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29 September, 2003

Bajrang Dal Makes a Village Muslim-free
By Anuradha Nagaraj

Armed Bajrang Dal activists drive out about 25 Muslim families from their homes in the village of Mishroli, in Rajasthan

Have Faith....
By Teesta Setalvad

Teesta Setalvad's acceptance speech at Nuremberg International Human Rights Award Ceremony

Multiculturalism Alive In India
By Barnita Bagchi

The communal polarisation that divided India in the last one and half decade, with its culmination in the painful pogrom in Gujarat have brought disillusionment to millions of Indians. But Barnita Bagchi testifies that multiculturalism is still alive. A memrial testament

24 September, 2003

Warning From Rae Bareli
By Kuldip Nayar

V.K. Singh's judgement should give a fillip to secularism

Terrorism As Revenge
By Ram Puniyani

Who is responsible for the genesis of terrorism? Is terrorism a religious phenomenon? Is it due to the members of a single community? How come some people come to take the steps, which surely are suicidal for them?

23 September, 2003

Mark Tully's Hindutwa
By Amulya Ganguli

For several years now, the BBC's Mark Tully has provided indirect support to the BJP's Hindutva cause. His contention, as reiterated in a new TV documentary, Hindu Nation, is that secularism is unsuitable for India. The reason: it is a doctrine which keeps religion out of public life, an attempt which is bound to fail

Bombay Bomb Blast, Communal Violence
And Secular India

By Asghar Ali Engineer

The recent bomb blast in Mumbai on 25th August 2003 is a wake up call. It should shake us up into deep reflection as to what is happening to India which gave birth to doctrine of non-violence hundreds of years before Christ and also during our freedom struggle in last century

21 September, 2003

The Anglo RSS Nexus
By Akhilesh Mithal

Hard evidence of the nexus between the British government of India and the RSS. (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) is available in A Life of Our Times, the memoirs of Rajeshwar Dayal, ICS published by Orient Longman in 1998. The RSS was supplied detailed maps of towns and villages to enable them to attack Muslims

17 September, 2003

India's Muslim Time Bomb
By Pankaj Mishra

What is particularly worrisome about the new Muslim terrorism is the backgroud of its adherents. Many of these young men are well educated. They have been radicalized in a geopolitical environment that has never been more highly fraught for the Muslim community at large

14 September, 2003

Communalism Combat Completes A Decade
By Jyoti Punwani

Javed Anand, who along with wife Teesta has edited Communalism Combat for ten years, tells what it means to be a professional journalist running an advocacy magazine

11 September, 2003

Distorting History of Freedom Struggle
By Ram Puniyani

The way Modi, Advani and company are projecting Shyamvarma, Patel etc. is more to down play the legacy of Gandhi and Nehru. They . also want to suppress the factthat people like Krishnavarma and Patel had nothing whatsoever in commonwith the Hindutva ideology

09 September, 2003

How One Man Has Changed Gujarat
By Kuldip Nayar

A deafening silence comes out of Modi's Gujarat. Yet the Gujaratis must remember that, as Martin Luther King has said: "The day we see the truth and cease to speak is the day we begin to die."

05 September, 2003

Sharing The Art Of Ethnic Cleansing
By Mani Shankar Aiyar

It is the appeal of a common hate object which explains the BJP passion for Isreal. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's visit to India could be a sharing of the experiences of ethnic cleansing

Archeological Excavations And Temple
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Thus the ASI report has created another controversy rather than solving the problem. Wisdom requires that the issue be resolved through negotiations

04 September, 2003

Milking The Cow Politically
By Praful Bidwai

If the 10 million cows slaughtered each year are to be kept alive for only five years (that is, 50 million for one year), they will need as much additional pastureland as India currently has. If a paltry Rs 10 is spent on each animal daily, that will annually cost over Rs 18,000 crores! India's total primary education spending is Rs 35,00 crores

26 August, 2003

Mumbai Blasts-A Vicious Cycle Of
Terror, Counter-terror

By Praveen Swami

Monday's murderous twin bombings at the Zaveri Bazaar and the Gateway of India is part of the longest-running terror bombing campaign any major Indian city has ever seen

Let Go Of Ayodhya
By Swami Agnivesh & Rev Valson Thampu

All non-Ayodhya intruders into this dispute must take their hands off and leave it to the Hindus and Muslims of Ayodhya to resolve what is, essentially, a local issue

22 August, 2003

The worst Indian
By Amulya Ganguli

The Choice of the 'worst Indian is bound to fall on Narendra Modi

21 August, 2003

Vital Importance Of Coming Elections
By V.M.Tarkunde

As will be shown below, NDA government under the leadership of the BJP has caused grave damage to the secular democracy of India. If after the coming general election the BJP again come to power the secular democracy of India may be so materially damaged as to be on the of path extinction

Terrorists In Saffron
By Swami Agnivesh

Hindutva is Hinduism's internal enemy. It derives its inspiration not from Ram, Shiva or Krishna, but from Hitler and Mussolini. Hindutva is pseudo-Hinduism

Protecting Cows, Protecting Power
By Praful Bidwai

Faced with uncertain prospects in elections to five state
legislatures due within three months, India's pro-Hindu coalition is bringing in a bill in the national parliament to ban the killing of cows and win the sympathies and votes of Hindus


15 August, 2003

Beef Eating: Strangulating History
By Ram Puniyani

A review of Prof. D.N. Jha's book "Holy Cow: Beef in Indian Dietary Traditions"

12 August, 2003

What Is This Hindu Rashtra ?
By Sitaram Yechuri

The vision of a social order under the Hindu Rashtra is one which legitimizes both the inhuman caste oppression and the denial of elementary rights to women

10 August, 2003

The two-nation theory
By Kuldip Nayar

India's ethos is pluralism. Hindus and Muslims constitute one nation

07 August, 2003

Deprivation Affects Muslims More
By C. Rammanohar Reddy

Results of the 55th round countrywide survey conducted in 1999-2000 by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), reveals that muslims in India suffer from substantially greater economic deprivation than Hindus

06 August, 2003

Communal Riots: Murderers At Large
By Sayantan Chakravarty, Sheela Raval and Farzand Ahmed

A study by the Bureau of Police Research and Development, a Union Home Ministry body, says that between 1954 and 1996, almost 16,000 people lost their lives in 21,000 incidents of rioting, while over one lakh were injured

05 August, 2003

India's Great Divide
By Alex Perry

Mounting fury over religious discrimination by the Hindu majority is triggering an increasingly violent Muslim backlash

Mass Fine? Is Memory So Short?
By Moderator, India Thinkers Net Group

Memories of Hitler is revoked by the Hindutwa forces by demanding a fine from the Muslim community for the Maradu killings and by promising to rehabilitate those who fled ..... 'at a distance'