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When Demons And Criminals
Rule Our World

By Habib Siddiqui

16 August, 2006

When asked to comment about Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, said, “What we’re seeing here is the … birth pangs of a new Middle East.” [1] How wonderful! When more than a thousand Lebanese people are slaughtered in cold-blood and another million forced to flee from their homes, while their homes and businesses and everything that they care about and is important for them to survive is savagely and brutally destroyed with US-supplied arms and ammunitions and handouts, the person who is the face of America in diplomatic circles audaciously says it is the ‘birth-pang’ of a ‘new’ Middle East. What does one know about birth pangs when one never became a mother and has been using condoms as a fornicator all her adult life? So, when Madam Condi Rice talks about birth pangs of a ‘new’ Middle East, I don’t know what would be more appropriate: blame her for superficial knowledge or monumental hypocrisy. Unfortunately, shallow knowledge – no matter how dangerous - is no handicap these days to become an ‘expert’ or mouthpiece as long as the all-powerful ‘Israel lobby’ is agreeable.

It’s not too long ago that in his second inauguration, January 20, 2005, President Bush hypocritically preached that his administration would stand with all the freedom loving nations of the world, especially in the Middle East. In that speech, he also said, “America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling. Our goal is to help others find their own voice, attain their own freedom, and make their own way.” Talk is cheap, and can be misleading, when it comes from the mouth of a lying hypocrite. So, as I had feared (see my analysis of the speech), Bush delivered just the opposite of his promise.[2] His administration did not want Dr. Ibrahim al-Jafri to become the Prime Minister, in spite of the fact that Jafri was the clear choice of the plurality of the Iraqi people. It did not matter what the Iraqi people, and its Shi’ite majority in particular, had decided or wanted; once again it had to be someone that Washington wanted. Yet the same Nouri al-Maliki when he condemned Israel’s criminal, brutal and murderous campaign in Lebanon, Washington and its Israeli ‘Amen Corner’ were irate that their good ‘candidate’ did not quite sing the Master’s voice. After all, out of 435 votes, only 8 Congressmen had the guts not to be partners in Israel’s crimes against humanity. So, when al-Maliki was to appear in the Capitol Hill, many senators and congressmen threatened not to show up during his speech unless he retracted his condemnation of Israel. What a travesty of democracy and naked demonstration of support for the pariah state!

There was also the parliament election in Hosni Mobarak’s Egypt in which Ikhwan Muslimeen, the largest opposition party, was allowed to compete. We witnessed how the supporters of Ikhwan were stopped from voting in scores of polling stations. Remember Bush’s inauguration speech? He said, “We will encourage reform in other governments by making clear that success in our relations will require decent treatment of their own people.” Once again, the Bush administration failed to rein upon Mobarak from his maneuvers since it knew that in a fair election, Ikhwan would be the sure winner. In spite of all the neo-Pharaonic tricks in Mobarak’s long sleeves, Ikhwan proved its grass-root support by winning 88 seats.

Then came the election in the Occupied Palestine. All efforts were made by the Bush administration and its rampart – Israel – to make sure that Hamas could not win the election. These backstabbing and demonical activities were in clear contrast to Bush’s rhetoric when he had promised, “All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know: the United States will not ignore your oppression, or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your liberty, we will stand with you.” Who can deny that Palestinians living in the Israeli Occupied Territories are the victims of one of the most brutal, oppressive, tyrannical, racist and dehumanizing regimes on earth? Yet, far from removing oppression, Bush administration is the very force that adds, cultivates and sustains the worst forms of pains and sufferings of the oppressed Palestinian people. While all aid to Palestine is cut off, it rolls out billions of dollars to the Zionist state so that the latter could unilaterally annex more parts of Palestine and imprison the Palestinians in small Bantustans. Through its naked support of Israeli violations of human rights, the Bush administration has essentially become the aggressor and oppressor. Nor has it come to relieve oppression anywhere, not even in the SPDC-run Burma (Myanmar), with its own record of horrific abuses and tortures against the Rohingya and other ethnic minorities.

The Palestinian people had seen enough of Bush’s empty promises (since 2000) and corruption within the old guards of Abu Mazen’s PLO administration. So, in a vote revolt, they preferred the Hamas overwhelmingly. The election result must have felt like an earthquake of Richter scale 7 or higher to Bush. In obvious contrast to the despicable standard that Bush had set for himself (still believed by many to have stolen the election of 2000), Hamas did something unusual. It opted to share power with the losing Fattah, in spite of the overwhelming mandate to form the government on its own. It was a well-meaning gesture rarely seen in most parts of our world. However, the losers, in a mood of defiance and short-sightedness that was welcomed by Washington, chose not to form the coalition government.

Remember again that deceitful speech of Bush when he said, “It is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture”? When Arafat’s PLO was in office, Bush administration was highly critical, alleging lack of democracy, and preaching an overhaul of the Palestinian administration. However, when the Hamas came to power, with its train of honest legislators, every criminal effort from mass starvation to indiscriminate bombing (that has already killed some 124 Palestinian civilians) has since been practiced by the rogue Israeli government with lucid approval from her western patrons, most notably the USA, to forcibly bring it down. In clear violation of international laws, Israel has invaded Gaza, stopped the flow of cash and goods, and made the entire Occupied Territories a modern-day Concentration Camp. These children of ghetto-dwellers of Europe really learned the art of inflicting major pains on their victims rather well! As if these were not enough of her crimes against humanity, lately, Olmert’s terrorist government has opened another new chapter of pariah statehood by kidnapping government ministers and members of the Palestinian Parliament. No harsh rebuke for such acts of infamy has yet come from Condi and her boss. As a matter of fact, they are the most enthusiastic cheerleaders for war crimes of Israel. What a dastardly demonstration of Bush’s vision for democracy and liberty!

It was also not too long that Lebanon had her ‘Cedar Revolution’ that forced the Syrian forces out of Lebanon and elected the independent government of Fuad Siniora. As a legitimate political party with its broad appeal and grass-root support in the southern Lebanon, Hizbullah participated in that election and consequently joined the government. One may recall that before Israel’s latest invasion, Lebanon was touted as one of the success stories of Bush Doctrine. Soon after becoming Prime Minster, Siniora visited Washington D.C. and pleaded with Bush to press Israel to release kidnapped Lebanese citizens and to disclose information on mine fields in the southern strip from her earlier occupation. But the plea from the elected Prime Minister of the democratic nation of Lebanon met deaf ears. What a betrayal of trust by Bush Administration!

The rogue state of Israel has been violating air, water and ground sovereignty of Lebanon for decades. In any other part of the world, such routine violations would be construed as declarations of war, ushering in condemnation from the UN Security Council. But when it comes to the terrorist state - Israel, the veto-wielding mother states of the UN are absurdly cool. It is, after all, their illicit, bastard-like monstrous creation! To chastise it would be unthinkable!

It was not a question why but when the pirates of Israel would be caught by Hizbullah border security forces. But when that time came on July 12 with the capture of two Israeli soldiers when they moved inside Lebanon, the same Bush Administration that had hitherto kept mum during scores of violations of international laws by the pariah state became preposterously vocal in denouncing the capture. A massive media blitzkrieg was launched by the Olmert-Bush governments, their supporters in the ‘Amen Corner’ and neocon foot-soldiers to pinpoint the origin of the current crisis to this particular event and blame it all upon Hizbullah, Syria and Iran. With one stone, they want to kill all three birds, making the region subservient to Israel. After all, the latter two countries had dared not to join the Bush-wagon of emasculated Middle Eastern nations! Forgotten also were the facts concerning kidnapping of thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians that have been languishing in Israeli prisons for years.

There are now ample proofs to suggest that Israeli invasion had nothing to do with those captured soldiers.[3] It was hatched up by the Bush-Olmert administrations months before the capture. So, when the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commit gruesome massacre of civilians in Lebanon; destroy its infrastructure from airports to seaports, bridges and roads, hospitals, schools and orphanages; bomb Lebanese residential areas and Palestinian refugee camps (let alone Lebanese Army barracks); and the civilized world cries out foul against Israeli aggression, brutality and savagery, Condi and Bush are shamelessly all smiles and openly justify Israeli war crimes. No guilt, no sorrow! How sadistic and immoral!

In a clear display of demonic cruelty, the USA even voted against a UN resolution that called for condemnation of Israeli invasion. Hoping that Israel would match her 1967 (6-day) victory against the poorly armed Hizbullah resistance fighters, the USA initially vetoed all efforts to bring about a ceasefire. These unpardonable and criminal actions are sad reminders of how the NATO let the genocide of unarmed Bosnians to continue for months in the 1990s before saying enough is enough when the tides of the war started shifting in favor of Bosnian Muslims.

And now that the war is dragging on for four weeks, with no signs of quick IDF victory over the Hizbullah in sight, a UN Draft Resolution, scripted by Tel Aviv-Jerusalem/Washington, has been put forth by the USA and France. This sham proposal, while appearing to call for cessation of all hostilities, is blatantly one-sided in favor of Israel and against Lebanon. It does not call for withdrawal of Israeli invading forces from the Arab-cleansed occupied territories. This would once again allow the Zionist state to fulfill its expansionist dream of retaining territories all the way to the Litani River.[4] No consideration has been given to the genuine grievances and concerns of the victims of aggression – the Lebanese people and its government, nor of the Arab League. Their rightful call for simultaneous cessation of hostilities and withdrawal of invading troops with rapid deployment of Lebanese Armed Forces to the blue line separating the Zionist state from Lebanon is simply overlooked by the modern-day warlords, masquerading as neutral arbiters, while they are not. What a charade! The UN is once again exploited to further punish the victims and reward the culprits.

Through the invasion of Lebanon, Israeli warlords have shown that their hatred of Arabs is more than their love for their own children. The sheer brazenness of this operation and the American complicity to let this mayhem continue shows that the axis of evil seems to run through the administrative centers of the USA to Israel via UK.

Truly, nothing really surprises me with Bush and his gang any more. When millions of people suffer from atrocities and brutalities of Israel inside Lebanon and the Occupied Palestine, only an insane, or a homicidal serial-killer, or a demon-possessed evil criminal can take delight from such war crimes. No time in my life have I witnessed a world leader to be this disgusting, criminal, insane, evil and hypocritical!

My grief comes from the fact that I was one of those who wanted to believe in lies of ‘compassionate conservatism’ and hoped that our world would become a better place to share. It did not take me long to see through this deception, but it was too late. I self-incriminate myself for casting my vote to elect a demon in 2000. What could be more saddening than this thought?


[1]. Bush out of touch with Mideast vision by Trudy Rubin, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 30, 2006, C.1.

[2]. "Bush’s Pledge for Liberty: Global Crusade or High Sounding Rhetoric?"
by Habib Siddiqui – for an analysis of Bush’s 2nd inauguration speech.

[3]. Interview of Professor Ilan Pappe, Haifa University, by Ali Cimen, Zaman Online, August 7, 2006.

[4]. See this author’s
"Lebanon and its bloody history – up to 1983," and
"Israel’s latest invasion of Lebanon and western culpability" – for details on Zionist expansionist plan.









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