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Nukes And Temples

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

15 April, 2010

Evidently, American presidents wish to continue to guard Israel's nuclear "secret". If the motivation is thought to be a simple case of double standard, surely one must be deplored by the submissiveness of the general community. On the other hand, the more inquisitive mind would prod deeper and question the drive behind the guarding of this "secret"?

Perhaps motivations have changed over time. In 1969, Kissinger, aware that Israel had deceived the United States about its nuclear bomb program, which it was suspected to have stolen from the U.S., wrote to Nixon that pressuring Israel to reveal its nuclear arsenal would result in a Soviet nuclear guarantee for the [oil rich] Arabs and increase conflict in the region[i]. Ironically, it was Nixon who soon after had considered sending airborne troops to seize oilfields in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi pursuing the 1973 war.

Today, the secrecy continues, as does the aid to Israel -- perhaps towards a messianic return - the building of the Third Temple.

In 2006, the Israeli government began work on an exact replica of the Hurva synagogue on its original site. The story of the Hurva has received little attention other than coinciding with Joe Biden's visit to Israel and that government's insistence on building more illegal settlements. But Hurva is the beginning of the end.

As the United States, acting as Israel's proxy, imposes its will on the world and pushes for sanctions and war on Iran, thereby distracting the international community, rabbis are being tailored for the special kind of garments they will be wearing in a "rebuilt temple". 'The Third Temple of the Third Jewish Commonwealth.' They believe that the return of Jews to Jerusalem are the obvious signs - "Less obvious are the more subtle realities that add up - the rebuilding of the Jewish Quarter, Jews steadily moving into the Old City, even the Temple Mount tunnel excavations. But alas, those big mosques are still situated on the Temple Mount. For now."[ii]

Not for long. Perhaps with continued help from America, the rabbis will wear their robes sooner than later.

In 1990, there was another attempt by the Temple Mount Faithful to bring a cornerstone for a reconstructed Third Temple to the site. In 1996, the opening of an archaeological tunnel adjacent to the Mount led to the first outbreak of widespread violence across the territories between Israelis and Palestinians since the signing of the Oslo accords. In 2000, Ariel Sharon staged a provocative visit to the Temple Mount, the biggest obstacle to peace, and said: "The Temple Mount is in our hands and will remain in our hands. It is the holiest site in Judaism and it is the right of every Jew to visit the Temple Mount,".

It took four years to complete the work on Hurva. The Hurva synagogue signals the renewed attacks on the al-Aqsa Mosque to make way for construction of the Third Temple. A move championed by Zionists, and Christian Zionist leaders in this country, political leaders among them. War waged against other countries based on unfounded accusations has distracted the international community from Israel's stockpile of nuclear weapons - a nation more likely than any other to use their nuclear weapons based on their deep religious ideology.

Of particular concern is the Gush Emunim, a right-wing religious organization, or others, hijacking a nuclear device to ‘liberate’ the Temple Mount for the building of the Third Temple. The completion of the Hurva synagogue has increased these chances. On April 6, JTA reported that "Our Land of Israel" party had put posters on 200 city buses in Jerusalem showing an artist's rendition of the Third Temple on the site now occupied by the al-Aqsa Mosque with the slogan, "May the Temple be built in our lifetime."

Equally disturbing, a 1997 article reviewing the Israeli Defense Force repeatedly stressed the possibilities of, and the need to guard against, a religious, right-wing military coup, especially as the proportion of religious in the military increases[iii]. The warming was not unfounded. The once secular army now has combat units filling with those who believe Israel's wars are "God's wars" as the role of military rabbis has become more prominent.

While billions of tax payer dollars are funding Israel's military and nukes, and enabling them to build their temple upon destruction, one must also question why would the rest of the world continue the charade of going along with their demands? Mordechai Vanunu revealed not only the 200 nuclear bombs, but the sophisticated underground plutonium separation facility producing 40 kilograms annually, several times more than previous estimates. The very plutonium, 'apple size' plutonium Mr. Obama referred to as being capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people. Surely Israel does not need several hundred nuclear bombs to defend itself?

Martin van Creveld, the famous Israeli military historian and theorist, sheds light on the usage of the bombs:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.” “We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

Assuredly this is not a bluff. American-born Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard obtained satellite-imaging data of the former Soviet Union, allowing Israel to target Russian cities. Israel is capable of using its nuclear arsenal a political lever or 'retaliatory capability'. Perhaps this explains Tel-Aviv's "friendly" trips to Russia when Israel wants Iran to be pressured. Israel also used American satellite imagery to plan the 7 June 1981 attack on the Tammuz-1 reactor at Osiraq, Iraq[iv].

van Creveld is not wrong. This small nation controls much of the world. It commits crimes against humanity and its partner in crime, the United States, makes such reports as the "Goldstone Report" disappear. It extends war -- the 2006 Lebanon war -- for maximum damage. Yet, at the behest of Israel, day and night, Iran is persecuted, its citizens denied of their rights - and under the pretext of 'human rights' and in gross violation of international law and U.N. Security Council Resolution 984, threatened with nuclear weapons - for Messiah's Temple.

Heaven must be hell.

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich is an independent researcher and writer with a focus on U.S. foreign policy and the role of lobby groups in influencing US foreign policy. She is a peace activist, essayist and public speaker

[i] David Stout, Israel's Nuclear Arsenal Vexed Nixon, New York Times (29 Nov. 2007).

[ii] Tom Mountain. Preparing for the Third Temple Jewish Advocate. Boston:Aug 22, 2008. Vol. 199, Iss. 34, p. 9 (1 pp.)

[iii] (Blanche, Ed, “Is the Myth Fading for the Israeli Army? — Part 1.” Jane’s Intelligence Review, 8, no. 12 (December 1996).

[iv] McKinnon, Dan. Bullseye One Reactor. The Story of Israel's Bold Surprise Air Attack That Destroyed Iraqi's Nuclear Bomb Facility (Shrewsbury, England: Airlife Publishing Ltd., 1987).