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Fabricated: Screening Of The Film Planned All Over India

By K.P Sasi

24 July, 2013

Dear frends,

I have directed a documentary called `Fabricated’ with the help of various friends. The film deals with the issue of under trials and fabricated cases on human rights activists in this country, though the focus is on the issue of Abdul Nasar Maudany. Around 200 screenings of this film has taken place in Kerala and the response has been extremely positive. The film `Fabricated’ was also screened at the Kerala Insternational Short and Documentary Film Festival organized by the Kerala Government as well as at VIBGYOR International Short and Documentary Festival, as a curtain raiser.

As you are aware, that there are thousands of innocent prisoners languishing in Indian jails without any trial and most of them are subjected to various draconian and repressive laws. Thus, Muslims, dalits, Muslims, adivasis, activists of people’s movements and human rights activists face such repression. It is time that a wider national debate takes place on this issue.

I am planning to travel to Dellhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Orissa, Lucknow, Jharkhand, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, etc. and screen the film and initiate discussions on this grave issue. The plan is to organize a screening at a central place in a city where everybody can get together, involving all supportive organizations and then screen the film in institutions/colleges/universities. If we can do all this in 3 to 5 days, it would be good. We need the following support:

1. Organisational support of those individuals/groups/organizations/forums who can take the responsibility, or help in conducting the screening and discussion.

2. Support for travel.

3. Support for accommodation

If you can undertake any of the above, please get in touch with me on my email given below at the earliest.

More information on the film is given below.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

K.P. Sasi


Mob: 09567666798


A Full Length Documentary Film on the Fabricated Cases on Abdul Nasar Maudany and Others.

Directed by K.P. Sasi
Length: 94 Minutes



This is a story of the post Independent India. Every year when this country celebrates freedom, there are thousands of innocent prisoners in Indian jails, waiting for justice without even a trial. Abdul Nasar Maudany is one such victim. As a Muslim spiritual leader, he reacted strongly against the demolition of Babari Masjid in 1992. His house was attacked and he spent nine and a half years in jail. All the charges against him were proven false and even the judgement makes it clear that the case was fabricated. He was released without any compensation. No trial on those who were responsible for such fabrication was conducted. But soon, Maudany was framed for another series of charges and he is still waiting for justice in Bangalore Parappana Agrahara jail. The documentary film shows that this is not an isolated case, but several Muslims, dalits, adivasis and activists from people’s movements go through similar experiences. The question raised by the film is `why is a person spending so many years in jail in without being proven guilty?’ This documentary film portrays the inner dynamics of the manner in which the present institutions of the democratic system functions, so that a large number of innocent people can be framed and fabricated with false cases and dumped in jails for long periods, without the provision of basic human rights as per the requirements of Indian Constitution.

Produced by: Justice for Maudany Forum, Solidarity Youth Movement & Visual Search in association with Pedestrian Pictures.

About the Director

K.P Sasi started working as a cartoonist while being a student in JNU during the late seventies. He started experimenting with films on 8mm during the early eighties. His films include `America America’, `Gaon Chodab Nahin’, `A Valley Refuses to Die', `We Who Make History' `Living in Fear', `In the Name of Medicine',`Redefining Peace’, `The Source of Life for Sale’ and several other documentaries. His feature films include Ilayum Mullum', on the social and psychological violence on women in Kerala, `Ek Alag Mausam' and `Shhh...Silence Please', a silent comedy film on development. His films have been screened and awarded at several national and international film festivals. Sasi is also the Associate Editor of www.countercurrents.org





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