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Awakening To Abrupt Climate Change

By Bill Henderson

05 June, 2008

Will we know? I think the majority of us will stay in denial till the flip or till we die if our death happens first.

It's possible that pretty hard to ignore evidence such as rapidly melting permafrost and spiking methane might inform those that can be informed that we are going to flip. You can make a case that we have more than enough evidence today and that this is why we should be trying desperately to scramble back below 350 because melted Arctic should surely lead to some degree of methane or other feedback or other combination of feedbacks. We might even know the correct range of probability now.

What should we do? If we know it's going to happen? Write a best seller update of ON THE BEACH? If it becomes MSM news that we're toast a certain amount of time before the flip then you could probably still make money in alternative fuels.

Seriously? That's the whole point - it will be too late to do anything by then. I'd expect that the Admin in office in the States or at least the Beltway powerful will be at least thinking about depopulating Asia and there would probably be nuclear war and who knows what would happen then but it probably wouldn't matter.

So what do I think we should do? Accept that this is how life works and that in life we never really mattered and forgive? Rage against the deniers and those who found them useful; and those who should have done something but couldn't - take away everything they have and make them walk around naked subject to everybody's most hurtful abuse till they die?

Walk round the harbour watching the geese lose their babies? Maybe just watch TV?

Plan to be a survivor in what ever new world the new climate regime allows, of course? Delusional, but what ever gets you through the night.

Give it one last chance. Everybody who ever had a carbon footprint over two tonnes drinks Kool-Aid and let the meek inherit the Earth for as long as they've got.


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