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America 's Battle Cry:  Red Lines and Lies

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

27 August, 2013

   ‘ The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence ' - Donald Rumsfeld

Historians consider the Mongol raids and invasions as some of the deadliest conflicts in human history.  Their legacy of savagery and bloodshed preceded them; their orgy of violence and destruction left its ugly imprints in the collective memory of peoples everywhere.  So much so that until recently simple folk in some corners of the world would cower unruly children with the threat of an impending ‘Mongol arrival'.  Today, the fear and loathing once felt toward Mongols has been transferred to America .  In sharp contrast to Genghis Khan's frank battle cry -- Morindoo ( Mount Up ), America prepares for battle with sheer lies. 

In the 21 st century alone, Washington has rolled out a heavy arsenal of lies, misinformation, and dubious intelligence to sell war to the American people.   On September 13, 2001, while the country was digesting 9/11, JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) already had a statement/plan ready for Washington .  Their policy called for America to be involved in disputes far and wide for the unforeseen future not only in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also in countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, the Palestinian Authority, Libya, Algeria and eventually Saudi Arabia and Egypt'. [i] Washington heeded. 

In the fall of 2001,  the Rendon Group was given a  contract to handle PR aspects of the U.S. military strike in Afghanistan .    One year later, in  September 2002, a 'meticulously planned strategy to persuade the public, the Congress and the allies of the need to confront the threat from Saddam Hussein' was devised [ii] .   As part of this strategy, an interagency ‘Iraq Public Diplomacy group' comprising of NSC, CIA, Pentagon, State and USAID staffers was created.  This group produced documentary and press releases showing interviews with Iraqi exiles and dissidents, chief among them the Iraqi National Council (INC) -- a 1992 project of the Rendon Group with Ahmad Chalabi at its head.

Simultaneous with interviews,  the public mind was lulled into submission by showing pictures of the smoking Twin Towers and victims of Saddam Hossein's chemical attacks (weapons supplied by the United States and with Washington's full knowledge to use against Iranians ) with the goal of convincing the public that Saddam Hossein's non-existent WMD.   The public was convinced. America launched on its campaign of ‘shock and awe' from the stolen nation of Diego Garcia where the natives of the Island had been expelled from their homes after which  " officials ordered their pets to be exterminated. They were gassed with exhaust fumes from American military vehicles” [iii] .   

Soaking in a bloody orgy of destruction in Iraq , Washington was preparing the next battle front - Syria (in addition to   Iran and the other aforementioned countries).   In almost exact replica of the Iraq lies, plans were put into motion to remove Assad and neutralize Syria with help from the “opposition” ( HERE ).   Among those who cooperated with Washington and allies, the Syria   National Council (SNC) gained prominence.  Not surprising given the support of their political heavyweights.    SNC's  most senior spokesperson, Bassma Kodmani who worked for the Ford Foundation [1] in  Cairo in 2005, took up a new post as executive director of the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) initiated by the powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).   Thereon, Kodmani attended Bilderberg conferences (see more  HERE ).  This time the PR firm for the “opposition” was the powerful Lynton Crosby which lobbied on their behalf.  

Barely a decade has passed since the spin masters lies launched an illegal, immoral, and costly war against Iraq that once again they are bombarding us with propaganda and lies, wanting us to believe that the Assad government used chemical weapon.   Even though revelations have been made that such a false flag operation had been in the making , and that the United States backed the plan to use chemical weapons and blame it on Assad,  and as skepticism is being  voiced in every corner ( HERE ), Washington is planning a  “humanitarian” war.   

Given the appointment of the interventionist Samantha Power to the United Nations, and her awareness of the Mongol legacy, makes this move inevitable.  Citing Hitler, Power wrote:  

            “ It was knowingly and lightheartedly that Genghis Khan sent thousands of women and children to their death.  History sees in him only the founder of a state… The aim of war is not to reach definite lines but to annihilate the enemy physically”. (Power, 2002 [iv] )

Perhaps she, along with other Washington decision makers, is looking at history in the same fashion as Washington prepares to move onto the next target - a target that will entangle America in a global conflict.   

In April 2013, the powerful BRICS nations drew their red line on Syria and Iran . Iran recently drew its own red line on Syria .   These are the red lines Washington should heed instead of caving in to the lobbies' war cries if it is to conflict  - a conflict which will bring an abrupt end to the declining empire. 

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich is an independent researcher and writer with a focus on U.S. foreign policy and the role of lobby groups in influencing US foreign policy.


[1] Ford Foundation was a conduit for CIA funds during the Cold  War according to Frances Stonor Saunders ( The Cultural Cold War: the CIA and the World of Arts and Letters . New York : New Press 2000)  and seemingly, it continues to play a prominent role in post Cold War activities . 

[i] Richard Bonney, False Prophets: The ‘Clash of Civilizations' and the Global War on Terror , Peter Lang 2008;  "This Goes Beyond Bin Laden," JINSA press release, September 13, 2001.

[ii] Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber, “Weapons of Mass Deception: the uses of propaganda in Bush's war on Iraq .”  Penguin, 2003

[iii] http://www.pressaction.com/news/weblog/full_article/jackowski08012004

[iv] Power,  Samantha.  “A Problem From Hell; America and the Age of Genocide”. Perennial, 2002.  pp23




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