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Occupation: A Short Conversation

By Kashoo Tawseef

 03 March, 2015

Some call it, occupation, others invasion, conquest, or control of a nation or territory by foreigners. Whatever you call it, it doesn't sound comfortable at all. Have you ever felt, or tried to feel how it is like, to be living in occupation. How is it to be occupied? Ask someone who has experienced occupation. I had a chance to sit with a friend of mine, David (name changed) for a cup of tea, which he has lived most of his life under occupation. He answered me some unanswered questions, and explained the real meaning of occupation. Here are some excerpts of our conversation:

Me: Hi, Good to see you after long time.

David: Same here, it has been ages since our last meeting.

Me: So explain me what's occupation?

David: I will explain it to you with a simple example; it is like someone entering your house without your permission, and claims that from now on, I will be living in your house.

Me: How do you feel living under occupation?

David: Suffocated, traumatised, stressed, mentally depressed.

Me: Can you reconcile with occupier?

David: Never, it is like, how can you reconcile with thief who has done burglary in your house.

Me: Can you ever negotiate with occupier?

David: Never ever, even if occupier puts golden paint on your house still your soul will not accept him.

Me: Can you ever change you feelings towards occupier?

David: Never, occupiers' presence will be troublesome for your whole life till you are alive.

Me: What are the results of occupation?

David: Death and devastation, particularly human loss.

Me: What is the way forward once you are occupied?

David: Occupation is always illegal, and will remain illegal. Only way forward is, occupier leaves and occupation end.

Me: Thanks for your time, David.

Leave your comment in the box below, if you like the conversation…

Kashoo Tawseef : Born in conflict area, Kashoo Tawseef is a student of Media Studies and political science. His articles and essays have appeared in the Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Times, Rising Kashmir, Etalaat and in other media journals. His paper about the resolution of a Conflicts and a way forward won a journalism and research award in the United Kingdom. You can record your viewpoint at k dot tawseef at the rate gmail.com








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