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9-11 Truth And The Holocaust

By Wendy Campbell

24 January, 2008

There is a website ( with a page entitled “Holocaust Denial Versus 9/11 Truth.”

That title gives away the real perspective of the writer as being a Zionist Jew however the writer declined to divulge his ethnicity or religion or even his/her name. (For the record, I am not Jewish by way of ethnicity nor religion. I am of Swedish, English and Irish ethnicity and of Christian background. I am a human rights activists who advocates for completely equal rights for all with no exceptions, especially here in the US and also in Israel, which is dependent on massive US financial and otherwise support.)

I am going to deconstruct this obvious Zionist Jewish writer’s article here.

First of all, most people who are supportive of the growing skepticism about the official Jewish version of what Jews have coined as “The Holocaust” prefer to call that skepticism “Holocaust Revisionism” rather than “Holocaust Denial”. The reason for that is that everyone knows that Jews were persecuted by the Nazis during WWII, which lasted from 1939 to 1945 (a total of six years). No one denies that. Please note that the Zionist Jews have been persecuting non-Jewish Palestinians in Palestine-Israel ever since the Jewish state was created in Palestine in 1948 (that’s 60 years of persecution). Unfortunately in general, Jews tend to deny that fact, even though it is well documented by some prominent Jewish writers and also in the booklet “Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict” written by Jews for Justice in the Middle East, at

In keeping with a true democracy, Holocaust Revisionism is completely legitimate just as any historical event must always be allowed to be further researched in a scholarly manner, especially with the modern forensic techniques, something which the Holocaust Fundamentalists/Obsessers have never bothered with. They rely only on conflicting eye-witness accounts.

Real 9-11 Truthers seek the Truth about all matters, especially with regards to politics related to the subjects at hand: US foreign policy, Israel, Palestine, Zionism, WW I and WWII, etc.

The Holocaust Fundamentalists are putting people in jail in some countries for publicly questioning the official Jewish version of “The Holocaust”, a term which they have basically trademarked for only Jewish use to try to suggest that Jewish suffering during WWII was unique above all other people’s suffering in all of humankind’s history. Closer scrutiny will reveal that this is the chauvinistic viewpoint put forth by Jews via their prolific output of books, articles, movies and TV specials via the newsmedia which they tend to dominate.

The fact is that even though at trials of such Holocaust Revisionists as Ernst Zundel, whose defense brought up significant truths with regards to certain aspects of the official Jewish Holocaust story, using forensic experts and cross-examining top Jewish Holocaust leaders such as Raul Hilberg, revealing many conflicting discrepancies in their stories, the judge found Ernst Zundel, who is a pacifist with no previous criminal record, guilty of “incitement to hatred” and he’s been in jail for years, first in Canada and now in Germany where he was extradited to. You can google him for the details. Remember there are always at least two sides to every story, so do your cross-referencing. So the end result was that the Truth about the Holocaust was/is completely irrelevant in his trial. The fact is that his powerful political enemies want him in jail. Period. It’s like the Grand Inquisition. Even his defense lawyer in Germany has now been put in jail.

Look at who “hates our freedoms” by the way. The Zionist Jews are the ones who are pushing the so-called “hate speech” laws in this country, with the help of the powerful Zionist Jewish group: the ADL. If they have their way, they will put in jail anyone who questions the Jewish version of The Holocaust, anyone who criticizes Israel as the Jewish supremacist state that it is, anyone who suggests that Israel had anything to do with 9-11, especially those who believe that Israel-firsters were the driving force behind making 9-11 happen. Meanwhile the ADL and their related Zionist groups are silent about the US mainstream media’s daily articles filled with what amounts to hate-speech against Muslims, Arabs and Iranians, and fully supports the so-called US war on terror, which is obviously something Israel fully supports as well.

Please remember that PNAC, written basically exclusively by Israeli-Americans (but endorsed by non-Israelis such as Cheney) called for a Pearl Harbor-style catastrophe to roll out a war against Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, starting with Iraq. Please remember that, according to the Jewish website Forward, former Israeli prime minister Netanhyahu is best friends with Larry Silverstein. Larry Silverstein has been the owner of the World Trade Center since six months before the 9-11 attacks which he had heavily insured for terrorist attacks. Please remember that Larry Silverstein said “they decided to pull it” with regards to WTC building 7, lingo meaning implode it, even though it takes weeks to set up such a demolition, which by the way, is how the WTC buildings 1 and 2 collapsed according to most experts unaffiliated with the government and impartial observers. Just re-watching the clips of the 9-11 attacks anyone can clearly see it was imploded/exploded—you can see the squibs exploding out the sides of the buildings and you can see that the buildings fell in a free-fall that lasts only a few seconds, basically into their footprints. This has never happened before in history, despite raging fires in buildings caused from jets, or whatever. The WTC buildings were specifically designed to withstand such occurrences as jets flying into them. There are also many videotaped interviews with survivors including NYFD firemen who heard the explosions. There were the warnings to the Israeli company Odigo that never reached authorities in the WTC, and there were the dancing Israeli spies filming the event while it happened and rejoicing with high fives.

I’m afraid it all adds up to one thing: 9-11 was an inside job with the help of the Mossad and the knowledge of key people inside and around the United States government. I believe that anyone who is suspicious of being involved with making 9-11 happen should be fully investigated by American authorities who are not Israeli-Americans nor Israel-firsters. These people have dual loyalties and/or are bought off. We need American-Americans who only have real Truth and America’s interests at heart, and not foxes watching the chicken coop.

Note that those who hate our freedoms such as Mark Weitzman of the Simon Weisanthal Center flubbed up on a video taped session ( when he was making his pitch for a new law that would outlaw Americans from seeking 9-11 Truth no matter where it leads us. He wants legal action against “conspiracy theorists… blaming 9-11 as part of an outside job or job by outside groups such as the US government.” Was it a Freudian slip? Or did he substitute “US government” at the last minute to avoid publicly implicating Israel, since many Americans are still not fully aware of Israel’s role in 9-11, and he just wants those of us who do know about Israel’s role to figure out what he means.

After all, everyone in the 9-11 Truth Movement believes that it was an INSIDE JOB, meaning certain powerful people in the US government had either foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks and either LET it happen on purpose (LIHOP) or MADE it happen on purpose (MIHOP). And a certain percentage of people in the 9-11 Truth Movement believe that Israel either LET it happen on purpose or helped to orchestrate it, in other words, to MAKE it happen on purpose.

So for Weitzman to be concerned about 9-11 Truthers claiming that 9-11 was an “outside job” is rather strange, since we believe that it was an INSIDE JOB, with the help of OUTSIDE groups such as – no, NOT “the US government”, but yes, Israel and its Mossad.

Let’s face it. Weitzman and his ilk are insisting that we believe the Official 9-11 Report, that “outside groups” such as Al Queda made the 9-11 attacks. That’s the kosher version. Just like Weitzman and his ilk are insisting that we all believe the kosher Jewish version of the Holocaust without questioning, without further research. Or else! Oy vey!

EXACTLY WHO HATES OUR FREEDOMS? It’s obvious to me it’s the Zionist Jews, and their bought-out lackeys such as Bush, Cheney and most American politicians at this rate today. The Muslims and Arabs just want to be left alone to vote for who they want to vote for, such as Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and not have the Israeli army rolling into their territories willy-nilly, nor have the US taking over the oil resources in the Middle East so that Israel can have a free pipeline out of the deal, and so on. Who is paying for Israel and the so-called “war on terror”? The American people. We have the right and the duty to openly scrutinize and criticize what is happening as we see fit. This IS a democracy, right? And we better use our Freedom of Speech before people like Mark Weitzman and his ilk try to take it away to suit their war-mongering and greedy political agenda.

Back to the article “Holocaust Denial Versus 9/11 Truth” ( the Zionist Jewish writer. He starts in by trying to discredit Christopher Bollyn, one of THE most courageous journalists on the subject of Israel, Palestine, Zionism and 9-11, bar none. He has, in fact, been harassed, tasered and arrested by the henchmen of his political enemies, and he and his family are now living outside of the country in Norway, where his wife is from, to escape further political persecution.

While I am sure that there are probably some errors in Bollyn’s articles here and there, I am sure they are not deliberate. As someone who has been written about both favorably and also smeared, and who is a writer herself, I know that errors happen. In my case, they are NEVER deliberate. You could call me a Truth Fundamentalist. I seek only the Truth and nothing but the Truth. I know Christopher Bollyn, have talked to him on the phone and via e-mail exchanges, and I’ve read most of his works, and I believe he is the same way. Just check out his website and just for yourself! It’s . Bollyn does NOT hide who he is, unlike the Zionist Jewish writer of the article I am deconstructing.

Then he goes on to try to discredit The American Free Press, which has always been a champion of 9-11 Truth, exposing the racist realities behind racist, apartheid Israel and its persecution of non-Jews in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, the evils of Zionism, and the imperialistic, deceptive agenda of the Neo-Conservatives who are all Israel-firsters.

Then of course he brings out the “usual suspects” such as David Duke, who although he is racist, he is also quite on target with regards to pointing out the obvious racism of Zionist Jews who support the Jewish supremacist state of Israel which is NOT a real democracy, not by a long shot. This is predictably overlooked by the typically anonymous Jewish writer of this article, as well as the Zionized US media which continues to make the false claim that Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”.

Anyway, you get the point. The Jewish author of the article clearly has his blinders on with regards to the inherent racism of Zionism and the Jewish state of Israel as well as the inherent racism of The Holocaust whose proponents obsessively seek to promote Jewish suffering above all others and use it as a propaganda tool to get Zionist Jews the carte blanche treatment, free of any criticism and free to do whatever it wants, including genociding and ethnically cleansing non-Jews from Palestine and stealing the resources, agricultural land, water and oil, from its neighboring countries. All of this immoral behavior is being financed with American taxpayers’ dollars. I don’t recall anyone asking for my permission to spend my tax dollars in such an immoral, wasteful way.

The anonymous Zionist author of the article also points to other genocides that Jews like to point to, but fails to include the current slow genocide that Jews have been perpetrating against non-Jews in Palestine since 1948, as the Jewish state continues its relentless, deceptive campaign to wipe Palestine off the map.

At the end of the anonymous Jewish Zionist writer’s article entitled “Holocaust Denial and 9/11”, he asserts that “ The 9/11 truth movement should not be co-opted by those who want to pretend that one of the greatest crimes in history was oversold by Jews in order to justify a land grab in Palestine.”

First of all, we do not “pretend” anything. It’s about Truth. There have been many crimes in history and many crimes are still being committed against humanity, specifically the US war on Iraq and Israel’s on-going campaign of ethnic-cleansing against the non-Jewish Palestinian people. As anyone knows who talks to anyone at all or does any reading whatsoever, most Jews themselves will point to The Holocaust as the “reason” why the Jews should be allowed to steal and continue to steal the land from non-Jews in Palestine for the Jewish supremacist state of Israel.

Those of us in the 9-11 Truth Movement who truly seek the Truth and nothing but the Truth, will follow it wherever it goes, and will not be held back by certain gate-keepers who for their own reasons think there is a limit to where we can follow the Truth. It’s not about “blaming”the Jews”” for 9-11. It’s about finding seeking justice for the 9-11 crimes, whoever orchestrated it and whoever did it. Whoever put out the contract for death and war, and whoever actually did it. We Americans of good conscience will also seek a US foreign policy change, divorcing the US from racist, apartheid Israel, since Israel is indeed a “outside” foreign country which is based on the racist premise of a Jewish supremacist state.

In the final paragraph, the anonymous Zionist writer wrote: “It would not be surprising if many of the voices most loudly advocating Holocaust Denial were “false flag” operatives of the Israeli government – since the fact that some crazy people promote these lies make it more difficult to find political space to criticize Israeli human rights abuses (even though the two issues are quite separate).”

How hilarious. Really. It’s the typical Zionist smoke and mirrors game, the typical shell game. If anyone is paying attention you can see his real agenda all along—first of all he brands anyone who questions the Jewish version of the Holocaust as advocating “Holocaust Denial”, which really amounts to a smear word, and then referred to them as “crazy people” who promote “lies”. Then he fuzzily, unconvincingly, tries to say that there is no connection between Israeli human rights abuses and The Holocaust – he’s just fooling himself.

In essence, the Zionist Jewish writer of the article himself is obviously an operative of the Israeli government, by continuing to promote the Zionist dictum that one cannot question or further research the experience of Jews during WWII which Jews have proclaimed as “The Holocaust” as well as to try to shield the American public from the obvious Israeli connection to 9-11.

The Holocaust has been made into more of a religious dogma than historical fact, since there exists no original source materials to back up their claims which are all based on conflicting eye-witnesses. While Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin mother, was crucified and resurrected from the dead on the third day, and sits at the right hand of the Father, there are no laws nor heavy pressure that others believe such. However, as Rabbi Kirshenbaum of the Neturei Karta explained to me, it is the “Jewish tradition to believe in The Holocaust”, the entire kosher Jewish version of it, without question. That’s fine, but this is America, and we get to decide what we believe after doing our own research, without fear of being imprisoned for it.

We must be vigilant about protecting our freedoms here in the United States. There are forces here in our government, as you may well know, who are doing everything they can to take away those freedoms. And they have their minions trolling websites and all 9-11 and anti-war yahoogroups at work as well. This is well documented.

One 9-11 yahoo-group that I have participated in had someone by the name of “Sean McBride” who first warned those of us from even mentioning any support for Holocaust Revisionists’ work, claiming others would damage us somehow and we would damage the movement somehow, blah blah. When the moderator did not completely kow tow to McBride’s warnings which he had first couched as what he feared others might do, he himself started making outrageous threats and accusations and smears, thus revealing his true mission, which is not 9-11 Truth but maintaining the status quo with regards to shielding the Jewish state of Israel from any sharp criticism, and maintaining unconditional US support for the Jewish supremacist state of Israel.

The American public’s passive support for allowing our government’s unconditional support for the Jewish supremacist state of Israel would surely be jeopardized and undermined if further investigation of 9-11Truth in fact reveals undeniable proof that not only did Israeli operatives LET it happen, they MADE it happen. Only the guilty need be worried.

It is in the best interests of all people of conscience to demand only Truth wherever it leads us because the Truth will set us free. To some people, the Truth is inconvenient to their agenda. But isn’t that just too bad.

In closing, I believe that all Americans of all creeds, religions, ethnicities and races, should demand that the US government treat racist, apartheid Israel in the exact same manner that racist, apartheid South Africa was – with boycotts and sanctions until Israel indeed transforms into a true secular democracy with completely equal rights for all regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, creed or gender, and that the Palestinian refugees’ inalienable Right to Return to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel as complete equals be honored, and that Israel and the US must give Palestinians reparations as well.

This is in the best interest of the entire world.

Wendy Campbell is an American documentary film-maker and the editor of

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