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Mourning The Death Of Nick Pretzlik

By Karthika Thampan

17 July, 2004

We at mourn the death of Nick Pretzlik who died suddenly of heart failure early on Sunday morning (11 July) at home in London. He was 58 years old.

Nick was a friend of and we were honoured to publish many of his moving articles written from palestine.

Nick was a semi-retired businessman. He spent three or four months of the year in the West Bank, Gaza and the wider Middle East working as a free-lance journalist. Nick was passionate about the Palestinian issue and believed that broad public awareness of the plight of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and in refugee camps situated in neighbouring countries is key to promoting a just resolution of their appalling predicament. He also believed that if the public in the USA and the UK can be made aware of what has been done to Palestinians in the past and what is currently being done to them, they will not accept their government's ongoing role. They will pressurise the government to change its policies towards Israel.

Nick's family has been involved with the Palestinian struggle since the first Intifada.

Although we at never had personal acquaintance with Nick, we knew his love for humanity and his commitment for world peace and justice through his writings. His death will be a great loss for world peace, especially for the palestinian people. We express our deep solidarity to Nick's work. Let us pledge that Nick's works wont go to waste, we will carry on the work he left unfinished and he will live on among us through our work that he loved so much.

Nick's family informs that a Service of Thanksgiving will be held at the Holy Cross Church in Binsted nr Alton in Hampshire at 3.00 on Saturday 24 July and afterwards at the village hall with the request " No flowers please - donations to a Palestinian related charity of your choice would be greatly appreciated"






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