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09 November, 2004

Peak Oil - A Seismic Shift
By Jeff Berg

WIth the advent of peak oil the world is about to change radically. Most of us on the continent of North America are set to become much poorer monetarily. What 'staying the course' will mean for China and India I can only shudder to think

22 October, 2004

Global-Scale Problems
By Bill Henderson

Amuch better functioning and strengthened version of the emerging global multilateral framework for cooperation - the international rule of law, a global governance capacity, open networked global science, etc. - is a precondition for innovation to solve global-scale problems such as severe resource depletion (peak oil), global warming and species extinction

12 October, 2004

Oil Rides On All Time Highs
By Jonathan Leff

Oil prices held near historic highs over $53 a barrel on Tuesday, with global supplies hounded by outages that were thwarting efforts to build U.S. heating oil inventories ahead of the winter

Producers Cash In On Record-high Oil Prices
By Adam Porter

According to US Energy Information Administration gas and oil heating prices are set to rise by anywhere from 11.2% to 28.8%. If they are right, it is boom time for the oil barons and banks, but bad times ahead for the consumer

10 October, 2004

Oil Wars
By Michael T. Klare

American military has taken up the responsibility of protecting the flow of petroleum around the world

08 October, 2004

Oil Near Highs, Nigeria Threat Eases
By Reuters

"Demand growth is outstripping supply growth and there's very little prospect for that to change. Prospects of maintaining supply growth at current levels are extremely limited "

06 October, 2004

Oil's Devastating Run Continues
By Richard Mably

Oil prices extended record-setting highs above $51 for U.S. crude on Wednesday raising serious questions about the oil industry's claims on supply and demand

03 October, 2004

Peak Oil 15 Months Away?
By Adam Porter

Iranian oil and energy analyst and expert Ali Bakhtiari predicts that peak oil will arrive around 2006, 2007." At that point, no one can say what is going to happen. Except the price is going to go up. And no one will be able to stop it."

30 September, 2004

Depopulating Asia
By Bill Henderson

Peak oil is upon us, but very few understand the consequences. Very few understand the importance of the signal that the US is sending about how the US is going to react to peak oil

28 September, 2004

Oil Prices Hit Record $50
By Aljazeera

US oil prices reached a record $50 a barrel on Monday as Nigeria emerged as the latest focus for worries about supply in an already tight worldwide energy market

25 September, 2004

Is OPEC Losing Control Over Oil Price?
By Adam Porter

Despite repeated pronouncements about an increase in shipments, OPEC appears to be losing its ability to influence the price of oil

23 September, 2004

Fear Of Shortages Behind High Oil Prices
By Firas Al-Atraqchi

Walid Khadduri, editor of Middle East Economic Survey (MEES), believes fear of oil shortages in the future is behind the upsurge in today's energy prices

27 August, 2004

First Signs Of Global Decline Of Oil?
By Adam Porter

New statistics are claiming that oil production in 18 producer countries has passed its peak and is declining faster than previously thought: At about 1.14 million barrels a day

26 August, 2004

Oil Price Hike Blessing in Disguise
By Gwynne Dyer

The only short-term hope of slowing the global warming is a steep drop in the use of oil and gas — and the only thing that is going to make that happen is a steep rise in price

24 August, 2004

Start Learning To Live Withoug Oil
By George Monbiot

The Age of Entropy is here. We should all now be learning how to live without oil

22 August, 2004

Oil Market Outlook Mired In Confusion
By Adam Porter

The recent announcement by Saudi Arabia that it plans to raise output by 1.3 million barrels per day , was trumpeted across the media. Seemingly this announcement was to ease market pressure and prices

09 August, 2004

Oil Eyes $50 - Where Will It End?
By Andrew Mitchell

As oil hits fresh highs, bringing $50 crude firmly into view, it will take a sea-change - a recession, an abnormally mild northern winter or perhaps a change in U.S. President - to end the rally

05 August, 2004

The Death Of Cheap Oil
By Adam Porter

What we are seeing could be that the long awaited peak in oil production is either here or about to arrive. We are seeing that nowhere has the capacity to increase production

10 June, 2004

Is The World's Oil Running Out Fast?
By Adam Porter

If you think oil prices are high at $40 a barrel then wait till they are four times that much

08 June, 2004

Riding Bicycles
By George Monbiot

Oil is running out, but the west would rather wage wars than consider other energy sources

02 June, 2004

Oil Price Strikes New High
By Reuters

The latest price rise has raised doubts about whether an expected increase in supplies from a Thursday OPEC meeting in Beirut will be enough to tame prices

30 May, 2004

Energy Crisis Looms Over China
By Eva Cheng

With the price of oil hitting almost US$42 per barrel on May 18, China's energy import bill is set to blow a major hole in the country's fiscal account. China's oil imports have soared 35.7% during the first quarter of 2004, to 30.14 million tonnes. Oil imports grew 31.2% in 2003

27 May, 2004

The View From Hubbert's Peak
By Mike Davis

The oilmen in the White House, of course, have the best view of the lush terrain on the far side of Hubbert's peak. No wonder, then, that a map of the 'war against terrorism' corresponds with such uncanny accuracy to the geography of oil fields and proposed pipelines. From Kazakhstan to Ecuador, American combat boots are sticky with oil

24 May, 2004

In Praise Of Higher Fuel Prices
By William E. Rees

Everybody complain about fuel costs. But to avoid a possibly unprecedented human crisis in coming decades, they should be urging their governments to allow the price of oil and natural gas to rise even more

13 May, 2004

International Energy Agency Warns Of Energy Crisis
By Bruce Stanley

"If you don't start going out to explore for and produce new resources, (then) 3 to 5 years from now when you need them they're not going to be there."

07 May, 2004

The Oil Crunch
By Paul Krugman

Before the start of the Iraq war his media empire did so much to promote, Rupert Murdoch explained the payoff: "The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil." Crude oil prices in New York rose to almost $40 a barrel yesterday, a 13-year high

Toward The Petro-Apocalypse
By Yves Cochet

In a few years, the global production of conventional oil will fall, while the global demand continues to rise. The resulting shock of this structural oil famine is inevitable.The alternative is chaos

27 April, 2004

Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?
By Robert Freeman

When oil is gone, civilization will be stupendously different. The onset of rapid depletion will trigger convulsions on a global scale, including, likely, global pandemics and die-offs of significant portions of the world’s human population

20 April, 2004

Shell Admits It Misled Investors
By Terry Macalister

'I am becoming sick and tired of lying...' The internal email that lifted the lid on one of Britain's biggest companies

17 April, 2004

Shell Scandal Points To Exaggerated
Estimates Of Oil Reserves

By Ed Blanche

The oil industry has been gripped by scandal since Royal Dutch/Shell twice this year downgraded its proven oil reserves by 20 percent, or nearly 4 billion barrels

03 April, 2004

Do Oil Reserves Foretell Bleak Future?
By Alejandro Eggers Moreno

There may be considerably less oil in the world than the oil-producing countries and energy companies claim, and global oil production could peak far sooner than expected -- some predict as early as 2010

30 March, 2004

Peak Oil-The End Game Has Started
By Michael C. Ruppert

World's Foremost Expert on Oil and the Oil Business Confirms the Ever More Apparent Reality of Peak Oil

27 February, 2004

Hubbert's Peak: The Impending
World Oil Shortage

By Kenneth S. Deffeyes

An overview of the of the book "Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage" By Kenneth S. Deffeyes

25 February, 2004

Forecast Of Rising Oil Demand
Challenges Tired Saudi Fields

By Jeff Gerth

Saudi Arabia's oil fields now are in decline, prompting industry and government officials to raise serious questions about whether the kingdom will be able to satisfy the world's thirst for oil in coming years