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The Rich Screw Up, And
The Taxpayer Loses!

By Timothy V. Gatto

19 September, 2008

I really feel bad for all of the people that are losing millions of dollars to the same people they thought were their friends. Just remember this; while you lose millions that you can’t afford, the billionaires will step in and buy everything you once owned in a monumental “fire sale”. The truth is that you’ll be lucky to come out of this with enough to take care of your family. You really didn’t think that these ultra-capitalists that own the central banks would actually let you keep their money now did you?

This happens on a regular basis. There is only so much money to go around. Money doesn’t do any good sitting in a bond or money market account making 2% on it. The way to free-up that money is to take funds out of circulation and make everyone call in their loans. Remember, this doesn’t hurt the ultra-rich; this allows them to buy everything for 10 cents on the dollar. Now when you think about it, does the fact that the richest 1% owning 38% of the nation’s wealth piss you off a little? It should, I know it pisses me off.

Do you honestly believe that the people that have the greatest wealth didn’t see this coming? Of course they did. I’m sure that they freed up a lot of capital to get their “bargain basement” shares of Merrill Lynch and Lehman Bothers. They’re all set to jump on Goldman Sachs and other investment banks. Sure, they let people play with their money so as to keep the investments humming, but when they see a “surplus” of money out there, that’s when they take it all back. This is no different than 1929. The only difference this time is that our deranged government is trying to shovel sand against the tide.

What is so obvious to me is that our government cares more about the corporations than it does for its own people, the ones that fund the Federal government. They take our money and bail-out corporations that have been squeezing us to death for years. Do you really think that the corporations are going to pay back the taxpayer? Please don’t tell me that you believe that. We not only fund the rich by working in their factories and stores for a mere pittance, we also must use the money the government takes out of our pay to make sure that the corporations don’t go bust because of their greed that prompted this mess in the first place.

Washington Mutual lobbied Congress like hell to make sure that people couldn’t go bankrupt on their credit cards. That was good for them for awhile, but when push came to shove, people who were made to pay on their credit cards let their mortgages go into default. So now Washington Mutual knows what it feels like not being able to pay its bills. Meanwhile the banks nickel and dime us for every transaction we make. Multiply a $1.50 fee foe using another banks ATM and $35.00 for going over your credit limit by 10 cents by a 10’s of millions each day. Now, not only do we have to pay their rates that really amounts to usury, but when they get involved in “creative financing” to extract every dollar they can possibly get from people that only want to own their own home, the homeowner gets thrown out on the street, and the government we fund, bails out the banks!

This might sound cruel, but I really don’t think we should be practicing “corporate welfare”. The government tries to suck every penny it can get out of its citizens through the IRS just so we can prop up these bloodsucking bankers. As far as I’m concerned, let the goddamned banks fail. I don’t have an interest in AIG, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch or Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs (which by the way is the biggest donor to political campaigns in the country). I don’t owe them a second chance. We don’t owe these people any second chance. If the government takes 79% of AIG’s stock, then they should give any future profits back to the American people as tax breaks. I want to know who is being paid more that a hundred thousand a year too. It’s only fair, they work for us now. Don’t let me find out that the CEO of AIG is making millions off of my tax dollar. Now that they are government workers, let them be paid civil servant wages. That goes for ALL these bankers and investment bankers and CFO’s and CEO’s. If they take the taxpayer’s money, they should be paid like the servants they now are. Do you think that will happen? Hardly.

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