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Who owns The American Congress ?

By David Truskoff

08 December, 2006

When Dr. Martin Luther King was going through the metamorphous that was to transform him from a Black Civil Rights leader and a preacher to a major internationally known political figure, he made a very profound statement that rankled the neo-cons and the American media. He said, "it is one thing to throw a coin to a beggar, it is another thing to address the edifice that creates beggars." The new REALIST, Dr. King, was saying that a major structural change, was needed to re-create the America outlined in our constitution.

King is gone and his words forgotten. Each election time in America we hear politicians bleating about change and election reform, but if they are elected they do nothing.

This past election presented a clear picture of where the American political structure is at, a picture that should not only frighten Americans but frighten the world because the whole world is affected.

The candidate, who spent the most money won, The biggest campaign spender was victorious in 398 of 428 decided House races and 22 of 33 decided Senate races. Top spenders won 98 percent of House races and 88 percent of Senate races.

In New York Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democrat, spent close to $forty million and won with 67 percent of the vote, defeating Republican John Spencer, who could raise only $4.8 million.

Joe Lieberman, whose own party refused him the nomination, nevertheless raised close to $twenty million and won a senate seat as an independent. His opponent who spent a fortune of $11 million out of his own pocket was outspent by an independent candidate who didn’t spend a dime of his own money.

So where did that $twenty million come from? The major portion came from individuals and Pro Israel support groups. AIPAC coordinates such fund raising.

Lieberman is the leading proponent of aid to Israel and the darling of the American Israel public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). It is called a "public affairs Committee" to make it more palatable, but it is a Political action Committee capable of raising more money from around the world to support or defeat candidates than any other political structure. So if the game is the one who spends the most wins, than it follows that the one who raises the most controls the game.

Henry Siegman, the former head of the American Jewish Congress and a Middle East expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, says "But the Congress, if anything, is urging the Administration on and criticizing them even at their most accommodating. When it comes to the Israeli-Arab conflict, the terms of debate are so influenced by organized Jewish groups, like AIPAC, that to be critical of Israel is to deny oneself the ability to succeed in American politics."

The question remains "Who owns the American congress?

I understand the fear of those who are career politicians to speak out. No one wants to revive the "Protocols of Zion," or give the crazy, hate obsessed, bigots ammunition, but we Jews must act on the facts and the facts are that out of control right wing, blind faith Zionists are creating another wave of mindless anti-Semitism, just as blind faith right wing American Empire builders are creating a new wave of anti American hatred around the world.



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