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Lessons Of Mumbai Terror Attack

By Dr.V.N.Sharma

29 November, 2008

As per the news being circulated the Mumbai Terror Attack problem is over with a few dozens dead and over 350 injured. We must congratulate our NSG, Marine Commandos, Army personnel who all had to operate in the danger zone around the Action areas for over 65 hours with a few of them losing their lives in action. We salute all of them who took part in the operation and flushed out the terrorists dead or alive. We also salute those of the finest IPS Officers of ATS and Police men who lost their lives in the starting phase of the battle between the law and order keeping forces and the Terrorists.

What are the lessons of the event?

That, the country was one, is one and will remain one against all such external or internal attacks, disturbances and disorders being created by vested interest groups outside the country and also inside it.

That, Maratha warriors like Bal Thakrey and his Shiv Sainiks and Raj Thakrey and his MNS Sainiks were seen nowhere in action of saving their very own Marathi Manush Mumbai. A shameful act on part of these Maratha warriors. Mumbaikars and the Marathis must have now more faith in the United India with brotherhood between the people of different linguistic, cultural and religious background and not in so called sainiks and their leaders.

That , major part of Police administration in Mumbai, except for ATS, seemed to be paralysed and fainted. This was the same force which flashed their bravery in killing Raj, a Bihari boy from a short distance a month ago.

That, neither CM Deshmukh nor his loud mouth Home Minister RR Patil who was shouting from the top of his voice about a month ago that guns will be met with guns (against the same Bihari boy Raj ) was not visible this time with his boys and the guns when the terrorist guns were spitting fire. There were many other brave Marathas like Praful Patel who matched his frequency with Raj Thakrey and challenged just a month ago whoever challenged the Marathas and their ego which in his opinion was not the rights or property of Northies, Hindi speaking population and last but not the least Biharis and Jharkhandis. All this Maratha talk was a shameful act then and now. Otherwise they should have been in the forefront of the Save Mumbai campaign from Terrorists. Is it possible that the Terrorists fixed the exact dates for action after making sure that Mumbai in particular had become weak due to the recent MNS action against the Biharis and Northies in Mumbai and Maharashtra? This may be a major probable cause.

This also has a lesson for us and our rulers in Delhi as to why we have a non-political PM and a weak Home Minister who seemed to be totally unaware of his job, that is, the situation prevailing in the country. They are certainly not pro-active. They are reactive. Therefore, we, over 100 crore people are not safe in these hands. It is not to say that BJP or their NDA will do anything better.

What we, the citizens of this country need to do is to reject all such defective people whose total perspective is to look at the Unity and existence of this country through the eyes of BSE and NSE indices, or divide the populace for votes on linguistic , caste and communal lines and are not interested in a sensible governance and development of a United and strong India.

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