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Syria Is Not The Problem

By Janis Schmidt

29 August, 2013

Why, oh why is Obama saber rattling with Syria, pretending that Syria has chemical weapons? while forest fires are raging? while we don’t have enough fire fighters to put out the blaze in this country? How stupid is that? This is Iraq and WMD all over again. Is this what the people want? A war with Syria? While teachers and police are being laid off? While people are being evicted from their homes, and their homes bulldozed to make way for new boxed housing such as the warehouses of the 19th century to warehouse the workers? While most jobs are sent overseas to be worked for slave wage labor?

The inevitable costs of a Syrian War will come from food stamps, education, health care, environmental protection, and Social Security. This is environmental and human destruction. Is this what the people want? To destroy ourselves, our neighbors, and our planet so that the idle rich can keep gambling with the stock market?

Why would the unemployed, homeless American, with forest fires raging, want to fight a war with Syria? How stupid it that? In addition to having no business in Syria whatsoever, Obama and his malefactors are totally ignoring global warming, and in fact global warming can be laid at the feet of the warmongers who dropped all those bombs, made all those unnecessary tests, blew up and shot everything that moved. How smart is that?

Before this gets out of hand like it did the last time, Obama and all his lackeys need to be recalled, removed from office immediately. The elderly and disabled need to go with their canes and walkers and work him over, toss him out and occupy the White House. The grandkids can trail along behind as body guards and take notes. Someone such as myself needs to be installed as president, not that I want to be president, I don’t, but I would consider it my civic duty to get this country back on track by eliminating the NSA, the CIA, Homeland Security, and call all the troops back home, and start training them to help with natural disasters right here at home. I will immediately free Manning and all other political prisoners around the world and close down Guantanamo. I would send Bush and Obama, along with all the hedgefund bankers to Abu Graibe and let the Arabs deal with them as they see fit. Make them clean up the unexploded cluster bombs.

Then I would bring manufacturing home to be run as cooperatives. Multinational corporations would be tried for war crimes, and their assets seized to help pay for their destructive, childish behavior. Since they feel more comfortable in Europe than America, we could have the French drag out the guillotine, making a public event of the end of the multi-nationals. They did it once before, they can do it again. Oil, coal, water, and minerals would be nationalized; the resources belong to the people. We can look to Norway as to how to run this country.

The war industry would be dismantled and turned into wind, and solar plants. Big banks would be closed and bankers prosecuted for fraud and theft. The Market would be closed permanently. Script would be issued by the federal government based on a person’s production and service. Any and all bonanza farms and ranches would be redistributed to the people, who, with the help of the government (here’s where the military would come in) would clean the land of all chemicals. People would raise gardens, working together as community cooperatives, use of horses greatly encouraged. Communities would raise cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, turkeys and other animals. Warehousing of animals would be strictly forbidden. Packing plants would be local. Food processing would be local.

People would be paid in script, much like the colonists did before Hamilton screwed things up. It would work the same way greenbacks worked, issued by Abraham Lincoln.

Real estate would be forbidden. People in communities would build their own houses. You see, when you are hopelessly lost and in the ditch, you need to stop, look, and listen to what the birds and animals are doing. They are not at war with each other and there are no terrorists. They do not lay waste the environment they live in. They are busy building their nests, caring for their young, and securing food. In fact, food is their number one activity. We should try to be as smart.

Should you like to live in just such a community, you can contact me at jlschmidt@gondtc.com or Paul at 701-477-0056.

Janis Schmidt is an artist an writer. She is currently writing her book, a fictional autobiography, which will explain how we got into this sorry mess in an entertaining, meaningful and memorable way.



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