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Petition Against Repression in Thailand

20 June 2010

The crackdown on the opposition in Thailand and the abuses of the regime
have not been met with the solidarity response and the international
condemnations which the situation required. The regime can thus freely
operate and stifle the democratic movement.

News from Thailand are alarming: hundreds of people detained for
violations of the Emergency Decree, including children; injured people
are chained to their hospital bed, several assassinations of local
leaders of the Red Shirts have taken place. The country is moving deeper
into an authoritarian and military regime. The elite are even
considering postponing the elections for six years, thus giving the
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva the possibility of leading the country
for ten years against the will of the majority of Thai citizens.

Thai society is deeply unequal in every respect. The red shirts have
expressed loud and clear their determination to fight the injustices
they suffer: they express a class movement as well as one defending
regional diversity, against the establishment in Bangkok.

The Red Shirts movement is not without divisions and problems. Some
support the return of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, a
corrupt politician. But overwhelmingly, the movement expresses the
revolt of the downtrodden of society whose demands are democracy and
social justice.

By demonstrating in the streets of Bangkok, the Red Shirts have only
been exercising a basic right: the right to express one's political
views and demands. Abhisit Vejjajiva bears full responsibility for the
repression and the casualties because, rather than holding meaningful
negotiations, he gambled, in vain, on the disintegration of the
movement. He then used the repressive legal arsenal (accusations of
conspiracy against the monarchy and of terrorism), and finally organized
a bloodbath.

This appeal has two simple aims: kick-starting solidarity on the
international level, and calling for the Thai regime to stop the
repression against the Red Shirts, and to respect fundamental freedoms.

More than a hundred university lecturers, researchers, writers,
journalists, trade union and political activists, and elected
representatives from all regions of the world have already signed the
appeal. New signatures are expected.

It can be signed in ESSF web site :

You can see the appeal and the first signatories here :

Danielle Sabai and Pierre Rousset
Danielle Sabai danielle.sabai@yahoo.fr
Asia Left Observer  http://daniellesabai1.wordpress.com
Extrême Asie  http://daniellesabai.wordpress.com