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Order Judicial Probe Into Andhra, Telangana Killings

By Solidarity Youth Movement

28 April, 2015

Kozhikode: Solidarity Youth Movement State President T. Mohammed Velom demanded to order judicial probe into killings in two incidents of fake encounters in Andhra and Telangana. A fact finding team led by Solidarity Youth Movement visited the families and lawyers of the killed.

Five Muslim youth were killed in Telungana while they were under the judicial custody. Judiciary is responsible to guard the lives of prisoners under judicial custody. Special investigation team declared by Telungana government is not competent for a just enquiry. The encounter is said to be happened at Alar, a forest area in Nelgonda district 77 Kms far from Hyderabad. They were taken to the custody with the heavy guards of about 170 policemen. Roads were blocked at both the ends for 2 Kms. Usually, prisoners are taken to courts between 10 to 11 am. The families of the victims allege that that the prisoners were taken to the court before 8 am itself prove that encounter was preplanned. Images show that the victims were handcuffed with their seats. There are no reports which show that a single policeman was injured. Human Right activists say, there are no signs of an encounter happened at the site. Also, the same place has been witness for encounters before.

Also, there are many ambiguities behind Sesachalam killing where 20 people were killed. Police says the killed people were woodcutters. But of the killed, 7 people from Kannamangalam village of Tamil Nadu were not woodcutters. They were involved in teaching, tailoring, plumbing, catering and other jobs. It seems that, they were booked by the police when they were to town for job purpose and killed later. The dead bodies were disfigured when it was delivered to the families. Faces of the killed were clear in the images shown by police to identify. But, after post mortem the dead bodies were found cruelly disfigured making hard to identify the faces. The families allege that the killed were subjected to inhuman treatment and limbs were lynched to stitch on later. It is assumed that it is meant to sabotage the evidences. Most of the killed are young.

Solidarity demanded to book cases against the police who killed the 20 people in Seshachalam forests and those who escorted the youth killed in Andhra as per APC Section 302.

Solidarity state secretary CM Sherif, state committee member T. Shakir, human right activists Gopal Menon, Divya and Pakalavan, journalists Nisha Ponthathil. Muhammed Suhail and Abdurahman were the members of fact finding team.







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