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American Complicity III

By Timothy V. Gatto

12 June, 2008

Part I

Part II

These are the darkest days that I’ve ever seen in this country. There are so many Americans walking around completely clueless about what is really happening in this country. I’ve been wondering why the government has released so many formerly “Secret” files on how we overturned governments around the world and how we forced “regime changes” and how many people we were responsible for helping to massacre since the end of WWII. I think I’ve figured it out. It isn’t that out government “wants to come clean”, rather it wants to inure the American people to bloodshed for economic reasons.

This way Americans can say; “Well we’ve been doing it all along, what’s the difference now?” So what if we’ve dropped white phosphorus and napalm on the city of Falluja? So what if we have dumped 350 tons of depleted uranium on Iraq, so what if Lancet reports that we have killed over one million two hundred thousand innocent Iraqi’s? Isn’t this the cost they must pay to be part of the American Empire? The hydrocarbon laws that demand 80% of the oil fields in Iraq should be part of their payment for “freeing” them. They just don’t realize that we’re just trying to bring them “democracy”. We all know that Americans are the “good guys”. Didn’t we prove that in Vietnam when we incinerated the villages with napalm and poisoned their country with Agent Orange? Didn’t we take care of our soldiers when they came back from Indochina with horrendous rashes, breathing problems and cancer? Just because it took us 25 years to do so, at least we did it, right?

So all of the “liberal” Democrats and “Progressives” are all proclaiming Barack Obama the second coming of Christ, it doesn’t bother them that he managed to garner $350 million for his campaign. Didn’t he get that money from the people that had their houses foreclosed on and the college students that are paying off student loans and the working stiffs that are working two or three jobs to keep their heads above water? That’s what he says, but we all know it’s not true. Check out and see where his money came from. He’s been bought by the corporate kingmakers. You can all refuse to believe, but the figures don’t lie. Get ready, the Republicans will be bringing this out soon enough. Damn, screwed again!

What is wrong with us? Why do we fall for the same things over and over again? Two days ago, Dennis Kucinich brought 35 counts of impeachment against George W. Bush and the mainstream media even hardly mentioned it! I heard those scathing indictments and it made my blood boil! People claim that it won’t do any good to impeach the criminal because he’s almost out of office. How do you know that? After all the crimes this man has pulled off, what makes you think he won’t implement Presidential Directive 51 after he attacks Iran? You don’t know, do you? That’s not the only reason to impeach, why let him give out blanket pardons before he leaves office?

People say that I bring up the same things over and over. There is a reason I do this. The reason is that all of you so called “Progressives” can’t get it through your head that not only is the Executive Branch a criminal organization, but Congress is an accomplice. If you say you know all of this, than guess what? That makes all of you complicit! You all complain but do nothing. If you had a pedophile in your neighborhood that was abusing little kids and you did nothing, you would be complicit. That is exactly what the American people are doing when the United States drops napalm and white phosphorus on Iraqi cities and you do nothing. It’s no wonder that the world hates us. I hate us. I’m just a simple guy from Long Island that sees us starting wars of aggression and killing innocent civilians in the most barbaric ways. I see us trying to establish a Pax Americana at the expense of other nations. I see our country ruled by corporate interests, the oil companies, the defense industry and the investment bankers and nobody seems to care.

We can’t even guarantee the integrity of our elections! The media is run by corporate interests and the average American has absolutely no idea what the truth really is! The President wiretaps all Americans without so much as a warrant and he still gets off the hook. Where’s the outrage? Where is the sense of right and wrong? Are American’s brain dead? Whatever they are, most of them are complicit in not stopping the excesses of this government. We are as complicit as the German people that enabled Hitler to do what he managed to do. Where is this going to end? Will it end when Russia and China finally realize that enough is enough? Will it take millions dead on the deserts of the Middle-East, or worse in the Midwest? Will it take mushroom clouds on our cities to make us understand that we can not go on like this? How long do you believe that the rest of the world will let us behave like conquerors?

What about what your children are learning? Will they be good little fascists and salute the flag every morning in school as they learn that we invaded another nation for their resources? Is this the legacy you want to leave them? Is this our “American Morality”? You have to decide where you stand. We can’t vote our way out of this. The candidates are both talking aggression. Only the people can make a difference. We must voice our concerns and raise holy hell! If you choose the easy way out, whatever happens, you are complicit. This situation is wrong and each one of you with any sense knows it. This is the time to make your stand. Organize, demonstrate and agitate. This is still our country, at least it was before the corporations and the military hijacked it.


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