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Bush, Toilet-Scientists
And ‘Heavy-Eating’ Indians!

By Rajkumar

30 May, 2008

Uncle Sam discovers that Indians start eating more food that results in food price rise. Given his stature of top brass of the world’s super power, Mr. Bush’s such statement needs serious scrutiny and attention. US are not only a super power economically but well advanced in science and technology. They are capable of fix up a malfunctioning urine bypass of the toilet of International Space Station orbiting some millions of miles above our heads. Hats off, toilet-scientists!

We will be fooling ourselves if we believe that the statements of the rulers of scientifically advanced countries are based on scientific analysis. In reality the both stand contradictory particularly in the case of Uncle Sam. Bush’s regime unleashed havoc in Iraq killing millions of people declaring the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD). After killing millions of peoples including children, Bush & co is yet to find out WMD. How come their science and technology failed to unearth the weapons?

When the global heads of states decided to regulate the release of green house gas under Kyoto protocol, the US and their allies showed their adamant and hegemonic character putting hurdle to the process. US adamantly argued that the protocol was against the interest of their country. How come their science and technology failed in enabling them to take cognizance of the looming danger of climate change?

Now the same Bush lashes at Indian peoples blaming their eating habit. There are many and many such things which can not be narrated here due to space constraints. With these few instances we have to analyze the trend that is hiding behind the strategies of Bush regime. True, they are well quipped in science and technology for precision performance, modeling, projection and strategic planning. However, for US, Science & Technology is to spearhead their global market agenda whereas propaganda is for floating global myths! Stronger myths are need of the hour, for the mighty neo-liberal camps. These myths help them sustain the market maneuver. Take the case of bio-fuel which is targeted by many scholars and researchers and policy makers. Their propaganda insists that it is the only reason for food price rise. Similarly ‘eating formula’ of Bush – ‘earning more money makes one eat more’. If we agree with this theory of Bush then we need to put the entire blame on the affluent people of US and its allies as they earn more than any other counties and would have eaten more resulting in food price! But, we Indians are not so silly to blame anybody for eating more. For Indians, it is culturally so offensive to point out others that way, Mr. Bush.

The strategy of this propaganda aims at hiding a global truth. The mechanism of unholy trinity the World Bank, IMF and World Trade Organization has succeeded in taming the sustainable agriculture system of India by converting it into ‘corporate backyard farm’ and ‘extended market’. This truth is comfortably being buried underneath the propaganda of the Uncle Sam and their scientific community. We need to put forth our argument based on scientific facts and analysis not only to expose the treacherous game plan of Uncle Sam but also their cronies here in India who sincerely buttresses the propaganda.

Article by
A-13, Bharat Nagar
BEML Nagar (PO)
Kolar Gold Fields
PIN: 563 115


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