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Statement of Solidarity to the struggle of University Community for Democracy

Mumbai: 18 th August 2010

We, the undersigned representatives of different peoples' organisations, independent researchers, non-profit, non-governmental organizations and groups that have been actively monitoring and campaigning on World Bank, working on diverse issues in India and abroad, gathered at the YUVA Centre Mumbai, for the workshop ‘Understanding World Bank in india', organised from 16th to 18th August 2010 (jointly organized by Bank Information Centre, Focus on the Global South and Youth for Unity & Voluntary Action) declare the following:

We understand that the University Community for Democracy (UCD, Delhi University ) has initiated a relay hunger strike from 12th of August, 2010 onwards between 9 am and 9 pm at Arts Faculty, North Campus, Delhi University  against:

•  Eviction of students and labouring poor of the city in the name of Commonwealth Games

•  Violation of legally guaranteed labour standards in the University in particular and in the city in general.

•  Lack of rent control around the university which has resulted in the sky rocketing of rent rates making accommodation for common students unaffordable. 

•  Arbitrary decision making and shrinking of democratic space.

We also learn that everyday 5 people (teachers, students, researchers and activists) will be on hunger strike.

While endorsing the struggle and declaring our unanimous solidarity and support to this extremely important and historic struggle, we reiterate and urge the following:

•  The outrageous and deeply undemocratic manner in which Delhi as well as the university is being re-engineered for the 13 day commonwealth games needs to be resisted and we will join all the democratic, secular and anti-imperialist forces in doing so

•  As the games are drawing closer it is becoming increasingly difficult for the government to mask the exploitative and unjust nature of the ‘world class city' that is being imposed on the citizens of Delhi . As citizens of this country, we urge all democratic forces based in the national capital to join the relentless battles against oppressive state actions in Delhi , including the denying of spaces for dissent and resistance, that will only intensify as the weeks go by.

•  We also appeal to all democratic forces outside of the city to join hands with the struggles in Delhi at this juncture and provide all possible solidarity and support.

•  We are alarmed that the University authorities and the state government are planning to resort to using the police and muscle power to suppress a democratic struggle by the university community representatives. We sternly warn against any such move and would remind the authorities that any use of force against the UCD hunger strike will be counterproductive.

We believe this hunger strike and struggle by the large University community offers us the opportunity to come together in solidarity with students, teachers, activists, journalists and all those who have been disposed by the state in the name of national pride.  

In Solidarity,






Philip Kujur



Mahabir Mahato

Adarsh Seva Sanshan,



Bharat Kanthirih

Lok Abhikar Manch, Surat


Ranjan Panda

Water Initiatives, Orissa, Sambalpur



Focus On the Global South, Mumbai


Iiyas Ansari

Jharkhand Mines, JAMCC, Ranchi


Surender Tirkey

Jharkhand Mines, JAMCC, Ranchi


Susana Barria

Intercultural Resources, New Delhi


Deepak Dayanandan

KABANI – The Other Devolution, Kerala


Usmangani Sherasingee

Setu Information Centre


Shorya Vikram



Gopal Krishna

WaterWatch Alliance , Delhi


Gaurav Dwivedi

Manthan Adhyayan Kendra, Badwani


Deeskar Barik

KIRDTI, Orissa


Krutija Bhosale

Prayas Energy Group, Pune


Anna Pinto

CORE, Imphal


Afsar Jafri

Focus on the Global South, India


Souparna Lahiri



Amina Khatoon

Howarah Pilot Project


Mhon Kikon

DICE Foundation Northeast People's Alliance , Kohima


Chauhan Rakesh K.

Setu information Center , Mundra Kutch


Makarand Purohit

Manthan Adhyan Kendra, Barwani


Raju Bhise

YUVA, Mumbai


Jacob Philip

Vichara, Kerala


Vinay Baindur



Usha Ramanathan

Law researcher, New Delhi


Ram Wangkherakpam

North East People's Alliance , Manipur


Vijay Jawandhia

Shetkari Sangathana Kisan Samanvay Samiti, Maharashtra


Rupesh Kumar

TIIS, Mumbai


AB Rashid

Shahar Vikas Manch, Nagpur



Nation Alliance People's Movements, Delhi



River Basin Friends, Assam


Jiten Yymnam

TIPA, Manipur


Sitaram Shelar

YUVA, Mumbai


Michael Mazgaonkar

Mozda collective, Gujarat


P.T. George

Intercultural Resources, Delhi


Benny Kuruvilla

Focus on Global South


Vimal bhai

Matu people's Organisation, Himachal Pradesh


Jaspal Singh Nail

Socially Active Youth in Action, Mumbai


Soumaya Dutta

Bharat jan Vigya Jatha, Delhi


Sarita R

Focus on the Global South



Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, Mumbai


Priyanka Mahendran



Rajendra Ravi

IDS, Delhi


Himanshu Upadhyaya

JNU, New delhi


Sreekumar N

Prayas, Pune


Shanawaj Ali Liaskarre

Earth Care, Kolkata


Vijayan MJ

Delhi Forum, Delhi


Mahendra Singh

Bank Information Center , Delhi


Anuradha Munshi

Bank Information Center , Delhi


Joe Athialy

Bank Information Center , Delhi