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By Clinton Callahan

18 January, 2008

The World Health Organization (WHO) clearly defines characteristic actions of a psychopathic megalomaniac. In particular, such persons should not have access to weapons of mass (and in the case of DU dirty bombs, permanent) destruction.

There is an institution designed to protect the world from such creatures: the UN. When reasonable international laws are being flagrantly broken, the UN is empowered to take immediate action to protect humanity. That is what the UN is for.

Given that the US political military regime has used illegal DU (Depleted Uranium) weapons to make 8% of the world’s surface uninhabitable for all eternity in the most horribly unthinkable way – radioactivity – immediate sanctions against the US and war crime trials for its present regime are now in order. Especially since the same regime is busily arranging to continue its warmongering. The 14 states suing the US government over car emission limits should be suing the US government for war crime trials over using DU weapons in Lebanon, Serbia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and in testing and training grounds in USA and Australia, blowing tons of lethal radioactive dust into the atmosphere around the entire globe – in our names!

There is a petition to the UN: A Call for a War Crimes Tribunal at the United Nations, found at this link:

By the filename it looks like the petition went online in 2005. To date there are 135 signatures on that petition. Not 135 million, not 135 thousand. Just 135 people in the whole world are aware or brave (or stupid) enough to put their names on such a petition. How many possible signers have been too afraid to identify themselves as someone who encourages the UN to take actions against the US because they fear being the first ones rounded up and sent to the homeland security prison camps? Is that the America you want to live in?

It is the UN's job to manage any country that gets so out of control that it cannot manage itself. The US is not managing itself. Unconscionable actions by the US have already gone far beyond the domain of mere politics. Do you think that the millions of rounds of DU munitions stockpiled in US military bases in South Korea and Japan are intended to remain just sitting there? The potential contamination force of these illegal weapons represents the genocidal plans of a madman regime.

How much does it take to inspire the UN leadership to reclaim its integrity and disallow the subversion of US-paid indecision makers? How many hundreds of thousands of cancerated soldiers and civilians, and babies born with no brains and organs outside their bodies will finally cause the UN to step up to its rightful responsibility to protect the world's peoples from being victimized by power crazed psychopaths?

When the cat has no claws, the rats rule the world. How much more disgrace will the UN endure before it springs into appropriate action with righteously swift claws? Got any ideas?

Because there are hundreds of thousands of dedicated people around the world right now working through more than 40,000 international NGO’s and having tremendous success in helping others. Courageous groups are inventing and adopting a wide variety of sustainable cultures in experimental ecovillages, providing blueprints that we can follow for carbon free and therefore sustainable lifestyles. But none of these positive seeds of human hope can grow on land that is contaminated by Depleted Uranium weapons fired by twisted minds in a world already suffocating in the greenhouse gases of the future’s squandered oil reserves. Please protect us, UN. Please.

Clinton Callahan is affiliated with Author of the book Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, trainer, naturalist and activist currently living in Germany, he can be reached at:

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