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RSS and Fascism

By Shyam Chand

30 June, 2003

At the beginning of the last century, there were many reformation movements to cleanse the Hindu society and free it from the ritualistic tyranny of Brahmanism. The Brahmo Samaj, the Arya Samaj and the reform movement of Ranade were aimed at freeing the Hindu society from superstition, idol-worship and other social ills.

The non-Brahmin movement in the Madras Presidency culminated in the formation of the Jusice Party to fight for the political rights of non-Brahmins. The Brahmin population in the Madras Presidency was only three per cent. They took maximum advantage of Christian educational institutions and health facilities. They entered these institutions, services and professions and formed cliques from where non-Brahmins were excluded.

Out of sixteen successful ICS candidates between 1892 and 1904, fifteen were Brahmins. In 1913, out of 128 district munsifs 93 were Brahmins. In 1914, out of 650 graduates of Madras University 452 were Brahmins. The same was the case in the Bombay Presidency. (Society and Politics in India by Prof Andre Beteille) Dr Murli Manohar Joshi still curses Macaulay!
The Justice Party sent a delegation to London to present its case before the Joint Parliamentary Committee of the British House of Parliament, set up in connection with the Government of India Bill and got separate reservation.

Veer Savarkar and Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya had revived the defunct Hindu Mahasabha at Banaras in 1923 to fight for the political rights of Hindus and assimilate Dalits in the Hindu fold by opening schools, wells and temples for them. Sikhs in Punjab were fighting for the liberation of their Gurudwaras from the clutches of the Mahants.

It was in 1925 when Brahmanism was under attack from all sides that Dr Hedgewar, still basking in the reflected glory of the Peshwas, joined hands with three other Brhamins—B.S. Munje, Baharao Savarkar (brother of Veer Savarkar) and B.B. Thalkar—to stage a counter-revolution. Number 4 is not considered a good number by the Hindus. They recruited young Brahmin graduates for the service of their community and when the number reached ninetynine they assembled in a forest(!) to take some esoteric oath, which is their ‘hidden agenda’. (Ninetynine is a multiple of 9 which is considered auspicious but 99, one short of a century, keeps a man in Chakra. The Vajpayee Government lost the vote of confidence by one vote in ’99.)
At that time Hitler was a rising star in Germany. He was influenced by Nietzsche who had written an anti-Christ treatise after reading Manusmriti translated into German, in which he condemned Christianity and eulogised Manu. Hitler was impressed by Manu’s superman, the Brahmin, imposing his will on the weak. Standing before the bust of Nietzsche, Hitler would read passages from Manusmriti. Its extracts were read at Nazi functions. Nietzsche’s sister and cousin had praised Hitler for immortalising their sibling. But Hitler did not know that one day Manusmriti and superman would tear Germany apart before India. Hitler was mad and his madness was equally matched by the madness of the German people.

The RSS sent Munje to Italy and Germany. In Italy (let Modi know), he met Mussolini for aid and advice. In Germany he studied Hitler’s methods of recruitment and training of his terrorist Storm Troopers, their use of arms, pyrotechnics, subversive activities and art of Goebbelsian propaganda. Many skeletons of Hitler’s Nazi era are lying in the cupboard of the RSS at Nagpur. Tagore described fascism as “an exact counterpart” of Brahmanism. (Rabindranath Tagore by Krishna Dutta and Andrew Robinson)
Hitler’s party, National (Rashtriya) Socialists and his Schutz Staffe (Guard detachment) or SS for short, ‘stand for Swayamsevak Sangh’. Hitler’s stiff-hand salute and Swastika are the RSS symbols. Swastika had been the symbol of the Teutonic Knights and Free Corps Units. Writes John Toland, Hitler’s biographer:
For centuries it had represented not only for Europeans but also for certain North American Indian tribes the wheel of the Sun or cycle of life. From now on, and perhaps forevermore, the Swastika would have a sinister connotation.

It is pertinent to note here that the RSS was born in 1925. Why didn’t Dr Hedgewar and his friends join the Hindu Mahasabha, which was revived in 1923? The answer is simple. The RSS is not a Hindu but a Brahmanical organisation and it doesn’t want to reform the Hindu society but wants to Revive Social Supermacy (RSS) of the Brahmins.

The RSS has nothing to do with nationalism or Hinduism. It had betrayed both. The RSS had played a traitorous role during the freedom struggle. It did not take part in the freedom struggle and many RSS volunteers like K.B. Limaye, the chief of the Bombay RSS unit, left it. Golwalkar asked the RSS volunteers to “preserve your energy”. He was afraid of a ban on the RSS. It betrayed the Hindus during the civil disobedience movement (1938-39) against the Nizam of Hyderabad where the Hindus were under attack. Dr Hedgewar refused to land his volunteers saying that the RSS was a cultural organisation. Savarkar was constrained to say:

The epitaph of the RSS volunteer will be that he was born, he joined the RSS and died without accomplishing anything.
Short of calling the RSS a Brahmanical outfit as it would have adverse impact on the Hindu Mahasabha, Savarkar asked its members not to attend RSS shakhas which was a normal practice.
The RSS did not participate in the protests organised by the Congress party, Muslim League, Communists and Forward Bloc in Calcutta in 1946 when Rashid Ali was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for taking part in the Naval mutiny. Two persons were then killed and fifty injured in police firing. When Nehru and Bhulabhai Desai were pleading the INA case in Lal Quilla, no RSS volunteer was seen near its wall. Now L.K. Advani wants to change the name of Lal Quilla. What about Lal Krishna Quilla? It did not oppose the partition of India whereas an equally communal Jamait-e-Islami, under Maulana Maududi and his softas, opposed tooth and nail Savarkar’s ‘Two-Nation Theory’ adopted by Jinnah and the partition of India. Golwalkar by his utterances facilitated the partition knowing that in an undivided India, an RSS activist like Atal Behari Vajpayee would never become the Prime Minister and the RSS’ desire of imposing its will on the nation would remain a dream.

The prime objective of fascism is to grab power at any cost—Nation, Humanity and Peace. For that it misappropriates, uses, misuses and disuses national and cultural symbols without any moral compunction.

The cultural symbol of the RSS had been Aurobindo Ghosh for many decades. The day L.K. Advani started his rath yatra from Somnath to Ayodhya he dumped Aurobindo Ghosh on the way as the latter did not recognise Rama as a historical figure. Now the RSS has adopted Swami Vivekananda as its cultural symbol. His concept of the nation having a Hindu mind and a Muslim body, the declaration of Ramakrishna Pramhans that Christ was an incarnation and the registration of the Ramakrishna Mission as a minority institution are against the philosophy of the RSS.
Golwalkar does not recognise Rama and Krishna as national ideals. For him Bhagwa Dhwaj is at once “universal and all absorbing in its appeal”. (Bunch of Thoughts, p. 395) Now the RSS and its outfits have made Ayodhya a bargaining counter for vote-bank politics.

As a matter of fact the priestly class refused to perform the coronation ceremony of Rama saying that the “humbler of Parsurama” and “slayer of Ravana” did not deserve such a ceremony. Priests who performed that ceremony were socially boycotted by other Brahmins and they were forced to settle down across the river, Saryu. They are still known as Saryupari Brahmins. A Saryupari Brahmin, at the time of his daughter’s marrage, touches the feet of his son-in-law that he has been kind enough to accept the hand of a socially boycotted father’s daughter! Brahmins worship Rama in the temple and Parsurama at home!

Krishna is the most celebrated and popular deity in the Hindu pantheon whom the priestly class did not accept as a Kshatriya. That is why Golwalkar does not recognise Krishna as a national ideal. He defeated Indra and asked his folks not to worship him. He also defeated Shiva and wounded his son, Skanda, the god of war. Krishna also tortured Kasi, the seat of Shiva. Parsurama did his best to see that Krishna was not married in any royal family. But he checkmated him and eloped with Rukmani. Shishupal, whom Krishna killed, did not accuse him of “loose morals”. When Duryodhan called Krishna of “low origin” and “loose morals”, gods in heaven came down to listen to Duryodhan and showered flowers on him! In the Gita Krishna was made to say that he was the originator of the caste system. Thus Manu was exonerated from the sin of dividing the Hindu society.
Golwalkar reluctantly accepts Shiva and not his trishul-wielding “flock of demons surrounding him”. Was Golwalkar referring to the “flock of demons” who destroyed Rishi Daksha’s sacrifice or was he visualising the trishul-wielding ‘flock of demons’ dancing and destroying Babri Masjid? Now, political stunts-turned-VHP “saints” are blackmailing the Hindus by arousing their basest emotions!


Now the RSS, through Vinay Katiyar, President of the UP unit of the BJP and a former chief of the “flock of demons” (courtesy Golwalkar), is trying to misappro-priate Dr Ambedkar by misrepresenting him. Perhaps Vinay Katiyar does not know three things. In Riddles in Hinduism, Dr Ambedkar has termed Manu’s social system as “Satanic dispensation” and his law book an “outlawry”. He also burnt the copy of Manusmriti. Secondly, perhaps Vinay Katiyar does not know that Advani and Co had spent millions of rupees’ on Worshipping False Gods to denigrate Dr Ambedkar and its writer, Arun Shourie, has been suitably rewarded with membership of the Rajya Sabha and a Cabinet berth.

Thirdly, the RSS holds Hitler’s Mein Kampf in one hand for Mayawati and her peers in and around NDA—kill your allies like your enemies one by one—and Manusmriti in the other for Vinay Katiyar and his tribe—”women, Vaishyas and Shudras are born of the womb of sin”. But Vaishyas should be used to keep the common men, Shudras, under leash. What for are there Vishnu Hari Dalmiya, Ashok Singhal, Giriraj Kishore and Vinay Katiyar? But they know that Paramhans Ramchander Das refused to offer shiladaan to the Faizabad Commissioner who happened to be a ‘Baniya’.

The RSS has misappropriated Guru Govind Singh whose five Deliverances are an anti-thesis of the RSS philosophy. “Dharam Nash or freedom from previous social and religious practices and customs”; “Karam Nash or the obliteration of the past bad deeds”; “Janam Nash or giving up the family influence and caste effects”; “Sharam Nash or the disapparance of hereditary professional distinction”; and “Braham Nash or discarding the rituals prescribed by previous practices”. Guru Govind Singh said: “Temples and mosques are the same.” For him “man’s caste is one” —History of Sikh Gurus by Prof Hari Ram Gupta, former Head of History Department, Punjab University.
Now Sardar Patel is being misappropriated. Modi has styled himself as Chhota Sardar. Can there be any comparison between a swan and a cunning crow? The ‘Iron Man’ stands alone like Prince Chandra’s Iron Pillar at Mehrauli, which cannot be compared with any other iron manufactured from the scrap in the RSS foundry.

Now Savarkar has been adopted as a hero of the freedom struggle. In fact, the RSS never fought for the freedom of the country and hides its past behind the badge of pseudo-nationalism. Savarkar tendered apology and came out of the Andaman-Nicobar jail. Now, its airport has been named after him. His portrait is in the Central Hall of Parliament. If the BJP comes to power on its own at the Centre, Godse’s statue will replace Gandhiji’s. Both Godse and Savarkar faced trial for the assassination of Gandhiji.

Fascism takes roots when democracy is weak and the middle class become panicky. With the rise of the RSS there is a corresponding increase in social crimes and corruption. Atrocities on minorities, weaker sections of the society and women present a horrifying picture. This NDA Government is neck-deep in corruption—security scams to IT scams and even trading in coffins. They make the middle class panicky. The conglomeration of about two dozen parties, with diverse and conflicting ideologies, where allies make private deals to remain in power, has rendered democracy weak. The allies have been reduced to the position of BJP employees.

Fascism flourishes when there is conflict within and without. From Ayodhya to Gujarat there is a concerted effort to create conflict and terror. The Kargil conflict (not because of intelligence failure but the leadership’s act of omission and commission to win the Lok Sabha elections), the IC-814 Airline hijack fiasco (not to detain hijackers at the Amritsar airport for forty minutes) which brought national humiliation at the dawn of the new millennium, the Agra summit when Mian Musharraf deralied the Chanakya from its height, the ceasefire but no talk allowing terrorists to spread their network from Kashmir to Kolkata, the attack on Parliament when the government had prior information but did not beef up security—all these present a sequence of events along Hitler’s method of subversive activities. The conflict within and without had given ample opportunity to Dr Murli Manohar Joshi to tamper with history and saffronise secular institutions. Now security has been made a poll plank. “Manu, Chanakya and the lot would outdo Machiavelli any day,” opined unsaffronised Arun Shourie in Hinduism!

Never allow people to cool off, never admit a fault, blame your enemy for everything wrong, never make compromise and people will accept a bigger lie sooner than the smaller one if repeated again and again, keep fascism alive and flourishing.


Both the RSS and fascism have disturbing similarities. Both are devoid of conscience and morality; both have inherent cannibalistic instincts; and both practise apartheid—racial and social discrimination, intole-rance, intimidation and murder. The Beer Hall Putsch, Crystal Night and genocide in Hitler’s Germany had been replicated at Ayodhya, mayhem in Bombay and the genocide in Gujarat. Both indulge in subversive activities behind the facade of nationalism. Imagine Indian and Pakistani armies arrayed against each other last year and shilaniyas at Ayodhya and genocide in Gujarat. Only Modi knows the ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘Who’ of Godhra. Nehru described the RSS, as ‘anti-national, communal, violent and subversive’. He has been vindicated. He saw no threat to India’s unity and integrity from communism but from Hindu fundamentalism, which the RSS represents, in the form of Hindutva which is the substitute of Hitler’s Aryans to blackmail the Hindus.

Both are anti-reformation, anti-intellectualism and draw on mythology for propaganda purposes ‘to arouse the basest instincs of men and cloak them with nobility’.
Both are against women’s empowerment. Hitler replaced girls with boys at the workplace and prescribed a dress code for them. Golwalkar does not want one more “ism”, sexism, for equal rights of women. The Women’s Reservation Bill has been pending in the Lok Sabha for a long time which can be passed with the support of Congress party, CPI and CPM.

Both are anti-secular and anti-democracy. They destroy democracy and democratic institutions from within.
Both suffer from the Messiah complex. Hitler imagined himself to be the Christ to free the Church from money-changers (Jews). Dr Hedgewer had been declared as an incarnation by Golwalkar.
Both are terrorist mafias and preach violence and war. Both control the media. Any opposition invites retaliation. Two journalists of Delhi, Iftikhar Gilani and Kumar Badal of tehelka, had to face the fury of undeclared Emergency behind the bars.
Both start with small-time shopkeepers and trade unionists and end up supping with the corporate sector to finish them the way they kill their allies like their enemies.

Both enforce state-sponsored religion and state-sponsored books and literature for teaching in the educational institutions. RSS chief K.S. Sudarshan wants Christians and Muslims to worship Hindu gods. He is trying to expand the clientage for the recognised parasites Dr Murl Manohar Joshi is producing as Prohitiyas. He himself is so ungrateful not to worship his own creator.

In the post-Mauryan period Patanjali and his hirelings under the patronage of Pushyamitra tempered with all the ancient texts. All interpolations, manipulated mutilations, stuffings and subtractions were effected with concatenation in retrospect. Ashoka, who is considered the greatest monarch the world has ever produced, was buried under the debris of Buddhist monasteries. Two hundred years ago India did not know anything about Ashoka. It was Cunnigham who retrieved Ashoka from there and foreign historians brought him in the history books. That is why Dr Joshi does not like foreign historians. Historians who attribute India’s slavery to the caste system and hold the priestly class responsible; for that they are termed by him as Leftists. The Leftists have conscience. Fascists are devoid of both conscience and morality. Now Dr Murli Manohar Joshi and some historians with dubious credentials whose names are kept secret, are tampering with history. L.K. Advani has objected to the Ashoka Wheel in the tricolour, which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly unanimously when Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was the Minister in Nehru’s Cabinet.

Both advocate one-party and one-man rule in the name of the nation to destroy it in the name of Pan-nationalism—Pan-German and Akhand Bharat, from Iran to Malaysia and from Tibet to Sri Lanka to befool the gullibles.


The RSS is an organised hypocrisy, criminalised communalism, institutionalised terrorism and mytho-logised falsehood. It pretends to be a cultural organi-sation but it is a criminal mafia of the anti-national fascist forces. It represents those old dark forces and “relics of the past” “with their frozen articles of faith” who brought shame and slavery of centuries for India resulting in the division of the country. Social union is the most important ingredient of a nation which the RSS wants to destroy.
When the RSS floated its political outfit, the Bharatiya Jan Sangh (now the BJP), Nehru described it as ‘an illegal child of the RSS’. Since then the RSS has given birth to so many illegal children who after attaining puberty have not only become a headache to their parent but a nuisance and threat to society.

Till now, intra-Sangh Parivar relations and occasional tantrums were termed as naumachy to confuse people. The VHP has now attacked the Prime Minister after his Goa musings. First, a Prime Minister, as a national symbol, belongs to the entire nation and a poet to the entire humanity. But when a poet-Prime Minister indulges in petty partisan politics, the last mask tears itself off the facade and the true Swayamsevak appears before the nation.
Secondly, the popular belief is that no sin is attached when a man says what he does not mean by crossing his middle and index fingers. How people are shocked to see our worthy Prime Minister indulging in emotional rhetorics by crossing and uncrossing both the fingers with magic-movements. Hindutva is neither Hinduism, nor culture nor nationalism, but Hitler’s Aryan with all its sinister connotations! This Hindutva has nothing noble. It is the hidden agenda of ninetynine Brahmins who took oath in the forest to destroy the social union of India for their self-aggrandisement.
The word Hindutva was coined by Savarkar who also propounded the “Two-Nation Theory” which had divided India. Hindutva has a sinister connotation to balkanise the rest of India.
After few days of his Goa musings Vajpayee congratulated and supported Dr Murli Manohar Joshi for saffronising history and not greening it. The green colour is in the tricolour. It is also the colour of his ally’s turban (the Chief Minister of Haryana O.P. Chautala) who was present in the meeting. The green colour also symbolises prosperity in Islam. Reference to the green colour betrayed his Hindutva mindset. The Hindutva anti-national forces term the genocide in Gujarat as cultural renaissance.
Vajpayee’s soul is the RSS and not India. His dharma is like Kaurava’s, Bhishma’s dharma (when Draupadi was being disrobed)—very subtle. It varies from person to person, from place to place and from time to time. His dharma would have enjoined on him to sack the butcher of Gujarat. He buckled under RSS pressure that threatened to plunge India through the flashing loop of civil war if Modi was sacked. This is the pseudo-nationalism of the RSS.
Some of the blame lies with the members of the Opposition parties who described Vajpayee as a gentleman in a wrong party. Can a gentleman keep the company of those who are not so gentle for fifty long years without wearing the mask over his mantle?
The RSS was born on Dussehra Day in 1925. When Ravan was killed, it seems, his soul had entered into the RSS that day!
Fundamentalism supports and nurtures funda-mentalism. Dr Joshi has given thousands of computers to Madrasas which the RSS paints in black colour. The RSS’ terrorism—the demolition of the Babri Masjid and mayhem in Bombay—have given birth to Muslim fundamentalism. The day the RSS closes its shop, Muslim fundamentalism would be buried deep in its own grave.
Abrogation of Article 370 and Common Civil Code are on the agenda of the RSS and BJP. Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was a Minister in Nehru’s Cabinet when Article 370 was incorporated in the Constitution. The Common Civil Code is applicable to the civil society. Can we claim to be a civil society when there are female infanticides, female foeticides, dowry, bride-burning, glorification of sati, untouchability, caste system and temple prostitution in the name of the Devdasi system? And what are the custodians of culture or vendors of Hindutva doing?
These people draw on mythology and the so-called Dharamgranths that Gandhiji refused to accept and called them the creations of poets and nothing else. He also urged upon the Hindus to purge from these texts those prose portions that are abhorrent to human dignity. For that he paid the price of his life. According to Manusmriti, women, Vaishyas and Shudras are born of sin. Manu does not differentiate between women. Can a Hindu whose mother is born of the womb of sin say with pride that he is a Hindu? Gowalkar says that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. How can then these texts be called Dharamgranths? Dharamgurus who preach these texts are worst than fagins!
If the people of this country do not challenge and confront the anti-national fascist forces, the four founding Brahmin members of the RSS would prove to be the pallbearers of this nation!