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4 Killed By Airstrikes
While Burying Relatives
In Gaza Cemetery

By Ma'an News Agency

Israeli forces killed four Palestinians in Gaza City on Thursday after targeting a cemetery in the Sheikh al-Radwan district. The victims were burying relatives who had been killed overnight by Israeli airstrikes. The latest airstrikes bring the total death toll since midnight to 24 Palestinians

What Would Happen If Palestine Joined The International Criminal Court?
By Dr. Michael Kearney

What would happen if Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas signs up to join the International Criminal Court (ICC)? The question has acquired a certain urgency amid the Israeli attack on Gaza and reports that the Palestinian political parties, including Hamas, are now committed to joining it

Gaza Changed Everything: Things Cannot Stay The Same After Israeli Genocide In Gaza
By Ramzy Baroud

Time for clever words and no action are long gone, and those who remain “soft” on Israel, for whatever reason, have no place in what is becoming a global movement with uncompromising demands: end the occupation, punish its sustainers, halt ethnic cleaning and genocide, end the siege, and bring Israeli and other culprits to the international criminal court for their massive war crimes and crimes against humanity

How Liberal Zionists Enable Israel’s Genocidal Ambitions
By Rania Khalek

By conflating Israelis and Palestinians as equally culpable in the conquest of Palestine and whitewashing the original sin of Israel’s creation, liberal and progressive Zionists like Wildman, Paiss, Goldman and Duss are enabling these genocidal impulses. They might condemn the occupation and even criticize Israel’s military aggression, but their refusal to back any meaningful efforts to pressure Israel, combined with their unwavering support for a Jewish state in a land inhabited by millions of non-Jews, is an endorsement of the violence required to maintain it, which makes them no better than the right-wingers and fascists they claim to deplore

Crossing Swords In Ferguson, Gaza, Egypt..., And The World-Unifying Principle of Respect
By Gary Corseri

Dear Mother Earth, I am writing you directly because I believe only the Great Soul of our Home can understand where we are now—lost among the stars

Ferguson: No Justice In The American Police State
By Paul Craig Roberts

There are reports that American police kill 500 or more Americans every year. Few of these murdered Americans posed a threat to police. Police murder Americans for totally implausible reasons. For example, a few days before Michael Brown was gunned down in Ferguson. Five hundred is more than one killing by police per day. Yet the reports of the shootings seldom get beyond the local news. Why then has the Ferguson, Missouri, police killing of Michael Brown gone international?

War Journalist's First Arrest Happens In Ferguson Speech Crackdown
By Robert Barsocchini

Veteran international war journalist Ansgar Graw has reported in Georgia, the Gaza Strip, the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, China, and Cuba, but has never once been arrested. Now, under the boot of the man who Pulitzer winning journalist James Risen calls “the greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation” – Barack “We Tortured Some Folks” Obama - Graw has been arrested for doing journalism

Riots In America Show Inner Contradictions Of US Society: Deprived People Must Forge Unity
By Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava

The deprived people are everywhere in the world. They may be in the form blacks, poor ones, aboriginal ones and so many of different types of but they share one common thing that is inequality which majority and powerful groups have placed upon them

Conversation With Irom Sharmila: Lessons From The Iron Lady
By Ravi Nitesh

By a decision of Imphal court 19 August 2014 Irom Sharmila was released from prison. The court released Irom Sharmila as ‘prosecution could not establish her intention to commit suicide by fasting un to death.' A case was lodged against Irom Sharmila under section 309 of IPC (Indian Penal Code) where ‘attempt to suicide' was registered because Sharmila started fast in the year 2000 with her demand to repeal AFSPA

Release Political Prisoners - Within The Ambit Of Insaniyat
By Abdul Majid Zargar

The recent announcement by Indian Home Minster, Rajnath Singh, in his own temple of democracy, the Indian Parliament that Kashmir problem will be solved within the ambit of Insaniyat is welcome. Metaphorically Insaniyat embraces truth, justice & fair-play. That earlier, Atal Behari Vajpayee, former Prime Minster of India had also made a similar promise, but not kept, is besides the point

20 August, 2014

20 Killed In Gaza As Israel Resumes Bombardment
By Ma'an News Agency

Renewed Israeli attacks on Gaza have killed 20 Palestinians since a temporary ceasefire collapsed on Tuesday. An Israeli army statement said that 117 rockets had been fired at Israel from Gaza since the truce collapsed

How Many Bombs Has Israel Dropped On Gaza?
By Ali Abunimah

A few days before he was killed trying to disarm an unexploded Israeli missile, Hazem Abu Murad, the head of Gaza’s bomb squad, estimated that Israel had dropped between eighteen to twenty thousand tons of explosives on Gaza since 7 July. If Abu Murad’s estimate is right, then the explosive power Israel has fired on Gaza by land, sea and air so far is roughly equivalent to one of the atomic bombs the United States dropped on Japan in August 1945

Another Police Killing In St. Louis, Missouri As Assault On Protestors Continues
By Niles Williamson

St. Louis, Missouri police officers shot and killed a 23-year-old man Tuesday afternoon. The killing occurred only four miles east of Ferguson, where the police murder of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown has sparked popular protests and an orchestrated state crackdown that has placed parts of the city under effective martial law

This Is A Teachable Moment For The Nation That Presents
An Opportunity To Transform Policing So It Serves The People

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

The killing of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, MO police officer, who was identified Friday as Darren Wilson, and the aftermath in which nonviolent protesters and reporters were met with a violent and militarized police force have exposed something that has been building for years. Many have written about the militarization of the police and the disproportionate impact they have on people of color, but now more Americans are seeing this reality and cannot escape it

Ukraine Crisis Continues
By Paul Craig Roberts

Having served Washington’s propaganda purposes, the downed Malaysian airliner and the alleged Russian armored column that entered Ukraine and was allegedly destroyed have dropped out of the news even though both stories remain completely and totally unresolved

International Day For The Total Elimination Of Nuclear Weapons
By John Scales Avery

Just as the generals and politicians who started World War I seem not to have comprehended what a war with machine guns and long-range artillery would be like, so our leaders today seem not to have an imaginative idea of what a thermonuclear war would be like. Promising to defend their populations, they do no such thing, but instead they put us at risk of total annihilation. Today, it is up to each individual to work with courage and dedication to put an end to nuclear insanity

The Real “Dirty Wars” In The Horn Of Africa
By Thomas C. Mountain

The real dirty wars in Africa remain unknown to the worlds peoples, thanks in part to a smokescreen, how ever blissfully ignorant or well intended, about drones and high tech murders that diverted attention from the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Africans, whose “expiration by starvation” was sanctioned by the highest levels of the Obama White House

The Human Rights Issue And The Sanctions On Iran
By Akbar E. Torbat

The US nuclear negotiations with Iran that had began secretly months before it became public, led to a temporary agreement on November 24, 2013. The agreement was expected to be finalized by July 20, 2014. However, because the West's demands were beyond Iran's obligations to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, the negotiations were left in limbo. As a result, the deadline for the final agreement was pushed back to November. 24, 2014. If Iran yields to all US demands to finalize the agreement, most of its $40 billion investments in nuclear facilities will be worthless. Moreover, not all sanctions on Iran may be lifted

The U.S. Congress: A Metonym For AIPAC
By William Hanna

A comprehensive history of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

Israel: The "Only Democracy In The Middle East" or Just A "Rogue State"?
By Dr. Ludwig Watzal

For the credibility of all the democracies, Israel becomes an unsustainable problem. Political consequences are overdue

Politics And The Indian Military
By Major General (Retd) S.G.Vombatkere

India and Pakistan achieved independence from the British in August 1947. The Indian military has been constitutional and steadfastly apolitical over the years. This is a source of some wonderment especially because the Pakistani military has been in formal control for more than half of Pakistan's existence. What is the secret of Indian military's apolitical character? Major General (Retd) S.G.Vombatkere has some answers

The Fear That Does Not Speak Its Name
By Firdaus Ahmed

NN Vohra, the current governor of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir said in a recent speech, "another phenomenon, relatively more recent, relates to the emergence of certain radical counter-groups which have been organised with the primary objective of countering the Jihadi terror networks. It needs being noted that the activities of such counter groups have the potential of spreading disharmony and divisiveness which could generate wide spread communal violence and result in irreparably damaging the secular fabric of our democracy". Which groups is he referring to?

Money Is “Mightier” Than Man
By Farooque Chowdhury

A Dhaka hospital has reached an understanding with the family of a dead man: all dues, more than a million Taka (the Bangladesh currency), will be paid to the hospital within months in return for the dead body of the man – a father, a husband

‘Muslims Have Become New Subalterns'
Interview with JNU Prof. Ajay Gudavarthy by Mishab Irikkur and Abhay Kumar 

As the fire of communal violence is fast engulfing many parts of the country and the ruling BJP, as alleged by the opposition parties, remains involved in polarising society for electoral gains, Mishab Irikkur and Abhay Kumar spent Sunday's morning with Ajay Gudavarthy conversing with him about the current volatile situation. In a free-wheeling discussion, Gudavarthy contended that the saffronization of subalterns, Dalits and Other Backward Castes (OBCs), is one of the main causes of the spurt of anti-Muslim violence

19 August, 2014

National Guard, Police Tighten Grip On Ferguson, Missouri
By Eric London & Patrick Martin

Police launched several rounds of tear gas and what appeared to be crowd-control percussion devices late Monday night to clear the streets of the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri after a tense half-hour confrontation between several hundred protesters and a wall of law enforcement officers 60 wide and five deep

Ten Facts About Police Violence In Ferguson Sunday Night
By Bill Quigley

While the Governor of Missouri is sending in the National Guard to Ferguson, it is worth considering where the real violence is coming from

Rebellion In Ferguson: A Rising Heat In The Suburbs
By Chris Hedges

Being the object of unwarranted deadly force by police officers is part of what it means to be black and poor in America. But, as Hamm said, no matter how much blacks raise their voices against indiscriminate police violence “the killings keep coming.”

'Borderfree': Creating Freedom And Beauty In A World At War
By Kathy Kelly

The Borderfree Center is named for Prof. Noam Chomsky’s call, in a 2013 American University of Beirut commencement speech, for participation in “a worldwide struggle to preserve the global commons” so as to secure “decent human survival in a world that has no borders.” The symbol of their participation is the blue scarf they distribute to friends and supporters, symbolizing the blue expanse of sky upon which national boundary lines will never be drawn

16 August, 2014

Kiev’s Blocking of Russian Aid Convoy To East Ukraine Escalates Risk Of War
By Niles Williamson

International tensions continued to mount throughout the day yesterday, as Ukrainian officials began inspecting a convoy of humanitarian aid that Russia hopes to send to the besieged city of Luhansk, which is held by pro-Russian separatists hostile to the pro-US regime in Kiev. The convoy of 280 trucks, which left for Ukraine on Tuesday, has been stalled at the Ukrainian border just outside the city of Izvaryne, as fighting intensifies across east Ukraine

"Are There Warplanes Overhead, Dad?"
By Rami Almeghari

For more than a month now, Muhammad and hundreds of thousands of other children here have been locked in their homes, watching scenes of Palestinian men, women and children torn to pieces on their TV screens — that is if they were lucky enough to be spared witnessing such scenes with their own eyes, or like 448 other children, end up dead

Khuzaa: Attack And Aftermath


Hillary-The-Hawk Flies Again
By Ralph Nader

Last week, Hillary-The-Hawk emerged, once again, with comments to The Atlantic attacking Obama for being weak and not having an organized foreign policy. She was calling Obama weak despite his heavy hand in droning, bombing and intervening during his Presidency. While Obama is often wrong, he is hardly a pacifist commander. It’s a small wonder that since 2008, Hillary-The-Hawk has been generally described as, in the words of the New York Times journalist Mark Landler, “more hawkish than Mr. Obama.”

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Pandora’s Box of Corporate Power
By Mickey Z.

Adam Weissman has been playing the role of Cassandra in the struggle to inform others about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Weissman organizes against TPP and other free trade agreements with TradeJustice New York Metro, a coalition of groups from diverse social movements resisting the NAFTA neoliberal free trade model. He also works with Global Justice for Animals and the Environment, an organization addressing the threat posed by free trade agreements to animals; the environment; safe and sustainable food; and the human rights of environmentalists. Put simply, Adam has become my go-to person when it comes to TPP and related issues so I figured it was long overdue we did an interview. It went a little something like this

West's Fragile Middle East Scramble
By Bilal Shaheen

The lust for ideological hegemony rendered impossible a stable Middle East that could have preserved the precious unity of the great region. The west and its sympathizers in the region bear a heavy responsibility for Middle East instability

Listen To The Sigh From Kandhamal
By Abdul Nasar Maudany

Sitting here in Bangalore, I can hear the sigh of my Adivasi Christian and Dalit Christian brothers from Kandhamal appealing for justice for the victims and survivors. On August 25, 2014, this sigh will be heard more widely all over the country with many groups giving a call for the observation of Kandhamal Day. I appeal to all my supporters, friends and brothers listen to the sigh from Kandhamal and observe the Kandhamal Day on August 25th. Together, let us pray to build a nation without communal hatred, a nation based on justice, peace and harmony

Asia : Say It Loud And Clear
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa 

The following article appeared as the editorial of the latest issue of ‘Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives', a bi-monthly magazine published by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), based in Hong Kong and the Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY) based in Denmark

15 August, 2014

Five Hospital Ships Needed To Save Gaza's Children
By Franklin Lamb

The horrors we have just witnessed, especially with respect to traumas inflicted on children, is producing, as should be the case, a major and rapidly growing international focus on salvaging young lives. Descriptions and evaluations of the consequences of Gaza wars are being published and urgently discussed. Some analysts and government officials, including Pentagon planners, are calling for a ‘Medical Marshall Plan,' to save Gaza's children. One proposed first step is the dispatching of a humanitarian support group of hospital ships that would sail to Gaza without further delay

'Military Occupation Lifted' As Ferguson Withdraws Of Militarized Police Force
By Andrea Germanos

"It feels like there's been a military occupation lifted off of the area," Patricia Bynes, Democratic Committeewoman of Ferguson Township, told Democracy Now! Friday. Such was the change in atmosphere in Ferguson, Missouri, where daily protests since the police shooting on Saturday of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown had been met with tear gas, rubber bullets and tanks, bringing widespread criticism to the nation's increasingly militarized police departments and evoking images of civil rights battles of the past

Israeli War Crimes In Gaza
By Jim Miles

A highly militarized Israeli society guarding Palestinians in bantustan like areas could survive for quite some time. Hope carries forward that somehow the Israelis will create their own fully dysfunctional state that will be forced to change its actions (BDS, pariah status…..) and seek a non-violent solution by accommodating all peoples within its boundaries

Energy And The Economy - Twelve Basic Principles
By Gail Tverberg

There is a standard view of energy and the economy that can briefly be summarized as follows: Economic growth can continue forever; we will learn to use less energy supplies; energy prices will rise; and the world will adapt. My view of how energy and the economy fit together is very different. It is based on the principle of reaching limits in a finite world. Let me explain the issues as I see them

Transformative Common Sense In Vermont
By Eric Zencey

Chances are that when you hear the phrase “Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy,” you don’t immediately think of dramatic change in the established political-economic order of things. But despite the dry name, the document recently released by Vermont’s Department of Commerce and Community Development portends a quiet, far-reaching revolution in governance in the Green Mountain State–and perhaps on a larger stage

By Gary Corseri

A poem

Why I Quit The Democratic Party Today
By Eric Zuesse

I left the Democratic Party today, because I cannot support the first American President who ever installed anywhere in the world a nazi regime -- it has never happened before, not even under a Republican President; and, until Obama, I had always assumed that if it ever would happen, it could come only under a Republican President, never under any Democratic one. But I was wrong -- mortifyingly wrong -- because Barack Obama did this in Ukraine

Freedom And Liberty: - Are We True To Its Creed?
By George Abraham

Dwight Eisenhower, the former President of the United Sates once said ‘only our individual faith in freedom can keep us free’. The question to ponder on this August 15, as we celebrate the Independence of India from British colonialism is whether we are losing faith in that hard fought victory of freedom with the blood, toil and sweat of our founding fathers

Lying Cannot Eliminate Poverty, Mr. President
By Samar

India’s battle against poverty has reached the phase of ‘elimination’ from ‘alleviation’ said President Pranab Mukherjee in his address to the nation. That was last evening, the eve of 68th Independence Day of the republic. It was encouraging to see him explain that the difference was not merely about ‘semantics’. “Alleviation is a process; elimination is a time-defined objective”, he elaborated. How will his government go about that remains though, a mystery even if one does not doubt the intent. Did he not confess that there is no humiliation bigger than hunger a year ago, in his acceptance speech?

The Merchants Of Hatred
By Abdul Majid Zargar

A specific reference to an article on Kounsar-Nag Yatra written by Rahul Pandita in “The Hindu” on August 8th 2014 is in order. According to him refusing permission to 40 odd Pandits for visiting Kounsar Nag is loaded with ulterior motives. What he hides from the general public is that in the first instance, permission was sought for 4000 persons to visit the place from Kashmir Side. The figures from Jammu Side was deliberately kept a guarded secret

Interfaith Living For Interfaith Harmony
By Roshan Shah

While I don’t discount the importance of ‘academic’ work on interfaith dialogue, nor the value of advocating it from the pulpits of churches, mosques, synagogues and temples, I’ve realized that no amount of preaching dialogue or theologizing about it can take the place of plain and simple cross-religious friendships

Piketty For Progressives - Part 2
By Thomas Riggins

“Introduction” to Capital in the Twenty-First Century— Part 2

14 August, 2014

Water Disaster Hits Every Single Person In Gaza
By Ali Abunimah

Right now, none of the 1.8 million Palestinians living in the occupied and besieged Gaza Strip has access to a safe and secure supply of water. The water situation was already severe before Israel’s bombardment began on 7 July. But now water experts are calling it a disaster. Ninety percent of wells, wastewater treatment plants and desalination plants cannot operate due to power cuts and lack of fuel

Head of Gaza Bomb Squad Killed As 1,000 Tons Of Israeli Munitions Remain
By Nora Barrows-Friedman

Six people were killed and six others seriously injured on Wednesday when an unexploded 500-kilogram Israeli missile blew up in Beit Lahiya, in northern Gaza, as weapons disposal experts were attempting to make it safe. Bilal Muhammad al-Sultan, Rahed Taysir Ali al-Hom, Hazem Ahmad Abu Murad and Saeed Talal Salman were killed in the explosion

Gaza Professor Haidar Eid Describes "Most Devastating Destruction Since 1948"
By Nora Barrows-Friedman

Palestinian resistance factions and civil society in Gaza demand that Israel abide by international law and lift the seven-year-long siege and blockade, enforced by Egypt, as part of the terms for a lasting ceasefire. Gaza-based professor, scholar and boycott activist Haidar Eid says that even if Israel and Egypt lift the siege and allow unrestricted reconstruction materials into Gaza via its seven crossing points, it could take up to ten years to restore Gaza to the state it was in even before the attacks began last month

“ICC Can And Should Investigate Israeli Officials For Possible War Crimes in Gaza”
By Brian J. Trautman

Israel is already attempting to recruit supporters to stave off an ICC investigation of its leaders. Last week, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, turned to allies in US Congress for a pledge of support. Regardless of the efforts of Israel or its closest ally, the United States, to prevent the ICC from seeking justice for the Palestinians and international aid workers killed and wounded in Gaza, the Court has a duty to at least open an investigation. The credibility of the ICC hangs in the balance. No individual who violates international law should escape justice. If Israeli officials are not investigated for possible war crimes in Gaza, then the tragic lessons learned from the last century about failures in international criminal justice and the consequences of inaction will have been in vain

Small Genocides
By Justin Podur

Hitler saw the expansion of the United States and the destruction of the indigenous populations of the Americas as a model. If the U.S. could do it to the indigenous, Hitler reasoned, why could Germany not do it to the people of Eastern Europe?

Violence And Western Civilization
By Ron Forthofer

Israel's slaughter of over 1900 Palestinians in Gaza, by far and away most of whom were civilians, got me thinking about Western civilization

Postcard From The End Of America : Wisconsin
By Linh Dinh

Before we start, I must admit that I didn't set foot in Wisconsin this time, but only saw it from the train as I crossed it going West, then East. This, then, is really a train Postcard, but the long distance train is a community in itself

Has Israel Turned Into An Apartheid Regime?
By Kourosh Ziabari

Apartheid is recognized as an international crime, and there's The 1973 International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid which clearly sets out the conditions under which the actions and policies of a government can be identified as resembling the crime of apartheid. Israel is now committing this crime overtly, ostensibly and unequivocally, any conscious man attests to it. Is there anyone who dares to hold Israel accountable and punish it?

Some Thoughts On Resilience And Transition 
By Saral Sarkar

Movements like the Transition Town Movement (TTM) ought to pursue a greater goal, which, apart from being good in itself, is necessary to attract people and encourage them to join it. We need not set an ideal society as our goal . An ideal will perhaps always remain an ideal. But an acceptably good and peaceful world society is possible and can therefore be our goal

Science, Religion And War
By John Scales Avery

The recent murderous, and religiously motivated,.attacks by ISIS on the Yazidi community in Iraq make it appropriate to ask whether religion most frequently acts as a force for peace in the world, or whether it is more often the source of conflicts

How The Excessive Militarization of The Police Is Turning Cops Into Counterinsurgents
By Matthew Harwood

Welcome to a new era of American policing, where cops increasingly see themselves as soldiers occupying enemy territory, often with the help of Uncle Sam’s armory, and where even nonviolent crimes are met with overwhelming force and brutality

Pakistan : Anatomy of Turbulent 68th Independence Day
By Mahboob A. Khawaja

Pakistan 's Freedom Movement was carried out by the people under the visionary leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah- Quaid-e-Azam. The 14 August, should have been a day to rejoice and value the imperatives of the 68 th Independence Day across Pakistan . Not so, the same masses are barbed wired, dehumanized and deprived of the rightful opportunity to celebrate their freedom with human dignity, honor and peaceful activism. Panicky and buried under pillage of corruption allegations, PM Nawaz Sharif never knew the essence of national freedom to acquire the reality.

Reflections From The Margins On Independence Day
By John Dayal

Nehru may be a reviled figure now in certain political circles, but we risk the future of coming generations if we revile and reject this dream of a modern, plural India, which has its doors, and windows open for fresh wings to blow in from all directions, and which would hold its head high in the comity of nations. This vision needs to be reiterated from the ramparts of the Red Fort every Independence Day

13 August, 2014

Kiev Pledges To Block Russian Aid Convoy To Eastern Ukraine
By Christoph Dreier

The Ukrainian army and its allied fascist paramilitary units are creating a humanitarian disaster in eastern Ukraine and the government in Kiev is blocking relief supplies to the population. The United States and NATO are using the conflict over Russia’s plans to send an aid convoy to the besieged cities of Donetsk and Luhansk to mount new provocations against Moscow

In Emergency
By Kathy Kelly

A hospital known as "Emergency" provides free medical treatment in the war-torn country of Afghanistan

We're Human Fodder Caught In The Crossfire Of Armed Groups
And Armed Governments, “No to wars!”

By Dr Hakim

Gul Jumma, together with the Afghan Peace Volunteers, expressed their opposition to wars in this video. Gul Jumma holds up the sign for ‘ Ukraine ', indicating ‘No to wars in Ukraine '. She understands what it is like to be caught in the crossfire, as happened to her father when he was killed in battle

Is Modi A Control-Freak PM?
By Shehzad Poonawalla

Recently many pictures have surfaced on social media sites that show Narendra Modi, seated on an elevated pedestal, much like a spiritual master or deity, whilst groups of MPs and Ministers, some of them quite senior, not just in age but also stature, address him by standing up in their places. The most striking pictures were those of former Chief Minister of Karnataka and current railway minister Sadanand Gowda and that of current Health Minister Dr.Harshwardhan from Delhi, whose body language betrayed the sense of them being a bunch of coy school-boys, reprimanded by their strict teacher for not knowing the correct answer!

Top 9 Reasons To Stop Bombing Iraq
By David Swanson

1. It's not a rescue mission. The U.S. personnel could be evacuated without the 500-pound bombs. The persecuted minorities could be supplied, moved, or their enemy dissuaded, or all three, without the 500-pound bombs or the hundreds of "advisors" (trained and armed to kill, and never instructed in how to give advice -- Have you ever tried taking urgent advice from 430 people?)

An Open Letter to a Zionist Apologist at the BBC
By Kieran Kelly

After 10 years as a business reporter, Anthony Reuben is now the BBC News inaugural “Head of Statistics”. True to the spirit of 1984 he seems to take his role as being to remind people of such numerical truths as “2 + 2 = 5 fanatical Islamist terrorist Hamas militants”. In a report on what the statistics tell us about the recent fatalities in Gaza, he highlights the fact that a disproportionate number of young men are being killed. Another BBC report on Gaza casualties is quite shocking, but its impact is diminished by a link to Reuben's article with the words “If the Israeli attacks have been 'indiscriminate', as the UN Human Rights Council says, it is hard to work out why they have killed so many more civilian men than women”

On Gaza And Global Rage
By Haidar Eid

Governments across the world must be forced to act in accordance with the will of their people and hold Israel accountable for war crimes, and impose sanctions and an arms embargo. People of conscience globally have spoken and their voices have reached us here in Gaza. We know that their voices have been heard in the capitals of the world and that their voices signal an end to Israeli apartheid. The clock is ticking. Hence the importance of the Gaza Day of Rage!

Dhirendra Panda Calls For Protest Actions On 25th August, 2014 As Kandhamal Day
By Kandhamal Human Rights Watch

In this video clip, Dhirendra Panda appeals to the citizens to shun hate campaign against minorities especially Christians in Odisha so that a just society could be established as there is fear and insecurity engulfing the ethnic religious minority communities. He calls for protest actions on 25th August, 2014 as Kandhamal Day

Khurshid Anwar's Suicide: Some Unanswered Questions
By Shruti Chaturvedi & Utpala Shukla

An open letter to Kavita Krishnan

12 August, 2014

Global warming: : Rapid Rise In Arctic Temperatures
Linked To Changes In Extreme Weather

By Steve Connor

Scientists have linked the rapid rise in Arctic temperatures over the past two decades to weather extremes in the northern hemisphere such as heatwaves in the US and flooding in Europe. Temperatures in the Arctic have risen twice as fast as the rest of the world since 2000, and this could have triggered changes to global wind patterns, which have brought extreme weather to lower latitudes, the researchers said. A study has found that the number of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, floods and droughts, has almost doubled over the same period and that this increase can be linked with unusual wind patterns in the upper atmosphere, influenced by warmer Arctic temperatures

Cold War Two
By William Blum

During Cold War One those of us in the American radical left were often placed in the position where we had to defend the Soviet Union because the US government was using that country as a battering ram against us. Now we sometimes have to defend Russia because it may be the last best hope of stopping TETATW (The Empire That Ate The World). Yes, during Cold War One we knew enough about Stalin, the show trials, and the gulags. But we also knew about US foreign policy

Iraq Unrest Not Shia-Sunni
By Anthony Mathew Jacob

These terrorists are neither Shias nor Sunni rebels (as the western media refers to them). They are ruthless killers trained, funded and supported by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and their western masters

Campaign of State-Backed Political Persecution Against MK Haneen Zoabi
Press Release

MK Haneen Zoabi was called for a police investigation in Lod today over allegations from the police that she incited against, and insulted, a public official – a policeman – outside Nazareth’s district court on 6 July. The investigation has been authorised by the Israeli attorney general. The incitement investigation, one of a series being considered against MK Zoabi, follows her suspension on 29 July from the Knesset for a six-month period by the Knesset ethics committee. This suspension is the longest in the Knesset’s history and the maximum the committee can impose under Israeli law

Hashtag Genocide: Why Gaza Fought Back
By Ramzy Baroud

Gaza managed to keep Israel at bay in a battle of historic proportions. Once its children are buried, it will once again rebuild its defenses for the next battle. For Palestinians in Gaza, this is not about mere resistance strategies, but their very survival

Blown Chances In Gaza
By Sandy Tolan

Alongside the toll of death and broken lives, perhaps the saddest reality of the latest Gaza war, like the Gaza wars before it, is how easy it would have been to avoid. For the last eight years, Israel and the U.S. had repeated opportunities to opt for a diplomatic solution in Gaza. Each time, they have chosen war, with devastating consequences for the families of Gaza

An Open Letter To My Palestinian Friends
By Robert J. Burrowes

As my heart bleeds for those of you suffering in Gaza and elsewhere in Palestine, I want to add my voice to those who are encouraging you to consider revising your strategy of resistance to Israeli occupation

Protect Culture, Faith, Livelihood And Natural Resources Of
Indigenous People: Observe Kandhamal Day on August 25, 2014

By V. S Roy David

National Adivasi Alliance call upon all the concerned human beings, secular groups, human rights organisations and like minded members of the political parties to respond to the call for action by the National Solidarity Forum for expressing your public concern on the Kandhamal Day on August 25, 2014

Implement United Nations Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples
By Indigenous Peoples Forum

Declaration of the Indigenous Peoples Forum, Odisha; on the occasion of International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples, 9th August 2014, After the two decades of UN declaration

Selective Justice
By Abdul Majid Zargar

Maya Kodnani, convicted for killing ninety five Muslims, in 2002 Naroda Patiya & Naroda Gaam case, has been released on bail by Gujrat High Court. In so-called Secular India, The delivery of Justice has been most communal & selective against minorities particularly Muslims


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