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Put Option On America - Part 1

By Rand Clifford

07 December, 2007

The entire American political establishment is so rotten the stench wafts around the world. Why is it that Americans seem among the least aware that the radical changes needed for America to regain its Constitution, and survive as a Republic, will never happen within our rotted-out system? All the tinkering and primping, lying, killing and pimping masquerading as hope aren’t touching the core problem.

The latest episode, with Hillary and Rudy leading the packs—the majority of Americans seem to believe it is something believable, actual hope for righting the ship. Unfortunately, the same machine that delivered us a two-term president who never won an election is still delivering. Neocon alpha reptiles still control foreign policy, many with dual citizenship, Israeli and American, apparently in that order of importance. Michael Chertoff, head of the Department of Homeland Security, also has dual citizenship. He was approved in a 98-0 vote in the U.S. Senate without any question of his Israeli roots.

Meanwhile, regarding CIA/Mossad...former Italian President and Prime Minister Francesco Cossiga fired a truth missile (12-05-07) with the declaration that the attacks of 9-11 were run by the CIA, and Mossad with Zionist aid, something he insists is commonly accepted by global intelligence agencies. (1) Cossiga was forced to resign in 1992 after admitting he helped set up the CIA’s Operation Gladio, where a group of neo-fascist paramilitary operatives carried out false flag operations across Europe from the 1960s through the 1980s that were blamed on leftists. An agent of Gladio, Vincenzo Vinciguerra, in the Italian parliamentary investigation of 2000 that revealed the attacks were being overseen by the U.S. intelligence apparatus, stated under oath: "You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple—to force...the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security." False flag terror has long been in the playbook of the CIA, as well as MOSSAD (Israel’s "CIA").

So what about Hillary offering hope for Americans? Does it seem possible to have the lives of American people foremost in your heart from so deep in the pocket of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee—a certain euphemism for Political Action Committee (AIPAC)? And Rudy? Almost every one of his advisors is a member of AIPAC. Both Hillary and Rudy are committed to The "War" (criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq). Both lean toward expanding the "War" to Iran, and beyond. Both at least claim to believe the permanent "War On Terror" is not the putrid baloney it really is; both support police state measures that "protect" us from terrorists, eschewing our Constitution and its guaranteed civil liberties.

In the rotten apple of American politics, two good seeds still resist the rot: Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. However, through all the rot they are not easy to find....

Ultimately, what might awaken Americans into smelling the stench the rest of the world is gagging on? The truth about 9-11 could the best place to start. Not necessarily that the truth will awaken a population incessantly hammered with consumerism (have you got your "Xmas" shopping done?), celebritneys (Britney had a twisted childhood—and now she’s pregnant again!), and supremacy (The American Way—kick their ass, take their gas!); a population under the spell of CorpoGov’s propaganda arm, CorpoMedia (mainstream media), and their wash of everything-they-want-us-to-believe-and-be-thinking-about, disguised as "news". However, it might disarm—at least enough for more truth to circulate—the embedded public denial that serves as one of the greatest allies of 9-11 perpetrators. There are many reasons why, instead of looking at the evidence, people prefer to cower behind, "Oh! They’d never do that!" But the effect is one simple malignancy: Those responsible for 9-11 are still in control of America, and they’ve got our country chasing the dollar—facing a long, hard, potentially terminal slide as the rest of the world greases the skids and snickers about justice. Vast wealth and power have bet on it: 9-11, the ultimate put option on America.

Put options are contracts where profits can be made by betting that a stock will fall in value, whereas call options are a bet that a stock will rise in value. 9-11 meant enormous profits for put options made in the days before by people with foreknowledge of the event. United Airlines, American Airlines, reinsurance companies set to cover billions in losses (Munich Re and the AXA Group), financial companies set to lose big (Merril Lynch & Co., Morgan Stanley, Bank of America)—all of these companies had put options spectacularly higher than the norm in the week before 9-11. (2) (3) Huge surges also showed in call options on stocks of companies set to gain from 9-11, primarily weapons manufacturers such as Raytheon, but those put options served up the Really Big Profits. Anyone still wondering why these stock traders have not been revealed don’t seem to realize that these are Very Special people. Anyone surprised that this obvious treachery never made CorpoMedia "news" remains unclear about CorpoMedia’s function; people like this are even likely to swallow such classic hairballs of Doublespeak as: Liberal Media, and, Islamofascism. For those more aware, anytime you hear a politico hack up either of these hairballs, recognize them as the cat box dwellers they are, hold your nose, and vote the other way, while it still might matter.

What would seem overall more frightening: That 9-11 was an inside job, a classic false flag operation (as much of the world and even 100,000,000 Americans lean toward); or, the "Official Story" which includes cascades of security breakdowns and breeches, culminating in 19 Arab boys with box cutters defeating America’s security apparatus (Arab boys that many of remain alive and well after their "suicide" missions)?

The "Official Story" of 9-11 has virtually nothing at all to do with the evidence. Many excellent, highly reputable sites on the Internet have extensive inventories of facts regarding not only clear evidence of 9-11 as an inside job, but also regarding evidence frantically destroyed by the forces of Coverup. Good places to start include: (4) (5) (6) (7) ....

The "Official Investigation" of 9-11 (Kean commission) was nothing more than a White House whitewash to alter evidence so it might somehow, through the most profound phony exegesis, somewhat fit into the "Official Story". Anything they could not distort to in any way fit, they simply omitted, such as the obvious, even admitted controlled demolition, or "pulling" of WTC7. The Official Investigation is in fact so packed with omission, the Kean Commission could more accurately be called the "Kean Omission".

The Bottom Line is reliably revealing, something a look at the winners and losers of 9-11 supports. The biggest winners include Big Oil, the Industrial Military Complex, Israel, the Feds...and of course, W..."Lucky me, I hit the trifecta!" (8) The biggest losers are We The People and our Constitution, Islam, world peace, American empathy, and future habitability of Earth. Regardless of what CorpoGov said...then said they didn’t say—with a wink and a shrug, Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. So why have we invaded Iraq, killed over a million Iraqis while forever poisoning their environment with "depleted" uranium munitions, and fight for perpetual occupation to control their oil and use of their country as a forward military installation to gain control of more Middle Eastern oil? Has America been driven completely away from empathy and rule of law? Something Ron Paul recently rattled American polity with remains so apropos; he said that when it comes to foreign policy, we need to consider what we do in terms of what would happen if somebody else did it to us. It gets back to the old Golden Rule, thank you Dr. Paul.

So what about those "Conspiracy Theorist Nuts" and their "Wacky, Outlandish Theories" regarding 9-11? Once again, look at who benefits. The people who believe the evidence, and understand that the entire "Official Story"of 9-11 is impossible—which includes many of our country’s most educated and accomplished scholars and scientific experts...they certainly don’t benefit. The "Nuts", those people who believe what they see over what they’re told, how could they benefit? Those trying to hide what really happened on 9-11, that’s where the benefits from the "Wacky, Outlandish Theories" fall.

9-11 embedded American rule by fear. The great mass of American people are being cowed, controlled and ruined by a tiny minority of hyper-wealthy corporatists that, unless Americans brave their way from this blackout of truth, decency, empathy and courage, will take America the rest of the way down. Until the truth of 9-11 is widely revealed, and the perpetrators are brought to justice, playing CorpoGov’s rigged election games and believing CorpoMedia spews anything but propaganda and misdirection while omitting everything Americans need to know would seem to well fit most definitions of insanity.

In Part 2...Exactly how did the most notorious crime in our history, the father of perpetual war around the world and destroyer of our Constitution and Republic, become such a "Don’t Talk About It!"? A crime never actually investigated, where as much evidence as possible was destroyed as quickly as possible. What can The People do to break the grip of nurtured fear? If other peoples’ resources are worth fighting and dying for while killing millions of innocent people, aren’t our Constitution, country, and own people worth fighting for?

Rand Clifford is a novelist and essayist living in Spokane, Washington, with his wife Mary Ann, and their Chesapeake Bay retriever, Mink. His novels CASTLING and TIMING and VOICES OF VIRES are published by StarChief Press:

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