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25 May, 2003

Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians

Two Palestinians, one of them a mentally handicapped man, were shot dead by Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip

The Apartheid Wall
By Ran HaCohen

Keeping silent on this gigantic project and its genocidal implications, meant to prevent any fair future settlement (not to mention the Road Map), is a moral crime

Deep-rooted Disease
By Anjali Modi

The giving and taking of dowry, dispite a decades-old law prohibiting it, is done openly

Gun Gangs Rule Streets As US Loses Control in Iraq
By Ed Vulliamy

As gun gangs rule the streets aid agencies' struggle to save Iraq from looters, disease and poverty

24 May, 2003

Bribes' and 'Threats' Behind U.N. Vote
By Thalif Deen

A coalition of over 150 peace groups and global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is lashing out at the U.N. Security Council for adopting a resolution that virtually legitimizes the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and endorses the foreign occupation

Caught In The Crossfire
By John Aglionby

A humanitarian crisis is exploding in the Indonesian province of Aceh, where 23,000 children have been displaced and nearly 300 schools destroyed because of renewed fighting in the province.

A License to Kill Civilians
By Shulamit Aloni

Despite international laws against the killing of civilians, the Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that the use of flechette shells is permissible within urban areas

The Argentine Autonomist Movement
And The Elections

By Graciela Monteagudo

The Argentine electoral process reveals a pathetic and fraudulent system. The newly elected president, Nestor Kirchner, won thanks to a mere 16% of the electorate

An Income Of One's Own
By Nicole Bokat

A hard truth to learn - feminist speak doesn't matter much when you're living hand-to-mouth

Earth's Vital Signs Show The Pain of Poverty
By J.R. Pegg

An examination of Earth's "vital signs" reveals alarming trends of poverty, disease and environmental decline that threaten global stability, according to the Worldwatch Institute's annual report on trends shaping the world's future.

Dalit Diaspora Joins The Fight
By Vivek Kumar

The Dalit diaspora has all of a sudden become visible. Yet another Dalit international conference was successfully concluded earlier this month in Vancouver, Canada, with the help of the Dalit diaspora in different parts of the world

23 May, 2003

IOF Kill Mother of Seven, And a Student

Israeli Occupation Forces shot dead a Palestinian high school student and a mother of seven children in the village of Qarawat Bani Zaid, north of Ramallah

Saving Private Lynch, Forgetting Rachel Corrie
By Naomi Klein

Jessica Lynch and Rachel Corrie could have passed for sisters. Two all-American blondes, two destinies forever changed in a Middle East war zone.But who is the hero?

Inverted Totalitarianism
By Sheldon Wolin

The current American system and its operatives share with Nazism the aspiration toward unlimited power and aggressive expansionism, their methods and actions seem upside down

A Zionist Recipe For India
By Praful Bidwai

India has invited Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon to visit the country in the second week of June.The BJP's fascination with Zionism is rooted in Islamophobia (and anti-Arabism), and hyper-nationalism

Dearailing The Naga Peace Process
By Bharat Bhushan

The Naga peace process is bound to succeed only if the territorial integration and preservation of Naga identity are addressed

Reincarnating Freud: Rules, Planets, and Hysteria
By Susana McCollom

The media and self-help industry produce and perpetuate negative female stereotypes. Self-empowerment, through means including education, sports, and community involvement, is less interesting to the profit-oriented media.

22 May, 2003

Indonesian Troops Massacre Civilians
By John Aglionby

Indonesian forces were massacre civilians during a raid against separatist guerillas in Aceh province

The Children's Teeth
By Uri Avnery

Let there be no illusions: Sharon's final goal is turning the whole country, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, into an exclusively Jewish state

Women And Political Power
By Gail Omvedt

It is time to give women the support they need for their ongoing aspirations to empowerment, not through a badly- thought-out Constitutional Amendment, but through direct legal pressure on political parties

21 May, 2003

The Big Brother Is Watching
By Duncan Campbell

Pentagon is developing cyber-surveillance systems which would give the government access to private emails and medical, education, travel and financial records

Oil Wars Pentagon's Policy Since 1999
By Ritt Goldstein

A top-level United States policy document has emerged that explicitly confirms the Defence Department's readiness to fight an oil war

Seeking UN Support For Controling Iraq's Oil
By David Usborne

America is pressing for a vote in the United Nations Security Council this week endorsing shared control of the country and its oil flows by the United States and Britain

On The Hunger Trail
By Jean Drèze

A journey through the drought hit Chambal area of Madhya Pradesh where death and hunger dance in chambers of horror

Politics And The Rule Of Law
By Ajay K. Mehra

The trishul, talwar and lathi have unfortunately emerged as bizarre symbols in Indian politics. Whom are these symbolic weapons, of cultural nationalism , being brandished against?

The Madrassas In India
By Mushirul Hasan

Though conservative in outlook, the madrassas in India stand opposite to fundamentalist Islam and contribute to a rather pluralist attitude among their students

Turning hostile: The story of Zahira
By Abhishek Kapoor

Is it so easy to forget what happened in Gujarat?

Empowering Women, The VHP Way
By Hubert Vaz

A visit to all-girls' summer camp at Juhu, Mumbai, conducted by Viswa Hindu Parishad

20 May, 2003

Doctors Needed
By Anna Badkhen

Along with all public services, Iraq's once-proud health system has collapsed in the aftermath of the U.S invasion

Complaint Against Praveen Togadia

Complaint against Praveen Togadia under Sections 153A, 153B, sections 295A and 298 and 505 of the Indian Penal Code filed by Teesta Setalvad Co-Editor of Communalism Combat

Why Did You Shoot My Brother?
By Sophie Hurndall

Speech made by Sophie Hurndall, sister of Tom Hurndall who was shot by IDF in Gaza and lying in a deep comma at Palestine Rally - Trafalgar Square on17th May 2003

Eye Witnesses

Two Israelis who witnessed Palestinians being shot by the IDF could not believe their eyes

19 May, 2003

Another Day, Another Outrage
By Phil Reeves and Leonard Doyle

The wave of suicide attacks in an arc that stretches from Morocco and Algeria through Israel ­ Is America winning the war on terror?

Iraq May Break With OPEC
By Peter S. Goodman

Philip J. Carroll,the U.S. executive selected by the Pentagon to advise Iraq's Ministry of Oil suggested\that the country might best be served by exporting as much oil as it can and disregarding quotas set by OPEC

Sharon Calls Off US Visit After Bomb Kills Seven
By Chris McGreal

Suicide bombers put a road block to road map

So What Was The War For?
By Robert Fisk

More than 50 dead in a week. Thanks for the Iraq war.

Sociology Of Communalism
By Asghar Ali Engineer

Communalism is product not of religious hostilities but of political and economic struggle for share in power and resources between the educated elite

18 May, 2003

Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy.
Buy One, Get One Free

By Arundhati Roy

Full text of the Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)-sponsored lecture delivered by Arundhati Roy at the Riverside Church in Harlem, New York, on May 13

Women And War: Acclimatised To Violence
By Revathy Gopal

Why women and children become a part of the `collateral damage' in war games?

Quest For Harmony
By Valson Thampu

Communal harmony is a logical impossibility.What we ought to seek is not "communal", but "spiritual harmony"

Probe or Persecution?
By Dionne Bunsha

Muslims in Ahmedabad bear the brunt of the investigation into the assassination of former Gujarat Home Minister Haren Pandya

Surviving The Streets
By Harsh Mander

For the homeless on the streets of Delhi who battle against poverty, police highhandedness and perverse intrusions, the kinships they forge among themselves and the helping hand some organisations extend offer solace

17 May, 2003

I Apologize For America
By Tikyra Angelique

An American peace activist apologizes to humanity for the crimes committed in her name

The Daughter I Can't Hear From
By Carrie Corrie

Mother of Rachel Corrie talks about the one call she didn't receive on the Mothers Day

The Greatest Threat To Peace
By Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian

An interview with Noam Chomsky

Kerala Government Must Crush Fundamentalist Forces
By Indiathinkersnet yahoogroups

People of Kerala must not allow their souls to be sold to the forces of communal fascism

Singing The Nation
By Nasreen Rehman

The Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi national anthems are very much in the tradition of their Western counterparts, glorifying a make-believe land where the landmass becomes an end in itself – a way of identifying the individual citizen, who is bound and defined by unreal geography and who sings the praise of an unreal nation

16 May, 2003

Five Palestinians Killed

Israeli Occupation Forces killed five Palestinians, including two boys, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Thursday

Baghdad Pays The Postwar Price:
242 Die In Three Weeks

By Phil Reeves

Statistics unpublished until today reveal the stark facts: 242 people have died in Baghdad in just over three weeks, almost all from bullet wounds

Strange Weather Lately
By Kurt Vonnegut

Adapted from a Clemens Lecture presented in April for the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut by the renowned author Kurt Vonnegurt

Trishuls, Lathis And Books
By Kancha Ilaiah

How liberating is a spiritual and social tradition that hands down weapons but not books to its adherents?

Women's Worst Enemy
By Kumkum Chadha

Do women cooperate with men in perpetuating gender disparities?

Sermon Of Hate

An English translation of the VHP international general secretary, Dr. Praveen Togadia’s entire speech at a meeting of the Rashtriya Vichar Manch on March 16, 2003 in Mumbai