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30 March, 2003

In Baghdad, Blood And Bandages For The Innocent
By Robert Fisk in the Baghdad suburb of Shu'ale

At least 62 civilians had died by yesterday afternoon by a missile attack in the Baghdad suburb of shu'ale. While the Americans and the British are trying to put the blame on Iraq, the coding on the piece of metal retrieved from the site contains the identity of the culprit.

A Looming Monetary Collision:
Oil, The Dollar and The Euro

By Arjun Makhijani

Currency turbulence and a de facto competition between the euro and the dollar compounded by war and oil supply uncertainties could produce military and financial chaos

Al-Jazeera Tells the Truth About War
By Faisal Bodi
My station is a threat to American media control - and they know it says Faisal Bodi, senior editor for

Iraq As Trial Run
By Noam Chomsky and V.K.Ramachandran

Interview with Noam Chomsky conducted on March 21 ."This should be seen as a trial run. They will then go on to the harder cases that will follow. The next case could be the Andean region, it could be Iran, it could be others. "

Starting A Ruckus Was The Right Thing To Do
By Michael Moore

Oscar winner Michale Moore recounts the reasons behind his antiwar acceptance speech

29 March, 2003

Bombing of phone system, another little degradation
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

As the relentless bombing campaign in Bagdad continues, the telecommunications system is shattered

Head-To-Head On World Economic Dominance
By Geoffrey Heard

Dollar Vs Euro.The war in Iraq is actually the US and Europe going head to head on economic leadership of the world.

Eliminating Truth: The Development Of
War Propaganda

By David Miller

The attack on Iraq looks set to be the most censored conflict of modern times. Media coverage in mainstream media will be controlled as never before.

28 March, 2003

Raw, Painful, Devastating War
By Robert Fisk

The unedited al-Jazeera videotape -- filmed over the past 36 hours and newly arrived here -- is raw, painful, devastating.It is also proof that Basra is indeed under the control of Saddam's forces.

War Over Profit- Britain and US at Odds
Over Port Rebuilding Project

By Donald Macintyre in Qatar

The first signs of tension between Britain and America over the rebuilding and running of post-war Iraq have emerged with the award of a $4.8m contract to manage the captured port of Umm Qasr to the US company Stevedoring Services

Al Jazeera's web site - DDoSed or unplugged?
By John Lettice

The launch of Arab satellite TV network Al Jazeera's new Web site on Monday drew immediate hack attacks, but this has been swiftly followed up by the disappearance of the site's DNS records

27 March, 2003

'It Was An Outrage, An Obscenity'
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

At Abu Taleb Street more than 20 Iraqi civilians, torn to pieces by two missiles from an American jet , before they could be 'liberated' by the nation that destroyed their lives.

Iraq Diaries: Following the Bombs
By Doug Johnson, Iraq Peace Team

These bombings ! It’s funny, but you actually get used to it. The only affect it has on the Iraqis is that it pisses them off and they can’t wait for the US soldiers to arrive on the ground so that they can put up the fight of their lives.

Jubilation Turns To Hate As Aid Arrives
Burhan Wazir in Zubayr, Iraq

The first attempt to deliver aid to the Iraqi people was, in all respects, a practical and logistical disaster.

McCarthy's ghost
By Gary Younge

Democracy is under threat in the United States; anyone who objects to the conflict in Iraq is not allowed to say so

26 March, 2003

Iraq Rebuilding Contracts Awarded
By Mark Gongloff

The first contracts for rebuilding post-war Iraq have been awarded, and vice-president Dick Cheney's old employer, Halliburton Co., is one of the early winners.

Six Days Of Shame
By John Pilger

Today is a day of shame for the British military as it declares the Iraqi city of Basra, with a stricken population of 600,000, a "military target".

Live From Iraq, an Un-Embedded Journalist
By Robert Fisk, Amy Goodman and Jeremy Scahill

Robert Fisk on Washington’s ‘Quagmire’ in Iraq, Civilian Deaths and the Fallacy of Bush’s ‘War of Liberation’

Iraq TV Raid May Break Geneva Convention
By Reuters

"We have every reason to believe this is an act of censorship against media that U.S. politicians and military strategists don't like"

A War Of Deception
By Angana Chatterji

This war is not about freedom. It is about a superpower asserting itself in a unilateral world.

25 March, 2003

Angry, Very Angry
By Kathy Kelly

From Baghdad, angry, very angry

One Rule For Them
By George Monbiot

Five POWs are Mistreated in Iraq and the US Cries Foul. What About Guantanamo Bay?

Why Are We Calling This A "War"?
By Samir Hussain

This is a clash between two psychopathic, violent, arrogant men who find themselves in very different circumstances with very different resources at their disposal.

Saddam Starts To Sound More Like His Hero, Uncle Joe
By Robert Fisk In Baghdad

President Saddam Hussain in his address on Iraqi TV sounded like his hero, Joseph Stalin.

24 March, 2003

Basra Facing Disaster After Supplies Cut
Edinburgh Evening Herald

Water and electricity have been cut off in the southern Iraqi city of Basra for more than two days, threatening a humanitarian disaster

Outrage in Baghdad
By April Hurley

I wish that George Bush was here with his answers to their outrage.

Baghdad Under The Shadow Of War
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

"If the people of Baghdad could pretend, a few days ago, that the war did not exist, yesterday they were living in its shadow."

'It's More Than Exciting, Christiane'
By Orna Coussin

Most TV correspondents reporting from Iraq are attached to combat units and adopt the military viewpoint, so who is giving us the other side of the war?

23 March, 2003

Ominous Signs For Coalition In Battle For Umm Qasr
By Victor Mallet

Battle for the port of Umm Qasr ,is proving a challenge for the US and British marines "At times it's been so frightening it just doesn't feel real," said Sergeant Dennis Flores

Allied Forces Jolted By Setbacks
By James Harding, Victor Mallet and Charles Clover

US and British forces in Iraq were jolted by series of setbacks on Sunday.

Birthday in Baghdad: "What a day to be thirteen"
By Ramzi Kysia, Iraq Peace Team

Amal Shamuri celebrates her 13 th birthday in Baghdad as cruise missiles flies around the birthday party

'We're in a Dark, Dark Tunnel'
By Anthony Shadid

A Baghdad Family Weathers Attacks, Prepares for U.S. Siege

TV Avoids Showing Deadly Side of War
By Antonia Zerbisias

This attack on Iraq is proving to be a journalistic minefield with the TV networks just capturing the light and sound show being enacted by the hundreds of bombs and missiles dropped on Baghdad

22 March, 2003

Minute After Minute the Missiles Came,
With Devastating Shrieks

By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

Robert Fisk on the devastating shrieks of shock and awe

War On Iraq: Deep Concerns
By Noam Chomsky

The world has good reason to watch what is happening in Washington with fear and trepidation. The people who are best placed to relieve those fears, are the citizens of the United States, who can shape the future.

Confronting Our Fears So We Can Confront The Empire
By Robert Jensen

This war on Iraq is the announcement of the arrival of another empire on earth. Only the collective will of the people of the world can confront this marauding empire.

'You Just Can't Imagine It'
By Rachel Corrie

I have been in Palestine for two weeks and one hour now, and I still have very few words to describe what I see. Excerpts of an e-mail message sent by Rachel Corrie, the American woman killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza, to her parents.

Why I Had to Leave the Cabinet
By Robin Cook

"I cannot defend a war with neither international agreement nor domestic support" - Robin Cook, former leader of the House of Commons who resigned in protest over the Blair government's support of a war on Iraq

Baghdad Sleepwalking Into History
By Robert Fisk

On the eve of the imminent war, life in Baghdad goes on as usual, like a sleep walk into history

The Emperor Has Spoken. Let The World Take Heed
By Rahul Mahajan
Bush's twin ultimata, to Iraq and to the United Nations, constituted the final and ultimate declaration of the new New World Order.

'Digging Won't Resolve Ayodhya Dispute'
Talking with Professor Irfan Habeeb

As a special team of the Archaeological Survey of India begins excavation at the disputed site in Ayodhya, Professor Irfan Habib, speaks about the futility of the exercise.

Old Europe, New Europe - The US illusions
By Tony Judt

As USA is counting on the support of 'New Europe' in its war on Iraq, Tony Judt argues that the 'New Europe' is not as new as US might think