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Talk Of A Third Intifada: Where To From Here, Palestine?
By Ramzy Baroud

Considering the numerous variables at play, only the Palestinian people can tell us when they are ready for an intifada - because, essentially it belongs to them, and them alone

Anti-Palestinian Violence Surges After Jerusalem Synagogue Attack
By Patrick Strickland

Israeli occupation forces have launched a widespread crackdown on Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem following an attack on a synagogue in the western area of the city early Tuesday morning

‘Sant Rampal’: Farmer’s Son Challenges Hegemony of Arya Samaj, A RSS Ally In Haryana
By Jaspal Singh Sidhu

The Barwala event signals much more than what one gathers from the media. Rampal’s abortive defiance appears to be (consciously or unconsciously) challenging the hegemony of the Sangh Privar ideology based on Aryans and non- Aryans divide which uses the Vedic literature as manifestation of the Aryan race. The media story, invariably, only covers the present happenings. The Barwala development has at least a century and half (150 years-old) old history behind it

Russia Invades Ukraine. Again. And Again. And Yet Again … Using Saddam’s WMD
By William Blum

Why am I so cynical? Because the Ukrainian and US governments have been feeding us these scare stories for eight months now, without clear visual or other evidence, often without even common sense

US Prepares To Sell Saudi Arabia Warships To Help Take Down Iran
By Bruce K. Gagnon

You'd think that official circles in Washington would be up-in-arms about selling high-tech weapons of war to the brutal monarchy of Saudi Arabia. But this likely $20 billion weapons sale indicates just how corrupt and immoral the US 'experiment' in democracy has become. The #1 industrial export product of the US today is weapons. The US wants to take down Iran and has made a pact with the Saudi's to do just that

UN Resolution On Iran Mockery Of Justice
By Ismail Salami

The not-very-independent UN body has made a mockery of justice by soldering a resolution on the so-called human rights violations in Iran. The farce becomes more markedly absurd when you consider the plethora of human rights abuses going unpunished in the world with the UN laying a lid of ignorance on these blatant violations

The Comprehensive Economic And Trade Agreement (CETA) And The Transatlantic
Trade And Investment Partnership (TTIP): Don't Let Them Get Away With It 

By Colin Todhunter

As part of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), there are plans to enshrine massive powers for corporations that will allow them to challenge regulations both at home and abroad if they affect profits. EU member states could find domestic laws quite useless as they become challenged in secretive, offshore tribunals where national laws have no weight and politicians no powers to intervene

Uncomplicated, In Afghanistan 
By Kathy Kelly

UNAMA, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, found that in the first six months of 2014, combat among the warring parties surpassed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as the leading cause of conflict-related death and injury to Afghan civilians. This "disturbing upward spiral" has meant the number of children and other vulnerable Afghans killed and wounded since the beginning of the year rose dramatically and "is proving to be devastating."

The Outpost That Doesn't Exist In The Country You Can't Locate
By Nick Turse

A Base Camp, an Authoritarian Regime, and the Future of U.S. Blowback in Africa

Its Not What You Know But Who You Know –
Should The Elite Use Their Networks To Secure Employment?

By Joyeeta Dey 

Currently there is a growing problem of educated unemployment. For many this education is hard won and they are not willing to settle for jobs lower than a certain status. It usually happens that in most unequal societies high status jobs are partially blocked by the social elite. Wherever the role of networking for employment's role in furthering socio-economic inequality has been researched, the relationship has been seen to be positive. In this invisible job market vacancies are not advertised so they travel internally within certain social groups and access to these social groups has been seen to be directly linked to family income

19 November , 2014

Israel’s Netanyahu Threatens Clampdown
After Synagogue Killing

By Jean Shaoul

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to respond with a “heavy hand” to the killing of four rabbis and the wounding of eight others in a Tuesday morning attack on a synagogue. The attack by two men, armed with a gun, axes and knives, took place in an ultra-orthodox neighbourhood of West Jerusalem. Israeli police shot and killed the attackers at the scene

Is Another War Coming To The Occupied West Bank?
ByJuan Cole

The killings at the Jerusalem synagogue yesterday and the spate of Israeli killings of Palestinians in the West Bank are all small harbingers of this coming civil war

Why are Israeli And "Russian" Occupiers So Close Buddies?
By Ludwig Watzal

Is there a Russian Israeli friendship looming on the horizon that could replace the "ironclad" one with the United States of America? The Zionist Israeli diplomacy is considered one of the best and most skillful in the world. It's based solely on the national interest of the State of Israel and is contrary to the morally based insincere rhetoric of the US, not to speak of the hypocritical talk of its European "friends", including Germany

Harper, Abbott, And Cameron At The Brisbane G-20
By John Chuckman

The great irony of the G-20 summit in Brisbane is that its only substantial agreement concerned doing everything possible to promote growth in a world whose economy is dangerously stagnating, yet it wasted time and energy on America’s fantasy stories about Russia and Ukraine, insulted Russia’s President, and threatened in some cases further growth-suppressing sanctions. Nothing could be more contradictory and unproductive or, frankly, just plain stupid

Dramatic Correlation Shown Between GMOs And 22 Diseases
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

As use Of GMO’s crops Glyphosate rise so do critical diseases

Sri Lanka: Karu Jayasuriya Is Not The Panacea
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

The most difficult task for this country is to survive the politics when there is an election that is nothing but a farce. The opposition alliance which is seeking for the common candidate has to face the real challenges when it come out from the fantasy. There is no point of having the common candidate without a common dream and common sense. All who are fighting against the unjust must realise, there is no hope of changing the society, when the degree of hypocrisy of those who are forerunners of the drama is expanding

Rethinking Success
By Roshan

We might not like to be reminded, but it’s true, isn’t it, that when we leave this world, as we all must one day, we’ll depart as empty-handed as we were when arrived here. At that momentous point in our lives, what will count and will make all the difference for our eternity is not the jobs we held and the wealth, degrees, fame and glamour that we earned, but, rather, the quality of our beings: the sort of persons we were. And at that moment we might discover—but it might then be too late—the hollowness of many of our conventional notions of ‘success’

Model of Development Promisses To The Tribal of Jharkhand
By Sanjeev Kumar

There is no doubt that Modi’s wave and thus his model of development and politics, is still attracting for the Indian voters, which reflected in recent assembly election completed in Haryana and Maharashtra. Our main-stream media never questioned the loopholes within the Modi Model of Development and now it’s something which is unimaginable. Our parallel media or intelligentsia or other form of civil society had never fought against the recent rise in fascist and communal politics in the country, the way we should have done

18 November , 2014

Missouri Governor Declares State Of Emergency,
Mobilizes National Guard Ahead Of Protests

By Andre Damon

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency Monday and mobilized the National Guard, claiming that this was necessary to “keep members of the public safe and protect property” in anticipation of a grand jury decision on whether to bring charges against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August

Ten Illegal Police Actions To Watch For In Ferguson
By Bill Quigley

When the Michael Brown verdict is announced, people can expect the police to take at least ten different illegal actions to prevent people from exercising their constitutional rights. The Ferguson police have been on TV more than others so people can see how awful they have been acting. But their illegal police tactics are unfortunately quite commonly used by other law enforcement in big protests across the US

Obama, Not The Giant Telecoms, Is Right On Net Neutrality
By Ralph Nader

In the aftermath of his party's defeat in the midterm elections, President Obama surprised many when he reaffirmed his overwhelming support for net neutrality, proposing that the Internet should be treated as a public utility

Net Neutrality Shows People Power Can Make The Politically Impossible,
The Politically Inevitable

By Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese

It is proof that even in a government corrupted by money, united and mobilized people who act strategically with creative tactics can win. Stay tuned and get ready to become engaged if things begin to turn the wrong way. Winning the battle for the future of the Internet is one that will impact each of us, and we all must take responsibility for it

The Siege of Julian Assange Is A Farce - A Special Investigation
By John Pilger

The siege of Knightsbridge is a farce. The persecution of Julian Assange must end. Even the British government clearly believes it must end. On 28 October, the deputy foreign minister, Hugo Swire, told Parliament he would "actively welcome" the Swedish prosecutor in London and "we would do absolutely everything to facilitate that". The tone was impatient

Fossil-Fueled Republicanism : The Grand Oil Party Takes Washington by Storm
By Michael T. Klare

Pop the champagne corks in Washington! It’s party time for Big Energy. In the wake of the midterm elections, Republican energy hawks are ascendant, having taken the Senate and House by storm. They are preparing to put pressure on a president already presiding over a largely drill-baby-drill administration to take the last constraints off the development of North American fossil fuel reserves

A Communalised or A Privatised Planet
By Lionel Anet

To survive we must gradually but quickly change from a growth economy of capitalism to an economy that can manage shrinkage until we reach a sustainable life. This can only be achieved by progressing from the unfairness of a competitive economy to the fairness of a cooperative one. The side effect would be a better physical and mental health

Relentless US Journalist Who Has Seen And Felt
The Boot of Israeli Fascism Is Returning To Palestine For More

By Robert Barsocchini

Journalist Zebula “Sha” Hebert has been “shot at, stabbed, pepper sprayed, maced, tear-gassed, tased, arrested, detained, beaten, and interrogated” while conducting his work. He knows what repression feels like, which is why he is undertaking a highly ambitious project: in the wake of the recent US-backed Israeli assault, Hebert will return to Palestine and spend a year in Gaza. He will conduct interviews with Gazans, publish reports, and ultimately write a book about his findings and experiences, all to help amplify the voices of a trapped refugee population being brutalized by the world's most powerful aggressors

Fixing Responsibility For The Dying Women In India's Sterilization Camps
By Kandathil Sebastian

Death of women in the sterilization camps in India is not new phenomenon. As per the official data, between 2003 and 2012, there are at least 12 post sterilization deaths on average, per month. Unofficial estimates of such deaths put the mortality figure even higher. We routinely see umpteen debates and ‘blame games’ after such sterilization induced deaths. In the recent incident in Chattisgarh state where 14 women died has also resulted in such serial blame games

Battle For The Sundarban
By Anu Muhammad

The survival and growth of Sundarban cannot be compromised for profit-mad business mafia. Battle for Sundarban continues, has to be strengthened. Sundarban must win in the battle, because there are many alternatives for power generation; but we have only one Sundarban that cannot be rebuilt or replaced with any other; there is, therefore, no alternative to Sundarban

Kashmir: Subjugation And Then Legitimization
By Umar Lateef Misgar

This cycle has been continuing untamed since Indian state buried its teeth in Kashmir and is bound to continue unless the so called 'elected representatives' or in other words collaborators dissolve into thin air. To use this instrument of retrospective consent and devoid Kashmiris of their political rights is akin to colonialism or, in words of Dibyesh Anand, is sort of an informal post-colonial imperialism

17 November , 2014

Putin Leaves G20 Early After Harsh Reception
By Nadia Prupis

Russian president Vladimir Putin left the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Brisbane, Australia early, flying back to Moscow on Sunday after world leaders accused him of bullying and warned him to drop his support of separatists in Ukraine

Why Is Europe Staying With The Leading Fascist Power, That’s Now Turned Nazi?
By Eric Zuesse

The United States is a gung-ho supporter of a genocide that it created. Why does Europe tolerate this, and even participate in it? But, they do

Quantitative Analysis Exposes Pro-One Percenter Obama's Pre-G20 Deceit
Over Democracy, Climate Change Action & Green Climate Fund

By Dr Gideon Polya

Just before the 2014 G20 meeting in Brisbane , Queensland , Australia , President Obama made a speech at the University of Queensland in which he claimed US support for democracy, US climate action and US donation to a Green Climate Fund for Developing nations. Unfortunately, quantitative analysis reveals massive deception in all these matters by the endlessly mendacious, pro-One Percenter Obama

Economists Are More Human Than They Think, Unfortunately
By Hendrik Van den Berg

The type of economic growth we have experienced over the past 200 years cannot continue because it cannot be further supported by our natural environment. The evidence clearly shows that atmospheric temperatures are rising, nature is failing to sustain many of the services that are critical to human life, and the widespread exploitation of nature is sharply reducing the biodiversity that safeguards our existence. There is no longer any doubt that ‘growth' (by which we mean the massive use of carbon energy, the increase of material output per person, and the rapid growth of the overall human population) is the cause of this environmental degradation. And yet, economists across the political spectrum call for ‘restoring growth' as quickly as possible

New Species Loss Appear On The Latest IUCN 2014 Redlist
By Marianne de Nazareth

As populations grow exponentially across the globe, the global appetite for our planets resources continuously push new species to the brink says the new IUCN Red List. Pacific Bluefin Tuna, Chinese Pufferfish, American Eel, Chinese Cobra and an Australian butterfly are the species which the IUCN have specifically pointed out and which are threatened with extinction

Redefining “Imminent,” How The U.S. Department of Justice Makes Murder Respectable,
Kills The Innocent And Jails Their Defenders

By Brian Terrell

The breadth of the government’s definition of “imminent” is murderous in its enormity. It is all the more ironic that the same Department of Justice will also regularly define the word so narrowly as to convict and imprison law abiding and responsible citizens who act to defend the innocent from genuinely imminent harm by the actions of the U.S. government. On example especially relevant to the issue of killing by drone is the case of the “Creech 14.”

Inequality: Capitalism’s Inefficiency With Food
By Farooque Chowdhury

Robbing better food is enough to deprive a people of its life and intellect. The arrangement of inequality that capitalism imposes deprives the majority, the members of “low-status households”. They are not allowed, the arrangement is so made, to afford better food

Two Detroits, Separate And Unequal : A Journey Across a City Divided
By Laura Gottesdiener

The future of the rest of the sprawling city -- once the symbol of American industrialization and working-class power -- remains at best insecure, physically and financially. In the 1940s, President Franklin Roosevelt declared Detroit, then the nation’s fourth largest city, the “great arsenal of democracy” for churning out bombers for the Allied powers, as in peacetime it rolled out cars for the consumer economy. Then the auto giants began closing their urban factories and reopening their plants in white suburbs. In the same era, the industry, national unions, and the FBI all cracked down on the labor organizations founded by radical black workers

The Internationalisation Of Bangladeshi Military Intervention In 2007
By M Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury

It has been empirically seen that Army Chief Moeen U. Ahmed used governmental efforts to become the President of Bangladesh. He and his accomplices worked hard to receive support of foreign powers in this regard

Cecily McMillan On Prisons, Profit, Protest, And Privilege
By Mickey Z.

Cecily is a graduate student at the New School for Social Research, a union organizer and a former Occupy Wall Street activist. On March 17, 2012, the six-month anniversary of the OWS encampment, McMillan was arrested, sexually assaulted, and beaten by members of the NYPD. Nonetheless, in Spring 2014, McMillan was unjustly convicted of felony assault of a police officer and faced seven years in prison. Following an international leniency campaign, McMillan was sentenced to 90 days at the Rikers Island Correctional Facility. In July 2014, she was released on good behavior after serving 58 days

Ten Cases Under AFSPA You Should Know About
By Ravi Nitesh

Here are few infamous cases, listed about which we all should know, in view of our sensitization towards human rights and how there are difficulties in ascertaining the punishment to security personals who are surviving with impunity. It is also evident that these atrocities are still continued. Though here are the selected cases only, there are hundreds and thousands of cases like these where human rights violations reported in areas where AFSPA is imposed (North East region and J&K)

Kashmir: The Visoka’s Curse!
By M.Ashraf

After the devastation and displacement caused by the recent flood, one would have expected people to remain under shock for a long time. However, the rallies for the forthcoming elections give an impression that nothing has changed and the people are behaving as they used to do. There has been no chastisement as one would have expected from such a natural disaster attributed by many to be the “Divine Retribution” for our misdeeds! People are on the path to usher in the same lot of so called leaders who turned Kashmir into a virtual den of corruption, dishonesty and immorality

My Memories With AK-47
By Sajad Rasool

A barrage of thoughts unsettles my mind as I see men in uniforms roaming around with their infamous AK-47 rifles

Long Road To Justice: Human Rights of Female Migrant Workers
By Shobha Shukla

Erwiana was one of the women who shared their lived experiences of the struggle against oppressive structures as a migrant worker, providing a picture of the impact of the existing gender inequalities on women's lives, at the 1st plenary of the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development

15 November , 2014

IEA Says Oil Supplies May Not Keep Up With Demand
By Nick Cunningham

Despite what appears to be a saturated oil market in 2014, oil producers around the world will struggle to meet rising demand over the next few decades. In its latest annual World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned that the current period of oil abundance may be fleeting, and in fact, without heroic levels of production increases, oil markets will grow dangerously tight in the coming years

Use And Abuse Of The “Natural Capital” Concept
By Herman Daly

A monetary reform to 100% reserve requirements on demand deposits would be a good policy for many reasons, to which we can add, as a necessary supplement to a carbon tax. It would not be necessary as a supplement to cap-auction-trade, but should be adopted for independent reasons. A good symbol should not be allowed to do things that the reality it symbolizes cannot do. One hundred percent reserves would require the symbol of money to behave more like real wealth, at least in some important ways

Time To Learn The Lessons Of Failed U.S. Wars
By Gerry Condon

Like millions of veterans of too many U.S. wars, we believe it is high time for our government to learn the lessons of history. Rather than repeatedly resorting to military intervention on behalf of so-called “U.S. interests” (typically the interests of the richest 1%, purchased with the blood of the poorest 1%), we believe that showing respect for the independence of other nations is the way to a better future for all peoples, at home and abroad

The World Gets The Wars Americans Deserve
By David Swanson

But the primary thing the U.S. government does is wage wars, and it wages them against other people who had no say in the matter. Of course I don't want wars waged against Americans either, but the general impression one gets from traveling around and speaking and answering questions at public events in the United States is not so much that people are indifferent to the destruction of the globe as long as they don't miss their favorite television show, as that people are unclear on what destruction means and can't identify a globe when it's placed in a lineup with six watermelons

Modern And Ancient Parallels Of Arabian Aristocracy
By G. Asgar Mitha

Is it that now the few powerful royal Saudi families discern the headwinds due to their totalitarian governance, terrorism and religious Wahhabi extremism and fear the same social changes that swept ancient Arabia would strip them of their wealth and power? Islam supports social democracy and not monarchy. The Saudis fear that the headwinds will originate from Iran and they may well be correct in that assessment. History doubtlessly has an uncanny way of going around and neither has Islam condoned monarchy in the past or the present

War And Peace: Western Leaders Terrorizing The Mankind
By Mahboob A. Khawaja

Iraq and Syrian conflicts needs people of new vision and proactive ideas to cope with multiple scopes of the political and humanitarian crises and to seek workable solutions away from the entrenched political box of the few warmongers

Why They Would Bear The Burden Of ‘National Development’?
By Deba Ranjan

Few days back I went to Siju Mali and was at the top of the hill. It belongs to Kashipur area of Odisha just behind the Niyamgiri hill. For last few months this Siju Mali and its adjacent Kutru Mali have been in news because the Vedanta International Limited (VIL) has kept its eyes on it. After the election between April and September, 2014 Anil Agrawal, director of VIL has met Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, twice and every time he is coming with fully glowing remarks that the later assured him for transferring the bauxite hills to the Company. It is quite possible also. Election experts have highlighted corporate funding behind Biju Janata Dal’s election campaign and the State Election Commission is unmoved on such complaints

A Story Of Life And Death: Population Control Policies And Women’s Right To Survival
By Shalu Nigam

This story is inspired by the recent incident of death of women in Chhattisgarh as well as authors interaction with women from different walks of life and her experience of working with women as an activist, a researcher, a womanist and a social worker over a long period

Women In Politics Should Help Women In Adversity
By Shobha Shukla

Women might be breaking the glass ceiling and walking on sticky floors, but still they are underrepresented in decision making bodies. More of them are need to be there to ensure that there is a renewal of political will for a time bound accelerated action on BPFA

Ginger Cultivation In Mysore District Destroying The Environment
By Vivek Cariappa

I sincerely urge the Government of Karnataka, specially the administration of Mysore district to regulate Ginger cultivation carefully to ensure minimum damage to our general environment and specifically our soil, water and health – human and animal (domesticated and wild life). To not take pre-emptive action would not be just negligent but a willful destruction of our natural resources, biodiversity and the future lives of our population

Sri Lanka: Quo vadis?
By Nilantha Ilangamuwa

To say that the President of Sri Lanka is greedy is no lie. Having scammed billions of rupees out of various deals with arms sellers, investors and government funds there is no doubt that he and his brothers have earned the nicknames. Now he wants to continue his reign unchallenged. He will never give up his desire for a third term in order to control over 20 million people to fulfill his personal desires. He is spending near to a billion rupees of public funds for his pre-election campaign and millions more to buy people who, otherwise, might have had a real, authentic reason to oppose him

14 November , 2014

US/India WTO Agreement: How Corporate Greed
Trumps Needs of World's Poor And Hungry

By Andrea Germanos

The United States cheered on Thursday an agreement it reached with India as progress for the World Trade Organization (WTO). Critics, however, say deal is likely a win for corporations and economic loss for developing countries

A New Push For Peace In Syria?
By Shamus Cooke

The giant void in the market for peace has opened up opportunities for Russia and Egypt, who reportedly are attempting to insert themselves as leaders in Middle East diplomacy, in part to expand their influence, in part to protect themselves from the conflagration of Islamic extremism the conflict is producing

What We Truly Learned From The Great War And The Absurdity Of Remembrance Day
By John Chuckman

Humans are little more than chimpanzees with larger brains, those larger brains enabling us to magnify immensely the power of our murderous instincts, a fact we seem determined proudly to display every Remembrance Day

The Lessons Of Libya
By Dan Glazebrook

The Libya war opened the eyes of many – or should have. But the overriding lesson – if it needed reiterating - should be the realisation that the US, the UK, France and their allies will stop at nothing, including even the imposition of total societal collapse, in order to attempt to reverse their declining global economic position through military destruction. This is the reality behind all talk of protecting civilians, humanitarianism, and democracy promotion, and all Western military intervention should be seen in this light

Media Blackout As U.S. Sponsors Genocide In Southeastern Ukraine
By Eric Zuesse

There is also plenty of bombing, and firing missiles at, the cities and villages there, to destroy people and buildings , so that many of the surviving residents will flee over the border into neighboring Russia, from whence they'll never again be allowed to vote in a Ukrainian election — thereby further reducing the number of those voters in Ukrainian national elections. Such bombing and shelling seem to be the Government's main methods of eliminating residents in the southeast . Also, white phosphorous and other illegal weapons of terror are used, in order to especially induce the residents to evacuate into Russia

Porno And Bloodbaths: The CIA In Indonesia
By Mickey Z.

Time magazine celebrated Suharto’s rise to power with a cover story calling it a “boiling bloodbath that almost unnoticed took 400,000 lives,” and characterized the new regime as “scrupulously constitutional,” lauding the “quietly determined” Suharto with his “almost innocent face.” Never forget, comrades… this is what we’re up against

Psycho Killer
By Tim Gatto

I have pulled the plug on the mainstream media. I'm sick of their propaganda and fear mongering. The talking heads on the networks are completely out of their minds. The drivel that they get from politicians that they pass off as interviews make me want to vomit. They listen to lies and spin and never confront these full-blown psychopaths. If that passes for "news" I have had enough

The Assault On Forward Press: Intimidating Dissent
By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The assault on Forward Press in Delhi for allegedly ‘hurting’ the sentiments of Hindus is an act of cowardice and intimidation by the Delhi police

Nehru's Perfidy In Kashmir
By Abdul Majid Zargar

According to rightwing Hindutva discourse, Nehru mismanaged & botched up Kashmir issue in 1947. In their view, his deputy Sardar Patel was more suited for the job but was not allowed by Nehru to have his way. What they probably mean is that Patel could have engineered covert murderous operations in valley like the ones practiced earlier in Jammu & later in Hyderabad to simply annex Kashmir without involving UN? What they forget or don’t know is that Patel was initially opposed to accession of Kashmir to India and being a Muslim Majority State, he wanted that it should go to Pakistan (Kuldeep Nayyar- Beyond the lines-Page 60). But looking to Nehru’s sensibilities on the issue, he had to go along with him

Advancing Dalit Women's Rights Through CEDAW's Provisions
By Cynthia Stephen

The Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women and its use in advocating the human rights of Dalit Women

A Sikh Millenial’s Take On Remembering The Forgotten
By Keerit Kaur Kohli

This thirtieth year after 1984, I came across Sikh Millennials spending much energy to collect stories from 1984, the year India’s 2% Sikh minority faced widespread attacks and tens of thousands of deaths. I joined these Sikhs from across California, and now across North America and beyond, in a project that honors the dead while focusing on the living: the 1984 Living History Project

13 November , 2014

German Army Prepares For Civil War
By Denis Krassnin

The second “International Urban Operations Conference” took place in central Berlin between 20 and 22 October. Four hundred delegates from 40 countries, many with dubious democratic traditions, met for three days to discuss the suppression of uprisings and other forms of civil unrest in urban areas

Angela Merkel's Wall of Hypocrisy
By Vacy Vlazna

On the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech of sublime hypocrisy when juxtaposed beside the illegal Apartheid/Annexation Wall and beside the blockade ‘wall' constricting Gaza constructed by Israel, which she once vowed, "Germany will never abandon Israel but will remain a true friend and partner.” 

In Memory of US Soldier Tomas Young
By Ludwig Watzal

On the eve of Veterans Day 2014, Tomas Young died as a result of his injuries he had suffered in Iraq after his fifth day of assignment. He did not join the army to attack Iraq or "liberate" the Iraqi people. On March 18, 2013 , he wrote a letter to former US President George W. Bush and his Vice president Dick Cheney and accused them of "egregious war crimes". In his memory Young's deeply moving message is reprinted

Tomas Young, Rest In Peace
By Amy Goodman

The public may know more about Tomas Young than about most veterans, thanks to the remarkable documentary “Body of War,” directed and produced by legendary talk-show host Phil Donahue and filmmaker Ellen Spiro. His journey, his struggle and now his death follow an arc along the tragic U.S. wars and occupations in this post-9/11 world

How A Holiday In Honor Of Peace Became A Celebration Of War
By Jay Janson

That a US President shall give a speech praising all Veterans on Veterans Day must be part of the job description.  Unless of course a US President was allowed to be wise and ask Americans to remember that the originally the holiday was called Armistice Day, a holiday in honor of peace, namely, the day on which the Armistice that ended the murderous insanity that was World War I was signed. A return to the original sense of the holiday - that would be a nice turn-around

The Bases of War in The Middle East : A Permanent Infrastructure For Permanent War
By David Vine

With the launch of a new U.S.-led war in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State (IS), the United States has engaged in aggressive military action in at least 13 countries in the Greater Middle East since 1980. In that time, every American president has invaded, occupied, bombed, or gone to war in at least one country in the region. The total number of invasions, occupations, bombing operations, drone assassination campaigns, and cruise missile attacks easily runs into the dozens

Watching The Watchdogs: 10 Years of The IEA World Energy Outlook
By David MacLeod

The IEA World Energy Outlook has gradually moved from rosy to pessimistic reports over the last ten years, or what Stuart Staniford called “increasingly reality-based.” Over the last decade, the report’s projected oil demand has gradually decreased by 20 million barrels per day (mb/d), and the projected costs have continued to rise. Yet even their most pessimistic reports, I believe, fail to capture true reality. It seems that politics plays a strong role in what is allowed to be published

The Age of TV Jokers: Arab Media on The Brink
By Ramzy Baroud

Their demagogic discourse presented through daily campaigns of misinformation and vilification of those perceived to be enemies of the state is dangerous, especially when there is little room to counter these claims through critical thinking and sensible discussions. But what is interesting is that neither Okasha, nor Adeeb - and many others like them – were never meant to be entertainers per se, however entertaining they inadvertently may be

Sterilising Women To Death
By Samar

A doctor conducted sterilization surgeries on 83 women in 5 hours in an abandoned hospital with no infrastructure. The women were made to lay on floor for the surgery and there are allegations that the medicines came from a small, one room factory that is owned by close affiliates of the party that is ruling the province. Of these women, 11 are dead and 60 others are being treated in different hospitals. One more woman died today in Gaurela in a similar surgery with three survivors being treated

Redeeming Menstruation From Mythologies And Market
By Kandathil Sebastian

This essay traces the past and present mythologies about menstruation to examine how those mysterious narratives have been used for defining women’s identity and controlling their mobility. We will also analyze how the market driven modern society has created new myths around menstruation mainly to profit from the menstrual hygiene management and menstruation suppression markets

When T-Shirts Become Seditious
By Peoples Union for Democratic Rights

On November 8, 2014, ten school going boys in the Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh, were charged for sedition, for wearing T-shirts of the Pakistani cricket team during a Muharram procession. Though no arrests have been made, an FIR against these boys aged 10-12 has been registered, at the behest of Bhartiya Janta Party MP

12 November , 2014

Global Warming To Worsen Global 'Dead Zones
By Andrea Germanos

Global warming will expand the world's "dead zones," a new study has found. The study, published Monday in the journal Global Change Biology, looked at over 400 of these aquatic dead zones, which refer to areas where the levels of oxygen have dropped and cannot support life. They often form as a result of agricultural runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus. The nutrient excess sparks algal blooms, whose decomposition depletes oxygen. The researchers with the Smithsonian found that this oxygen depletion will worsen because of a number of warming-related factors, bringing economic consequences as well as risks to human health and ecosystems

International Consensus-Based IPCC Summary For Policymakers (2014)
Downplays Acute Seriousness Of Climate Crisis

By Dr Gideon Polya

The international consensus basis of the latest IPCC Summary for Policymakers (2014) has resulted in a report that softens the present acute seriousness of unaddressed man-made climate change. Thus the IPCC Summary argues for a limitation of temperature rise to 2 o C through limiting greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution of the atmosphere to 450 ppm CO2 -equivalent but hard evidence says that we have already reached 478 ppm CO2 -equivalent, that 2 o C is dangerous and essentially inevitable, and that the world will use up its Carbon Budget for avoiding 2 o C within about 4 years

Bombs Away, Weaponized Drones Flying High
By Judith Bello

Up until about a year ago, the anti-war movement was on fire over US Drone attacks, making and distributing films, following families of those killed and engaging in passionate discussions of international law and hounding the President and Congress. Sure, there are new wars to consider, but the old wars continue along with the old violations. Weaponized drones enacting 'targeted killing' remain in the vanguard. It is time for a resurgence in the anti-drone movement, and more consideration of the atrocities that result from so called 'targeted assassination' by the United Nations and International Human Rights NGOs, not to mention the mainstream press coverage

License To Kiss? The Politics of "Kiss of Love"
By K.P. Sasi

The ultimate fight is between love and war in India today. Right to Love is a Fundamental Right. Lovers in this country are left with no option but to unite! They have nothing to lose, but the chains of moral policemen controlled by the fascists! The ultimate fight against fascistic hatred will be with the politics of love! Hence the slogan for the youth must be `Make Love, Not (sanghpari)War’! Remember the old lines of the Hindi song: `Jab pyaar kiya to darna kya?’ What is there to fear when you love?

Why I Support The Kiss of Love’ Movement in India
By Merlin Flower

I’ve seen all my life: a. Men masturbating in the streets b. How men in India use the whole of India as a toilet, yet I have hardly witnessed couples, married or not, kiss in my country. There is something wrong in a culture that permits the anomaly. Equally, disastrous would it be to let the anomalies fester. Hail, kiss of love

The Psychology of Victimhood: Obama, Cameron, Netanyahu, Clinton, Kissinger
By Robert J. Burrowes

All perpetrators of violence are victims of violence who lack the courage to heal

Will The Blackmail of British Jewish Funders Backfire?
By Alan Hart

Question: What’s the difference between the Zionist lobby in America and the Zionist lobby in Britain?
Answer: In America it gives money to politicians to make them. In Britain it denies them money to break them

Endangering US Citizens, Gen. Dempsey Approves High Civilian Death Rate Military Tactics
By Robert Barsocchini

It is remarkable (and unfortunately typical) to witness a leading US militant like Dempsey, a family man with a wife, three children, and eight grandchildren, give his personal thumbs up to attacks that would kill not only US civilians, overwhelmingly so, but also his entire family

What A Blessed Day!
By Roshan Shah

45 year-old K. Sudhakaran runs a little shop, selling sweets, juice, cold-drinks and lottery tickets, in a market in Kanhangad, a town in northern Kerala. This soft-spoken, unassuming man shot into the news last year when he did something truly remarkable. One morning, P. Ashokan, a regular customer of his, called him up and asked him to set aside ten lottery tickets for him. Later that day, Sudharakan learned that one of those tickets had won the first prize—a whopping ten million rupees!

G20: Reviving The Call For A Global Financial Transaction Tax
By Kavaljit Singh

The Brisbane Summit offers an opportunity to civil society groups to renew the demand for a financial transaction tax (FTT). Not long ago, this issue was put on the table at Cannes Summit (2011) due to persistent campaigning by a range of international civil society groups. The Interim Report of the G-20 on Fair and Substantial Contribution by the Financial Sector (2010) had proposed a flat rate levy on all financial institutions and “financial activities tax” on profits and remuneration in order to pay for future financial clean-ups and reduce systemic risk. But the proposal got diluted at the G-20 meeting held at Busan (Korea) in June 2010, which called for implementation of the levy taking into account individual country’s circumstances and options

11 November , 2014

Battle For Kobanê At A Crossroads
By Serge Jordan

The gains of Rojava and the resistance in Kobanê have offered a potential bridge on the road of the Kurds for self-determination and, more generally, a possible reference point for reviving the struggle of workers and poor against the horrors of IS and of the dictatorial regimes in the Middle East. However, all the political complications and dangers of what has recently unfolded in this area need to be addressed, as a defeat of this struggle would, on the contrary, unleash further sufferings for the peoples of the region

The Endgame Of The US ‘Islamic State’ Strategy
By Nicola Nasser

Dismantling what the former US President George W. Bush once described as the Syria – Iran component of the “axis of evil,” or interrupting in Iraq the geographical contiguity of what King Abdullah II of Jordan once described as the “Shiite crescent,” was and remains the strategic goal of the US – Israeli allies in the Middle East unless they succeed first in “changing the regime” in either Damascus or Tehran

"One-State Solution" For Israel/Palestine
By Dr. Ludwig Watzal

Israel's economy minister Naftali Bennett, the leader of the right-wing party "The Jewish Home", published an article in the New York Times in which he buried the concept of a "two-state solution" as a way out of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Bennett does not belong to the radical Zionist fringe. Although he is an advocate of extremist colonial Zionist ideas, he is considered to be the successor of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. In his Op-ED, Bennett has made a mockery of the policy of the last 20 years, which was connected to the Oslo Accords and the two-state solution. His words won't bear fruit right now, but they might be in the future

US Commitment To Terror, Expansionism, Maintains Israel's Illegal Wall
By Robert Barsocchini 

On the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall , Palestinians have tried to call attention to the wall that still exists, the illegal US-backed wall that Israel is building and using as one of its means of illegally annexing Palestinian territory. Dr. Noam Chomsky, for one, has pointed out that if the wall were about security and not illegal expansionism, it could simply be made gigantic and utterly impenetrable, and be put on Israel's legal border, which countries are allowed to do

Contaminating The Nation's Food: GM Food On The Shelves of UK Supermarkets
By Colin Todhunter

From the US to India, the GMO biotech industry appears to have a ‘contaminate first then push for regulatory authorisation later' policy. The contamination of our food seems to be a deliberate strategy of the industry

Lynching And Islamophobia
By Just Executive Committee

The International Movement for a Just World (JUST) strongly condemns the lynching and murder of a Pakistani Christian couple last week. Under the false pretext of committing ‘blasphemy’ for desecrating the Quran, for which there was no evidence, the couple was accused and brutally killed, all in one day. All of the evidence, on the other hand, suggests that this was principally an issue of exploited bonded labor attempting to escape their horrible plight

Kashmir, A Stranded Melancholy
By Suhail Qasim Mir

They call our land the paradise on the earth! But Kashmir has more to it, besides the snow-capped landscape, mellow streams and lush valleys. Oppression dwells here. The shrieks and cries inhabit the vast solitude. It’s frightening in Kashmir. There are blood graffiti’s on snow. Tyranny rules here. There is no value for life in Kashmir. People here, are subject to the worst inhumane atrocities. They are paying a price for being born in Kashmir

Imagine! Imagine For A Moment!
By Noor ul haq

Dear Indians, we Kashmiris hate you no more but we don't love you also. Blame your successive governments, trigger happy armed forces. Imagine, if this happens to you, will you love such foreign troops anymore. I am sure, you will hate that country not only the troops. Freedom for Kashmir is not only good for Kashmiris but for India as well. Think. Understand and Act. The recent killings at Chattergam where the Armymen who left two boys dead and two injured on November 3, fired 118 rounds at their Maruti car, with 28 bullets hitting the vehicle. No justice till date, but yes sorry we killed you!

The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision
By Mickey Z.

An Interview with Douglas Blanchard. The work he does in that studio is diverse, powerful, and a catalyst for new perspectives. This very much includes the 24 paintings of a contemporary Christ in a new book called The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision. Accompanied by text from minister and art historian Kittredge Cherry, the book is a transformative collaboration

It Has To Start From Home!
By Roshan Shah

One doesn’t have to do ‘enormous’ things for huge numbers of people in order to do or be good. As Mother Teresa so beautifully put it, “We can do no great things—only small things with great love”. And what better place to start this than one’s home? In fact, if it doesn’t start from there, it may not start anywhere! That’s what I’ve learnt from Tinki

Why This Celebration of Death?
By Premkumar Mani

When Asuras are a tribe, to defeat them or to kill their hero- how can it become a festival to celebrate? What sort of a psyche does that symbolize? If someone made a festival of the massacre in Gujarat or the massacres of Dalits in Bihar, or say, a celebration of the death of Bhumihars- how would that feel? Agreed that the hero of Asuras, Mahishasura, was killed by Durga and the Asuras were defeated but why does this have to be celebrated each year? You are actually insulting people through this festival

War Is Not For Soldiers
By David Swanson

We learn a lot about the real motives for wars when whistleblowers leak the minutes of secret meetings, or when congressional committees publish the records of hearings decades later.War planners write books.They make movies.They face investigations.Eventually the beans tend to get spilled.But I have never ever, not even once, heard of a private meeting in which top war makers discussed the need to keep a war going in order to benefit the soldiers fighting in it

Lenin: State And Revolution: Chapter 5 - Withering Away The State (Part Three) -- Review
By Thomas Riggins

Chapter 5 of State and Revolution has a brief introduction and four sections. Part Three of this review covers section four



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