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Obama And McCain:
Two Sides Of The Same Coin

By Timothy V. Gatto

10 June, 2008

I’ve waited to write this article for a while now. I used to be a loyal die-hard Democrat for 54 years of my life. I no longer know what a “Democrat” is anymore; I don’t know what a “Progressive” is either. I once thought that a “Progressive” was words that people who were too shy to say they were “liberals” used in its place. I don’t feel that way anymore. These so called “Progressives” aren’t liberals, they are something else completely. They are not people that have liberal values that put the welfare of the people of our country first. There are mass-media believers that can’t think past the last “sound-bite” they heard on a campaign video from the DNC.

The current state of the Democratic Party is about as close to an “opposition party” as Eli Lilly is to Searle. They are just different brands of the same product. The product in this case is the Military-Corporate-Industrial-Complex that owns America, owns the media, owns the banking system and owns just about every main-stream politician in this whole damn country. Don’t think I’m telling the truth? It’s easy to see the truth if you want to take the time to look at it. Just find out where the money is coming from for these campaigns that buy the hopes and dreams of the American people. The candidates have spent a quarter of a billion dollars on their primary campaigns just in the Democratic Party. That’s a half Billion Dollars between Hillary Clinton and the “sainted” Barack Obama. Where did they get this money, from ordinary people that are loosing their homes to foreclosure that are working two jobs because their good job was outsourced by corporations that wanted to cut costs? Are they getting donations from people that can’t make the minimum on their credit card bills? You tell me.

I’ll save you the trouble of looking on your own. Go to, a website that was made so everyday people like you and I could find these things out. The Center for Responsive politics tell you who gave and who got from whom. Check it out, or are you afraid of being disillusioned? If you care about the truth, take your look and see who’s behind the campaigns. You’ll see who corporate America is betting on to keep the status Quo. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the same Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex is behind both candidates of the two major parties.

A few days ago, Senator John McCain spoke to AIPAC. Maybe you don’t know it, but AIPAC does not speak for the majority of Jews living in America. The truth is that AIPAC represents the right wing of the Israeli Government and the right wing Jews in America. The other 80% of Jews living in America are the most part liberal Democrats. They don’t subscribe to AIPAC. AIPAC also has fundamentalist Christians that are betting on the “Rapture”. AIPAC is a right wing, predominantly Republican organization that takes a hard line against and concession to peace that Israel might be asked to make in the interests of peace in the Middle-East. Another thing you might ask these people, why hasn’t Israel signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? The answer is that America has colluded with the Jewish State to allow them to produce from 150-to 300 nuclear weapons. Nice trick. We rant about Iran building reactors while Israel stocks nukes. Isn’t that rather one-sided? We are a country that claims we are non-judgmental and want only to keep peace and stop future nuclear wars? The American people have been deceived.

When McCain spoke to AIPAC, he warned about Iran. He said that Israel should not negotiate with Hamas. He said that the US is Israel’s #1 ally. That’s just great. What do they need us for when they can wipe Iran of the face of the Earth? It’s because we give them legitimacy. Not only that, AIPAC donates over $110,000,000 to Congressmen ands Senators in our government. McCain was predictably for the cause of AIPAC. What was surprising was the speech given by the presumptive nominee, the so-called anti-war Democratic Presumptive nominee, Barack Obama when he spoke to AIPAC inured him to the right-wing AIPAC. Wasn’t this the anti-war candidate?

Senator Barack Obama, with his two years in Washington politics, wanted to win the hearts and minds of AIPAC. So he too brought up the fact that Israel should not negotiate with Hamas. He even went so far to say that they never should have been able to be on the ballot, because there was evidence before the elections that they would win. How’s that for a “believer in Democracy”. Don’t let the people’s choice get a chance to run. The truth is that 64% of Israelis citizen’s want to negotiate with Hamas. Obama says that unless Hamas recognizes Israel’s right to exist, that they should not be talked to. Does he realize that if Hamas agrees to Israel’s right to exist that the wording in the phrase means that they also must disavow the right of return or compensation to Palestinian lands usurped by the Jewish State and to give up reparations for the land, businesses a property taken by Israel since 1946? To all Americans, think about it. If people took these things from us, would you let it slide?

At one time Barack Obama was outraged about what was happening in Gaza. Time and attitude change quickly when you clinch the Democratic nomination. He calls for a Palestine that is united contiguously, that doesn’t bode well for the surrounded ghetto that once was the Gaza strip. What’s to become of them? More ethnic cleansing and killing of women and children as Israeli jets and Tanks keep blowing the city to hell? Its accepted genocide in Gaza and the majority of the world is turning a deaf ear to the plight of these people. We hear of “terrorist” attacks against Israel. But the truth is that more Israeli citizens have died in automobile accidents than in terrorist incidents. Think about this.

Obama had some hard words for Iran. This is a nation that knows that America looks to that country as its next victim of “regime change”. That’s a catchword for overthrowing their government and putting in American puppets that will sell their resourses for pennies on the dollar. We have been doing this as a nation since 1951, in all of Latin America and Central America. The American people know this, but as long as they can maintain their standard of living, it seems unimportant how many people die from CIA operations that install strong-Arm governments that oppress their people and sell off their resources to this “American Empire” we seem to have developed.

People reading this know the truth, they know what I’m writing is the truth. We are backing people that support our world-wide agenda, whether it is right or wrong. Obama showed his true colors when he spoke to AIPAC. He is too young to realize that this world is being manipulated by moneyed interests that are after power and control. I’m sure they did a good job of convincing him that with words they stuck in his mouth that he believes are proper and for the good of all. He doesn’t understand the reality of how the world works. The right-wing government wants no peace as long as they are playing with a full deck, and that deck has the total blind support of the American people. Senator Obama might truly believe he’s going to bring change; I want to make it clear to him that as long as he listens to the ultra capitalists’ that run his campaign and the people that he uses as advisors, that he will be no different that the MICP wants him to be. There will be no change. Let him talk about giving the American people our civil liberties back. Let him talk about overturning the Military Commissions Act that scrapped Habeas Corpus and the John Warner Defense Act of 2006 that totally eliminated posse comitatus so that the Federal Government could not use Federal troops without the permission of Congress for law enforcement in the United States that brings America closer to martial law, let his talk about “Extraordinary Rendition” flights where we pick up “suspects” and bring them to other countries so that they may be tortured. Let’s talk about Guantanamo and the presidential signing statements. Let him talk about PD 51 and the North American Union. Let him talk about the right of nations to determine their own destiny. Let him speak about dismantling the “Unitary Presidency” and making Congress perform their oversight duties. These are the issues. Our jobs in this country are the issues. Freedoms of the Press are our issues. The “Good Ole Boy” system is rife with entrenched Congressman and Senators who work for their own best’s interests and not for their constituents. ”Professional Politicians who work to make a career out of looking after themselves, not constitutes at home, they come last. Some of these Congressman and Senators have been there for decades! The time for Corporate Government must come to an end. Government by the people and for the people must be re-instituted. Government for the sake of profiting the Military-Industrial-Complex must be stopped. The corporate policymakers should be damned. They have damned themselves by promoting this travesty.

When the 10% of American families own 71% of this nation’s wealth, something went terribly wrong in this country. The “Robber Barons” have returned. When the 90% of us have to share to remaining 29% of this countries’ wealth when we are the ones that give our blood and sweat to make the money that goes in the bank accounts of the “Privileged Few” while we lose benefits and heath care and CEO’s make seven figure salaries on companies that are running at deficits, the government is not looking after the interests of the majority of our people. Let me say this, Americans are too proud to be your serfs. We want change. Not the phony change of the corporate controlled Democrats, but real change. I hope this brings some kind of enlightenment to Americans. Regime change and world domination is not what Americans want. Your multi-national corporations don’t care about the American people anymore. The politicians just want to stay in power.

We Americans, or a majority were born with our eyes closed and they have been closed for a long time. They are open now. Let this be a warning to all you global industrialists and your military industrial complex. In the words of President John F. Kennedy:

We do not want a PAX Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children -- not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women -- not merely peace in our time but peace for all time." John F. Kennedy (1963)

The American people are fooled into thinking “Progressivism” is something different. There are many Progressives that are real; the majority uses the word to hide behind. I am an American that does not want to conquer or control the world for the sake of greed. You may not realize this now, but my name is legion. Americans are peaceful people that want to live with the world, and be a part of the world. PAX Americana is not our goal. You industrialists’ are leading this country into run with your own insatiable greed. Wake up and smell the coffee. Your political parties are not offering us anything new except strife at the price of American sacrifice. We will not stand for this much longer. You will bankrupt our once proud nation, and lead us into the dustbin of history. Most Americans realize this but are at a loss of what to do, so they embrace a junior Senator that promises “change”. He will bring no change, jus a softer continuation of what is in the interests of the people that dominate this nation. That my friends are not you and me, it could be, if we would all wake up and smell the coffee. That coffee must be strong, we must be strong, or we will give our children a nation that is run by people that are not anything like the average citizen. We will be their chattel, if we are not already. I for one think that American will never stand for it. The Mainstream Media did a remarkable job in their propaganda and their debates and articles that never asked the important questions that I have asked in this article. Let this article see the light of day, it asks the questions that we as Americans want answers too. Do we want never-ending war and saber-rattling as the defense industries make huge profits, or do we want a return to peace and a chance to rebuild America for our children?


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