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No More Kandhamal – Stop Communal Violence

Nationwide Protest on August 25, 2010

Dear friends

Perhaps you are aware that the survivors of Kandhamal communal violence are completing two years of misery from the main attacks on August 25, 2010. As per the official figures, more than 600 villages were ransacked, 5600 houses were looted and burnt, 54000 people were left homeless and 38 people were murdered. Human rights groups estimate that over 100 people were killed, including women, disabled people, children, Adivasis and Dalits. Three women were gang raped and many were injured. 295 churches were destroyed. Schools, colleges and even medical institutions were not spared. Thousands of people cannot go back to their villages even now. Many are still living in tents in Kandhamal. Almost all those who are responsible for the violence are either freely moving around or getting acquitted.

Peoples' Solidarity Concerns, a coalition of many groups in Bangalore believes that it is a shame that even after two years agony no justice has been delivered to the survivors of Kandhamal communal massacre. Almost all the affected victims are Adivasis and Dalit Christians. The National Solidarity Forum of which we are also part of, has called for a nationwide protest on August 25th to demand justice for the survivors of Kandhamal. In support of this call, Peoples' Solidarity Concerns is calling for a protest in front of the Town Hall in Bangalore at 4.30 pm on August 25, 2010. An art exhibition undertaken by 2 Dalit artists who travelled around in Kandhamal is ready. Those who can organize the exhibition, please contact us. It can be downloaded from the net in A/3 size.

We request all secular friends to actively mobilize and participate in the protest. We request all civil society groups outside Bangalore also to do similar actions in their own respective area since Kandhamal is only a symbol and attacks on the Christians have taken place in over 10 states including Karnataka.

We appeal to all of you to actively isolate the communal & fascistic forces, so that no more Kandhamals are repeated anywhere in future.

Jagadish Chandra
Peoples' Solidarity Concerns, Bangalore. Ph: 09448394365 email:peoplesconcerns@gmail.com

For further information: Dhirendra Panda, Coordinator, National Solidarity Forum Ph: 09437385757,