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Western Powers Have Lost All Sense Of Morality: E. Michael Jones

By Kourosh Ziabari

10 December, 2012

A U.S. author says Western states influenced by Israel have lost all sense of morality and are behaving in a criminal way that is dangerous to world peace.

“What we see in Obama’s murder of Osama bin Laden (in a helicopter strike) and various other figures by drone strikes is the criminal behavior which comes about as the natural consequence of the undermining of the moral law. St. Augustine pointed out some 1,500 years ago that when governments ceased to adhere to the moral law, they become nothing more than a band of criminals,” said E. Michael Jones in an exclusive interview with the Tehran Times conducted last month.

Jones is a U.S. journalist, writer, former university professor and editor of the Culture Wars magazine.

Following is the text of the interview:

Q: You publish a journal titled “Culture Wars.” Are we living in a time when the cultures are engaged in a battle, or clash, as Samuel P. Huntington has put it, or is there a dialogue and convergence among the civilizations and cultures?

A: The term “Culture Wars” does not refer to what Huntington referred to as the “clash of civilizations.” The term derives from the German term “Kulturkampf,” which referred to the battle between Bismarck and the Catholic Church during the 1870s in the period immediately following the unification of Germany under Prussian hegemony. Prussia was a Protestant country, and after the unification of 1870, the Prussians were claiming that in order to be a good German citizen, the Catholics had to accept Protestant cultural hegemony over their institutions.

Something very similar happened during the sexual revolution of the 1960s and something very similar is happening right now. The Obama administration is now forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception and abortion and to support homosexual marriage by forcing their adoption agencies to place orphans with homosexual couples. The Church has responded by filing 48 law suits against the Obama administration based on their understanding of religious liberty. I personally think that that is not the proper strategy, but, my opinion aside, what we are seeing now is the destruction of the Catholic/Republican/American alliance which was forged by President Reagan and Pope John Paul II to bring down Communism.

That is what I mean by “culture wars.” It is a struggle to see which forces are going to control the culture. Once domestic ethnic groups like the Catholics get pacified and co-opted, it becomes easier to project imperial power abroad, as was the case when the CIA put the Shah in power in the '50s. That's when Huntington's theories, which I reject, become operative.

Q: It seems that today, the imperial powers don’t limit their ways of dominating the other nations to waging military expeditions. They impose economic sanctions, as is the case with Iran, Cuba, Syria and North Korea, and also target the subject nations with media propaganda and psychological warfare. What’s your take on that?

A: There is no limitation on warfare now because the Western powers have lost all sense of morality, something that I trace to the sexual revolution of the ‘60s, which undermined the moral sense of the Bill and Hilary Clinton generation. What we see in Obama’s murder of Osama bin Laden (in a helicopter strike) and various other figures by drone strikes is the criminal behavior which comes about as the natural consequence of the undermining of the moral law. St. Augustine pointed out some 1,500 years ago that when governments ceased to adhere to the moral law, they become nothing more than a band of criminals. That is precisely the point we have reached now in the West. All of the NATO powers are run by criminals engaging in criminal behavior. The most recent example of that was the looting of Libya and the disgusting performance Hillary Clinton put on when she heard of Gaddafi’s death. This is the sort of behavior you can expect of someone whose morals have been corrupted by the sexual revolution of the ‘60s and who has spent her entire political career promoting abortion, contraception and the sexual corruption of women.

It can also be seen in things like the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, which was the crowning achievement of feminism. The Jews played a significant role in the moral corruption of America, first by promoting pornography, abortion, and now homosexual marriage, and then by building on this foundation of moral corruption by undermining the rules of warfare and the theory of the just war, one of the crowning achievements of Christian European culture. The just war theory, which puts limits on conduct in war and the justification for going to war was ridiculed by Neoconservatives like Charles Krauthammer at the time of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, and it was the culmination of a program that the Jews have been engaged in inside America for decades now.

Q: Along with many critics of the Israeli regime, you’ve been accused of promoting anti-Semitic sentiments in your writings and lectures. What do you think about this accusation? Does it really have logical and rational bases or is it simply aimed at demoralizing whoever criticizes the actions and policies of Israel?

A: The accusation is false. I am not an anti-Semite. Anti-Semitism is a form of biological determinism which came into existence during the high noon of the Darwinian era in Europe. Wilhelm Marr created the term in Germany in the 1870s as a new way of dealing with what had come to be known as the Jewish Question, which came about when Napoleon emancipated the Jews in the German territories he conquered and gave them full rights as citizens, rights which the Jews then abused by their predatory economic practices, something noted by the current pope’s great uncle Georg Ratzinger.

Ratzinger repudiated anti-Semitism for the same reason that I do because it ascribes the wrong causality to Jewish behavior, making it a function of Jewish DNA rather placing the blame where it belongs, namely, in their rejection of Logos and the moral order. In my book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, I trace Jewish revolutionary activity, of the sort that is going on in Syria right now, to the Jews’ rejection of Christ, who is the Logos incarnate. Logos is the Greek word for speech, reason, and in general described the order of the universe as put there by God. When the Jews rejected Christ, they rejected Logos, and when they rejected Logos, they rejected the political and the social order that God intended for human society, and when they rejected that they became revolutionaries and that is what they have been ever since and that is what they will be until they reject the rejection and accept Jesus Christ as the Jewish messiah.

So what I’m describing is a spiritual and intellectual battle that has nothing to do with biology or the status of Jewish DNA, which is the only basis for anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism actually undermines my position because if it were true, then the Jews would bear no moral responsibility for their destructive revolutionary behavior. My position is that every state in the world, especially the United States, has the right to defend itself against Jewish cultural aggression and moral subversion. Needless to say, that defense has been sorely lacking in both the United States and Europe for over a century now.

Q: The Israeli regime has historically demonstrated that it’s an arrogant entity that does not abide by international law and is flagrantly inattentive to its international obligations. And sorrowfully, it enjoys the unconditional backing of the United States. How is it possible to bring Israel to justice and hold it accountable for its criminal actions toward the Palestinians and other nations?

A: As of this moment it is politically impossible to hold Israel accountable for its criminal behavior. Because of the failure of so many attempts to get Israel to follow the most basic canons of civilized behavior and international law, because of Israel’s intransigence, especially under the leadership of Likudniks like Binyamin Netanyahu, the world is currently at war in Syria, where Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are trying to topple the government and install a puppet in place of Assad. The Russians, who were appalled at NATO’s behavior in the looting of Libya, have drawn a line in the sand through Syria, and so, as of now, the best hope for holding Israel accountable for its criminal actions is the defeat of the rebel forces in Syria. This will put a permanent hold on any attack on Iran. It will strengthen Russia’s veto power at the UN and it will aid Russia in restoring some semblance of law to international relations.

Q: You have carried out extensive research on Judaism and global Jewry. The Israeli state claims that it represents the Jews around the world, but to my idea, their barbaric and criminal actions and policies are never in compliance with the teachings of Judaism. What’s your viewpoint? Aren’t the Israeli politicians misusing the name of Jews to justify their crimes?

A: It depends on what you mean by “the teachings of Judaism.” If by Judaism, you mean the Torah, which is to say the first five books of the Old Testament, you are talking about the word of God and, so yes, that would mean that the Jews were misusing the name of Judaism to justify their crimes. But if by Judaism, you mean the Talmud, which the Jewish Encyclopedia refers to as the heart of the Jewish people, then no, because the Talmud is a wicked book which justifies all sorts of immoral and criminal behavior. Even Heinrich Graetz, the father of Jewish historiography, had nothing good to say about Talmudic studies. In fact, he held those studies responsible for the moral corruption of Polish Jewry.

Q: Many political commentators believe that the United States’ animosity toward Iran has nothing to do with Iran’s nuclear program. This hostility took shape first when Iranians toppled the U.S.-backed monarch in 1979 and has continued so far. The nuclear program is only an excuse to add fuel to the fire of enmity. Do you agree?

A: In a [recent] article, I claim that the world-wide reaction to the sexual revolution began in Iran in 1979 when the Iranians overthrew the Shah and, understanding that sexual liberation was a form of political control, went out and burned down all of their movie theaters. The Catholics in America had a similar reaction to Jewish cultural subversion in the 1930s when they forced the Jews who ran Hollywood to accept a production code which prohibited nudity, blasphemy, etc. A similar code got imposed on Iranian cinema following the revolution of 1979. Reagan was part of the sexual counter-revolution. He got elected by promising American Catholics that he would ban abortion, but he betrayed the Catholics who voted for him, as have the Republicans ever since.

My point is that the American Jewish/WASP elite has never forgiven Iran for leading the sexual counter-revolution of 1979. They have been trying to put another Shah in power in Iran for decades. The nuclear program is only a pretext to bring this about, just as Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” were a pretext for invading Iraq.

Q: And finally, do you have any solution for putting an end to the current standoff over Iran’s nuclear program? The United States and Israel want to undermine Iran’s position as a regional power, but Iran has not surrendered yet. What will the future look like for Iran?

A: I think one outcome of the NATO attack on Syria and the abandonment of all principles of international law is the conviction among the remaining independent Islamic nations that surrender is impossible. Surrender is only possible when you have confidence that your opponent will honor things like the white flag and not shoot you after you lay down your arms. As I understand it, Muammar Gaddafi’s convoy was flying the white flag when they were attacked by NATO’s drones. NATO’s criminal behavior in Libya has made the diplomacy that is now needed difficult if not impossible. The West needs to return to Christian moral principles as the basis of its diplomacy, but given Israel’s virtual control over the political process in America that is not going to happen any time soon. Russia is the only power that seems interested in acting according to moral principles, and so at this point we can only hope that they prevail in Syria and that their influence increases at places like the UN. If that happens, there will be no attack on Iran, and with the Israelis stalemated, a new balance of power can return to the Middle East and with that equilibrium, better chances for peace.

Kourosh Ziabari is an award-winning Iranian journalist. He writes for Global Research, Counter Currents, Tehran Times, Iran Review and other publications across the world. His articles and interviews have been translated in 10 languages.




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