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The Psychopathology Of 'Armageddon' Theology

By Michael

30 January, 2006
Stop The war With Iran

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jesus and Mohammed taught the Doctrine of 'resurrection' as a Doctrine of 'Rebirth'; a Doctrine which demands, first of all, that we maintain an ethical code of conduct in our relationships with others: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

(The demon media, of course, simply refuses to publicize that the Moral Law underlying the Torah, the Prophets, the Gospels or the Koran emerges directly from the Doctrine of 'resurrection'.)

But the Doctrine of 'resurrection' also demands that we have respect for the planet on which we live, because this will be our home when we are 'raised from the dead' again and again and again; as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, or adherents to one of the indigenous religions of the Americas or Africa. In whatever religion we are 'raised from the dead', we will be required to maintain ethical relationships with the adherents of other religions.

Thus, the most extreme perversion imaginable of the Doctrine of 'resurrection' taught by Jesus is the development of a fundamentally bigoted, psychopathic 'Armageddon' theology which, insists, on the contrary, that we have nothing to fear from even a nuclear war inasmuch as we will no longer be on the face of the earth at all, having been 'Raptured' for having said 'yes' to Jesus Christ as our 'L'ord and 'S'avior.

Those who believe such nonsense are not merely at the furthest point possible from the Teaching of Jesus (and Isaiah and Mohammed); but, to the extent that they are involved in the political process, they are also doing everything they possibly can to bring about this horror, utterly convinced that they will not suffer the consequences of their actions. In addition, they consider themselves to be morally justified in whatever they do insofar as an intensification of evil is, in their eyes, a necessary pre-requisite for the 'return' of Jesus.

And, although there are, apparently, Jews and Muslims who have a 'similar' theology which accepts the necessity of an annihilating conflict at the time of the arrival of the messiah or the return of the mahdi; such doctrines, though in error, cannot even approach the demonic, psychopathic perversions of the Christian 'Armageddon' theologians (like those at World Net Daily, for example).

Although the demon media does not allow Bush to be questioned too closely about his religious beliefs, it is quite clear from his actions that he neither adheres to the ethical requirements which flow very directly from the Doctrine of 'resurrection'; nor does he appear to have any concern at all for the consequences of a nuclear confrontation on the ecology of planet earth.

Thus, it is quite reasonable to conclude that he is a rabid adherent to the fundamentally psychopathic assumptons and doctrines of the Christian 'Armageddon' theologians.

Thus, Bush does not care whether his actions in the confrontation with Iran lead to a nuclear war; since, according to that doctrine, he will not even be here to suffer the consequences. And, though the media certainly does not want to admit this, the religious beliefs of Bush are crucial to an understanding of his motivations in forcefully escalating the conflict with Iran beyond a diplomatic resolution.

The Judaeo-Christian media, of course, focuses on the much less well-developed theology of the Muslim version of 'Armageddon' theology; but, in the escalation to the nuclear confrontation, it must be acknowledged that it is only the religious officials of Iran who insist that the use of nuclear weapons is against its religion.

That is, two of the fingers on the nuclear trigger--the Christian finger and the Jewish finger--are the fingers of psychopaths.









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