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I Am That Dolphin Dying In The Gulf Of Mexico

By Mary Hamer

23 June, 2010

INTRODUCTION: I am that dolphin dying in the Gulf of Mexico -- Due to the man-made environmental disaster caused by an Oil spill & toxic dispersants.

MY DOLPHIN POD & OUR PAIN & SUFFERING due to the OIL & DISPERSANTS: The Gulf of Mexico oil spill & the toxic dispersants are giving my dolphin pod, my family & me headaches. Now when we breathe air into our blow holes in the top of our heads we often breathe in oil (1) – which causes our lungs to burn & we cough. (2) & The dispersants make our eyes & our skin burn & blister. Our baby dolphins are all dying now & we cry. I used to jump through the air with joy when I saw the sun rise. Now I am too tired. These waters are oxygen depleted. (3) We are also hungry as we search for food in large dead zones in the Gulf. Many of the fish are gone now & those that are left taste like petroleum & dispersant soaps. We are in great pain. We are suffering.


As a wildlife specialist said: “You see this bird totally covered in oil & all you can see are those (sad) eyes looking at you blinking”. (4)

PRE-OIL SPILL DAYS: Before the oil spill & dispersants, life was good here in the Gulf of Mexico. I would jump thru the air with the wind & then fall back into the clear blue & clean water. I used to play with the other dolphins. & The fish were delicious. Every now & then a pelican would compete with us for the fish, but the fish were plentiful. My dolphin pod, my family & I were in heaven here in these beautiful waters in the pre-oil spill days. It was a good life.


Although things are bad here in the Gulf of Mexico now – Things may even get worse. I fear for all life here in these waters. An author states: “A gas bubble approx. 15-20 miles across 10+ feet high near (BP’s) well head … ha(s) formed (&) it may cause a massive explosion (in the Gulf of Mexico) within weeks or months.” … Causing a possible “Volcanic eruption & a huge tsunami”. (5), (6) Oil wells are also known to increase the risk for earthquake activity. (7) So this tragic event in the Gulf may get much worse for me & the other dolphins & wildlife here in these waters.


Thank you Pierce Brosnan, the National Resources Defense Council & the International Fund for Animal Welfare for speaking out on behalf of marine animals & against other environmentally dangerous technology such as Military sonar – which causes brain hemorrhages & deaths in whales & dolphins. (8)

CRIMES AGAINST THE EARTH & ECOCIDE: You humans with your big Egos say that you are the Superior species & that God have given you the right to dominate & conquer the Earth. & Yet you have caused this tragic man-made environmental disaster here in the Gulf of Mexico. You destroy animals, plants & ecosystems. Homo Sapiens, You are an imperfect species: You fail to be proactive & to prevent catastrophes such as this oil spill. (9) You humans walked by the pond & you saw your Homo Sapien reflection in it & you fell in love with yourself. (10) You think only of your own selfish needs & you deny & ignore the importance of the Earth & it’s animals & other life forms. You humans leave a path of misery behind you. You willfully commit Crimes against the Earth. You willfully commit Ecocide against the Earth. Humans lack respect for the Earth. Homo Sapiens are disconnected with Nature. You humans live in your sterile heated & cooled homes while you drink your filtered water & you eat your clean foods – While you pollute the air, land & the waters of the Earth for the wildlife. You dominate & multiply, you consume, you conquer; You deplete, you lessen, you diminish, you weaken & you destroy the Earth.

REQUIEM FOR THE GULF OF MEXICO: Clint Mansell has written a powerful Requiem for the Gulf of Mexico, including images of the oil spill. (11) This requiem speaks for those of us with No voice – for those of us who are victims of human aggression -- for those of us who are dying due to human recklessness, human greed for profits & human lust for oil.

GOOD-BYE to the EARTH: I am that dolphin dying in the Gulf of Mexico. I say good-bye now to the Earth. I am dizzy, I am nauseous, I have chest pains & I am weak. (12) My liver & kidneys are failing. (13), (14), (15) My red blood cells are exploding. (16), (17) I am almost blind from the toxic chemicals. I am gasping for air. Yes, I am dying. Then I breathe my last breath here at sunset. Good-bye sweet Earth & to my family & my dolphin pod. Then I am silent as I float here in the oil stained waves & dispersant fumes of the Gulf of Mexico. The tide slowly washes me onto the shore. On this sandy shore of Louisiana, I lie here all alone, belly up with my mouth open as flies buzz around my body -- Here on the beach as the yellow sun slowly sets. In the early morning hours a corporate oil rep. sees me, looks both ways & he throws my body into a black garbage bag; Then he throws the bag into a hot, dirty, smelly dumpster -- to hide evidence. (18) & I am gone forever.

*Yes, I am that dolphin dying in the Gulf of Mexico.

Thank you. Respectfully, Mary Hamer, M.D.


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