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Green Gone Wrong:

How the Economy is Undermining the Environmental Revolution

with Heather Rogers

June 19, 4:00pm, The Palmer House Hilton Hotel

17 East Monroe Street Chicago, IL

Part of Socialism 2010:

Ideas for Changing the World

Chicago, June 17–20

Oakland, CA, July 1–4


Ever since Al Gore 's  An Inconvenient Truth ,  consumers have been told that the way out of the environmental crisis is to simply  buy the right thing.  From shampoo to children's toys to tomatoes, new and improved “green” or “eco-friendly” options are available for anyone who wants to stop  global warming . But is this really the solution?

In her latest book,  Green Gone Wrong: How Our Economy Is Undermining the Environmental Revolution Heather Rogers  takes a critical look at popular market-based solutions to ecological destruction, and concludes that these readily available answers may be disastrously off the mark. But what must be done instead?

Don't miss the chance to see Heather Rogers speak on two different occasions, -- Chicago : Saturday, June 19, and Oakland : Saturday, July 3,—on  Green Gone Wrong: How the Economy is Undermining the Environmental Revolution.

Heather Rogers  is a journalist and author, and has written for the New York Times Magazine,  Mother Jones , and the Nation. Her first book,  Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage , traces the history and politics of household rubbish in the United States.

"Heather Rogers brilliantly and lethally exposes 'green' capitalism for the chicanery that it is. But while it may be disappointing to find out that 'organic' and even ' fair trade ' don't mean squat—not to mention 'carbon offsetting,' which turns out to be even worse than it sounds—these pages make clear what the answer is: stop making colorful excuses for the system that's driving us off the cliff, and instead make shifts in our economic priorities to bring about real change. May Rogers's book guide our feet."

– The Yes Men

“The  climate crisis  is far too urgent to squander another decade on false solutions. This carefully researched, deeply human, and eminently sensible investigation arrives just in the  nick of time . Let's hope it inspires a radical course correction.”?

– Naomi Klein , author of  The Shock Doctrine

Other Socialism 2010 talks on the environment include:

The Politics  of Food:

Why You Can't Consume Your Way Out of the Crisis

Capitalism,  Climate Change , and the Future of Humanity

The Malthus Myth: Population, Poverty, and Global Warming

These events are all part of Socialism 2010: a weekend with dozens of debates and discussions, that will draw hundreds of activists, authors, and academics from across the nation.

Check us out online:


For more information, email  info@socialismconference.org , or call  773-583-7884