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Pakistan’s Musharraf – Bhutto Deal

By Javed I. Chaudry

31 August, 2007

During the last several months, Musharraf – Bhutto deal has been in the air with all kinds of speculations to explain what it means and how would it impact Pakistan. Apparently all charges against the exiled ex. Prime Minister of Pakistan are being dropped. Also, it seems that General Musharraf is ready to give up the uniform and the control of the armed forces. Now this is a big change and one wonders who or what is behind this grand plan?

Obviously, the US has managed to persuade the General to go through another set of hoops to keep things moving the way the US would like to see them going. In case the US is behind all this manipulation, the big question is what exactly is the American interest in this? It would be only natural to assume that Ms. Bhutto must have promised to deliver some thing in return for the power what Musharraf did not or could not deliver. In the new world disorder, it is not important what is good for any country or its people. What is really important is what is good for the US to keep its monopoly of the control of the globe to support its geo-political plans and to extend its supremacy for another day.

The only thing that America could be interested to achieve through Ms. Bhutto is to de-Nuke Pakistan of its nuclear bombs as well its nuclear technology. At this point this is just a speculation, but time will tell what Ms. Bhutto can or will deliver to the Lord of the globe. In case Gen. Musharraf will no longer be the army commander, then who will be replacing him. It goes without saying that his replacement will be some one whom the American administration approve and some one who will be loyal to Ms. Bhutto, in case she does get elected as the new Prime Minister. With a little help from CIA’s Mighty Wurlitzer, it should not be a difficult feat to accomplish.

One can see that many senior armed officers will soon be sent to the pasture to make room for the juniors, inexperienced and eager to please the new regime to be created on the Pakistani chessboard. This is exactly what Ms. Bhutto’s father Zulifqar Bhutto did. He superseded a junior General Zia over many senior Generals to ensure loyalty. Alas, it did not work for him. Would it work for Ms. Bhutto especially if comes to unloading the nuclear technology and the related hardware? If I am a good judge of the Pakistani character, I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar that it is not going to work, one more time, it is going to back fire. A Pakistani military officer is not going to compromise country’s security to please the Prime Minister no matter how close he or she is to the American administration or CIA.

By the time, the election takes place and the dust settles, it would be mid 2008 and the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan would be even more tired and demoralized. Bush administration would have accumulated additional negative points with more disappointments both at home and abroad. The NATO forces would be equally tired and close to seeing the reality of diminishing returns of the game they had been playing as the American controlled pawns. The American debt burden would have reached to new heights, the American dollar would be ready to be devalued to pay off some of the debts.

The American plans to raid Iran is still up in the air. In case they do attack, that will be another big disappointment added to the Commander Bush’s hegemony Log. Knowing how hard at work are some of the Christian Zionists, such as John Hagee, it seems inevitable that the Bush administration would most certainly have a go at Iran as its last hurrah before vacating the White House. After all, why all those American aircraft carriers are anchored in the seas around Iran?

One way or the other, the American influence is declining at the same rate at which its debt is escalating, indicating serious economical troubles ahead. With all this commotion going on, the senior military officers of the Pakistani military need to watch the game plan and be ready to pounce upon whoever would make a move to compromise Pakistan’s security. It is of paramount importance for the ISI to keep an eye open for the CIA and its covert agents, especially within the officer ranks of the army without falling a prey themselves. It is about time that the countries start taking control of their own destiny by taking steps to neutralize the external influences.

A civilian democratic government would be highly desirable for Pakistan or any other country for that matter, but it is going to work only when the people at large have attained a political maturity to give rise to a suitable political and intellectual culture. Any thing short of it will not be able to sustain a civilian government, especially when it is propped up by external and very unreliable forces.

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