallah PA had never done. Hamas patriotism and resistance of the Israeli occupation had won its leader a larger majority in the Palestinian government through a democratic election in 2006. Zionist Israeli politicians have, themselves, used this tactic to hijack the Jews and their suffering, to enslave them to build an illegitimate state and to use them as foot soldiers in their own expansionist colonization of the Middle East.

Israeli terrorist leaders shamelessly try to justify their barbaric bombing of Palestinian civic, educational, religious, and residential structures with a lie stating that Hamas stores its rockets and weapons within these buildings. Yet the bombing and complete leveling of all these structures has uncovered only the torn bodies of students, civilians, and worshippers.

The lie that Israel wants only to live in peace and that Hamas wants only war is so cynical. Since 1948 Israel has rejected every peace treaty the Arabs had offered. In 1948 Israel preferred to have a cease fire rather than peace treaties with its neighbors. Such cease fire allowed Israel to intermittently cross the green line and attack Arab towns and farmers. In 1967 Israel waged unprovoked all out war against its four Arab neighbors and occupied the rest of Palestine. Israel had also rejected Arab peace offerings in that year. Since then, Israel had attacked Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon, and every time it had rejected all Arab peace offerings. In 2002 all Arab countries offered Israel a “peace initiative” that would guarantee Israel’s recognition, peace and security providing Israel withdraws back to its “illegal” 1948 borders. Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Prime Minister at the time, had met such offer by driving his tanks into every major Palestinian town destroying their infrastructures and murdering more civilians.

Israel does not want peace with Arabs, because such agreements would mean that Israel has to give up its occupation, live within recognized borders, and terminate its expansionist ambitions and its dream of establishing greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates.

The reality is that Hamas wanted a peaceful resolution to the Israeli occupation. Hamas had agreed in the past to cease its resistance to give peaceful negotiations a chance hoping for the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Hamas agreed to a ceasefire in 2003 and 2005. Immediately after its election, early 2006, Hamas offered Israel a 20-years ceasefire truce. And finally in 2007 Hamas, again, observed a six-month ceasefire for the hope of reaching a peaceful agreement by which Gaza blockade would be lifted and all border crossings would be opened. Israel has repeatedly violated all these ceasefire agreements. Hamas had no reason to renew the latest fruitless ceasefire agreement, or any other agreements, without any guaranteed positive results.

Israelis and some Arab traitors claim that Hamas is serving Shiite Iranian agenda and protects Iranian interests in the region. Such a lie is so absurd since Hamas, Sunni Muslims, can hardly protect itself and serve the interests of its people. This lie is trying to divert the attention from the Israeli occupation to the non-existent Iranian threat to Arabs, both are Muslims. Israel is trying here to incriminate Hamas for its patriotism and its religious belief. Besides, what is wrong if Iran, or any country for that matter, supports the Palestinians? Does not Israel have the support of the US, or does the support must be exclusive to Israel only?

The lie that Israelis regurgitate almost every hour is that Israel is the victim and is merely defending itself. Let us remember that Israel is the occupying power since 1948. All occupying powers forfeit their right of self defense since they are the aggressors. The Palestinians have been the victims of Israeli terror and genocide for the last sixty years. Israel has massacred Palestinians, evicted them from their cities, demolished their homes, stole their life sustaining land, imprisoned them into the largest concentration camps in the world, subjected them to hunger and thirst, and deprived them from all life sustaining stuff. This is genocide on the largest scale. Palestinians were left without any choice but to defend their mere existence, and their elected Hamas government has the moral duty to protect them by any means.

Palestinians have the right to exist, have the right to return to their own homeland, have the right to defend themselves, and have the right of self-determination.

A big flagrant lie Tzipi Livni uttered in France the other day is that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza even after the two years economic blockade. The Nazi-Zionist-Israeli-made humanitarian devastation in the Gaza Strip had been acknowledge and warned about by numerous international organizations such as Oxfam International, CARE International, Medico and Diakonia, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO), UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), and the World Food Program (WFO) just to mention a few. All of these international bodies stated many times that Palestinians in Gaza are needlessly dying due to the Israeli economic blockade.

Another big lie Livni repeats is that Israel does not occupy Gaza since it withdrew from the Strip, and although Israel has no legal responsibility for Gazans as the international law stipulates, “humanitarian” Israel is the only country that provides Gaza with all its living needs. Israel has never left Gaza. It continues to impose its control over every aspect of life in the whole Strip. Israel has turned Gaza into a large concentration camp. It controls all Gaza’s borders and its crossings. It controls Gaza’s air space. It controls Gaza’s shores. In reality Israel controls every food morsel that enters Gaza. Gaza is a prison, and Israel is the jailer.

In its claim to fight Hamas “terror” Israeli government has summoned tens of thousands of its reserved troops and pushed them into the ground offensive against Gaza. One would think that Israel is sending its state-of-the-art armed army, with their F-16, Apaches, Drones, bunker buster, phosphorous, and depleted uranium bombs, tanks and armored personnel carriers, to fight a well equipped first class army rather than virtually unarmed, starved and thirsty civilian population. Israel wants to scorch Gaza and slaughter its Palestinian residents to make them an example for any possible future freedom-fighting group that may dare to resist Israeli occupation.

Unfortunately, Zionist-controlled American media outlets cover up the Israeli atrocities and repeat its lies. Broadcasters interview pro-Zionist so called experts, Rabbis, pro-Israeli evangelical clergy and politicians, who repeat the Israeli lies, distort the facts, blame Arabs and Muslims, and call for the aid of “victimized” Israel. One TV station televised the story of an Israeli settler, who was a victim of Palestinian rockets. The story showed glimpses of her happy life, and sadness and shock of her family after her loss. Yet none of the American TV stations have ever told the story of any of the thousands of Palestinian families, who have lost many members of their family, or the story of wiping off the whole family, or any picture of the murdered and mutilated bodies of Palestinian children.

The pro-Israeli American media need to keep the American tax money flowing into Israel. American tax money pays about three thousand dollars monthly to every Israeli family, pays for free education (from elementary to university) to every Israeli child, pays for their complete medical coverage, pays for modern homes for extremist settlers, and pays for every sophisticated weapon (from the simple bullet to the most sophisticated fighter planes) the Israelis use in their terror campaigns against the Palestinians, while Americans, themselves, lack medical coverage, have poor educational system, face economical and financial crises, have high rates of unemployment, and are loosing their homes. This truth is hidden from good Americans, who are sympathetic enough to open their hearts and their bag money to save abused animals, for fear they demand to divert their tax money from terrorist Israel to the aid of its victims.

The naked truth is that Zionist Israel, since it illegitimate bastard birth, has been a Goyim-ophopic, genocidal psychopathic, land occupying, mass murdering, child slaying, terrorist state.

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