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I Am A Terrorit: Come shoot Me

By Shabnam Hashmi

26 June, 2004


Dear Friends,

A slightly edited version of this article was published yesterday in Hindustan Times. Some friends wanted to see the original, so I am sending it. HT by mistake printed - Shabnam Hashmi-Secretary SAHMAT. I resigned from SAHMAT in January 2003 and am no longer associated with the organisation. March 2003 onwards I have been working with ANHAD ( Act Now for Harmony and Democracy), 4, Windsor Place, New Delhi-110001. Tel- 23327366/ 67/ 9811807558/ e-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] .


Shabnam Hashmi


In coming calls from Pakistan, Dubai, Gujarat. Gujarat ? Yes from Godhra, Dahod, Kalol, Sabarkantha, Banaskantha, Himmat Nagar, Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara. Ninety percent Gujarat calls by Muslims! This number belongs to S.., the son of the accused in Godhra case, and this one is of L.., her mother was very active with so and so in the camp, also has to be an accused. This call was received at midnight, this at 2am. Three days ago a call came from US at 5am, it was a Muslim calling. Last week an outgoing call to Karachi at 11pm and today three calls to Kashmir.

We are constantly watching the e-mails, intercepting them. This one has come from a Muslim organisation from USA. This one is demanding prosecution for Modi. Here it is making fun of Advani and Vajpayee. This one is abusing VHP and Togadia. This is some charter of demands on Gujarat. Asking for repealing of POTA?

The bookshelf, there are more than 200 books in Urdu, loads of handwritten papers in Urdu, even the computer has the Urdu font, this looks like a book, Urdu poems, no must be some secret behind that, an assassination plot written in verse. There are books in Gujarati. Text books from Gujarat. Hitler's name is underlined in this book. Didn't the e-mail say Modi is like Hitler. Do you see the connection? There is a folder full of articles on RSS . E-mails from Afghanistan.

And what is this. My God hundreds of tapes and CDs- there is footage of Gujarat riots, there are hundreds of photographs, photographs of S-6, Sabarmati, taken from every angle. What is this footage? Mass graves? How could anyone get this? Who could have shot, there was hardly anyone from outside at that point? Has to be an ISI conspiracy to malign Modi.

My dear friend, remember I called you two days ago and I said I have the information that before the so-called 'encounter' on June 15, the 'terrorist' were interrogated in the crime cell of the Police Commissioner's office in Surat. You gave me a long list of 'police' proofs of their having links with some terrorist organisation.

I request you friend, please kill me. I am a Terrorist too. Please organise an encounter. It will take you 5 minutes to prove that I was a terrorist. I will fit into the latest design, an educated woman, from middle class, mother of two, scientist's wife, connection with terrorists! Sells well, doesn't it? Please go ahead.

Here is the proof. I am making your life easier. You won't have to ask your local reporter to go to the local police for information. Also you will have one person less pointing out to you that your reporting is biased.

Yes, my mobile works 24 hours. Yes, I talk to Muslims from every corner of the world including Pakistan, Dubai, Gujarat. Yes, families of the so-called accused, who are arrested under POTA in Godhra , call me. They call me at 5 am and they call me at 2am. I receive calls from different parts of Gujarat, from all corners of the world throughout the night.

My house is full of Urdu books, I have loads of Gujarat footage. I abuse Modi, Advani and Vajpayee in my mails. I accuse Modi for Genocide, I talk to people to try him for that. I carry thousands of papers with me about the Godhra case. I have maps of every corner of not only Gujarat but other states too. My visiting cards, my e-mail id, my mobile number is with hundreds of people in Gujarat.

I even went to Pakistan a few months ago. I have friends in Dubai. Some of my articles were even picked up by Pakistani papers like Jang. I leave home early, sometimes even at 4 and return at all odd hours. For days I come back well past midnight. I got o Nizamuddin Basti, isn't it a basti full of maulavis. The place from where I buy kababs, has to be a joint for exchanging notes.

I, like all modern terrorists on a mission, always carry my identification card, so that the police can recover it after shooting me. Just give me time to buy a new pair of shoes, mine are broken.

What more proof you need to call me a terrorist?

Come, shoot me.

I will make a good story.