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Secrets Of The Rich

By Victor Postnikov

02 August, 2013

I don’t understand what “secrets” could be hidden while the entire world is going to hell! 

I suspect that secrets are crucial only for those with a perverted consciousness, who think that their  “secrets” would guarantee them salvation from impending apocalypse!  And -  certainly -  these are the secrets of the rich.  They all are well aware of the imminent troubles awaiting us – overpopulation, hunger, climate change, pollution. ...  They’ve got so many hired analysts! Other problems, such as species extinction, seem not to trouble them too much. ... Therefore, the calculation is simple:  to guard their privileged existence from the impending plagues, and, above all, from the enraged hungry millions.  This can be achieved, of course, with the newest advanced weaponry.   Therefore, secrecy.  In a hurried manner, new types of “defense” are being engineered, new sophisticated methods  of surveillance are being conned, including those that spy on their own citizens.  For this purpose, a massive arsenal whole lotof technology is available. What luck!  But propaganda remains a basic defense strategy.

Propaganda is an old proven means to modify the consciousness of population.   It has been practiced  by all power holders and in all times.  Under the disguise of “objectivity,” data are selected, articles are written, TV programs are delivered. In addition to mere (dis)information, the goal of propaganda is reached through fiction and art, which entertain and lull the consciousness.  You won’t find in these “creations of art” serious topics.  As a rule, the topics in this kind of propaganda are clad with violence and sex,  mostly various fantasy-thrillers.

Of course, currently, we may not have gone to the extent of having ideological departments in ruling parties monitoring everything that is being said or published (as was the case in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union); however, governments,  with no less diligence and with the complaisant assistance of their agents employing the newest technologies, keep an eye over their citizens and form their tastes (and fears). This is all-out spying, and it is being justified by the “War on Terror,” the public prosecution and persecution of dissidents; or, simply by the fact that, today, allegedly, “everyone spies on everyone” (which is a lie, of course). Information technologies are on a peak of popularity both among the old-time KGBists, FSBists, FBIists, CIAists, and the newly-minted super-tech James Bonds.  Thank you, Internet !

For those who may have forgotten where the Internet originated: the Internet was created  for military purposes,  and then handed to universities to help scientists communicate worldwide.  In the Cold War period, a reliable communication between the military and university computers was deemed necessary.  To meet this end,  in the US, the DARPA(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) developed the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). It is this network that formed the basis of the future Internet.  In the course of time, governments and military agencies have greatly improved and expanded this network for collecting global information.  And how is it possible for a lone  journalist to challenge these powerful global surveillance schemes?  Amazingly, such lone cowboys exist (for example, a  UK “Guardian” journalist Glen Greenwald, or Australian journalist John Pilger).   

The real cause for terrorism and dissent is usually ignored by the Mainstream Media.  Terrorism on the part of the government towards its own (or foreign) citizens is altogether a forbidden topic. The asymmetry of threats to the population from lone terrorists and all-powerful modern Military Machine, equipped with sophisticated weapons, is obvious.  The very idea of responding to episodic manifestations of terrorism with nuclear strikes testifies to the insanity of militaries. 

The riots, growing across the globe, be it in Egypt or Greece,  the problems millions experience, caused by the lack of food or elementary liberties, are exposed in distorted light and equated to “ terrorist activity”.  Independent journalists who tell the truth and shed light  on the dubious role of political and financial machinators, are being ostracized or persecuted.  

The “middle class,” in its majority, is frightened and keeps silent (in many countries).  The stratification of society does not allow the middle class to organize a common front against a relapse of the Cold War.  The demands are usually limited to human rights, sex minorities’ issues, tax freedom, etc. etc. 

Apparently,  civilizational collapse cannot be avoided. It is witnessed by many who have not yet lost their sense of reality.  For a normal person, this should provoke a natural protest and a desire to do something.  At least, not to hide their heads in the sand. But  normally a person cannot express this desire.   He/she has to hide this “truth”.  But to hide truth is to tell a lie.  It means to do the dirty work of government—and do it for free. 

Victor Postnikov – a Russian-born independent scientist and poetry translator. He received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Kiev Polytechnic (1975) and D.Sc. from Institute of Electrodynamics (1992). Later he taught energy and ecology in Kiev Polytechnic and did research in the renewable energy systems. Since 1990’s he’s become a critic of technology and studied its impacts on nature and society. In 2000, he joined the Internet left biocentrist group. He translated into Russian and published some key ecophilosophers, such as Fritjof Capra, William R. Catton, Jr and Jerry Mander. Now he dedicates most of his time to writing essays, translating poetry and editing a biocentric on-line journal DandelionTimes http://victorpostnikov.wordpress.com/. He can be reached at vpostnikov@yahoo.com





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