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A KKNPP Subcontractor Hurled Country-Made Bombs At Idinthakarai
And Fabricated Cases Charged Against Struggle Leaders

By People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

25 August, 2013

People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy
Idinthakarai 627 104
Tirunelveli District August 25, 2013

On August 24, 2013 around 10:30 pm, four identified men hurled three country-made bombs at Idinthakarai and near the Tsunami Nagar here. People of Idinthakarai rang the Church bell and the village community congregated immediately. There are eye-witness reports that four pro-KKNPP men, Kapoor (s/o Siluvai Anthony, age 33), Socrates (s/o Siluvai Anthony, age 36), Lawrence (s/o Siluvai Anthony, age 38), and Sathip (s/o Bernard, age 22) exploded these bombs near the bus stop and at Tsunami Nagar in Idinthakarai. We immediately reported the incident to the Kudankulam police formally through a written petition.

On August 23, 2013, two men from Idinthakarai (P.L. Anthony Santiagu and Walter Edwin, a former panchayat president) had pasted a poster thanking the KKNPP administration for donating Rs. 25 lakh worth fishnets to 50 men from our area. We found out that the above-mentioned men along with the pro-KKNPP bomber Kapoor (s/o Siluvai Anthony) had given some 50 names to the KKNPP administration and obtained the fishnets. Most of these beneficiaries are either from non-fishing villages or fishermen who do not engage in fishing at all. The above men sold these fishnets to a store at Nagercoil for a meager amount. It is learnt that some KKNPP officials, police officers and intelligence officials have worked hand in glove with these men for personal material gain.

They also had the intention to divide the Idinthakarai community, incite violence between groups and to undermine the ongoing agitation against the KKNPP. Sensing this devious scheme, the Village Committee meeting had been called at 6 pm on August 23rd and the people decided to meet again at 10 am on August 24th. People discussed the dangerous designs of the above-mentioned anti-social elements and the patronage that they enjoy from some of the KKNPP officials, some police officers and intelligence officials. The village community decided to continue the meeting again at 10 am on August 25th.

In order to abort the meeting and to protect themselves from the Rs. 25-lakh scam, the anti-social elements under the leadership of the KKNPP subcontractor Kapoor have hurled three powerful bombs in the village. Three women Mary (w/o Sebastian, age 75), Amali (w/o Nasren, age 70) and Lilly Pushpam (w/o Clement, age 58) had seen the bombers as they were walking towards the Lourdes Church. Many people who had gathered at the Velankanni Church near Tsunami Nagar also saw the culprits.

The culprits live in a nearby village called Parameswarapuram and police personnel have been deployed to protect them. We are sure that these anti-social elements, the KKNPP officials, police and intelligence officers are all together hatching a dangerous conspiracy to undermine our struggle and to divert the national attention from the failed KKNPP Units 1 and 2.

We appeal to the people of India and the larger world to keep an eye on us and to protect us.

The Struggle Committee

Urgent: Idinthakarai Update
August 25, 2013, 12:56 pm

The Koodankulam Police Sub-Inspector Mr. Thirumurugan who was at the station last night did not even give a receipt to the Idinthakarai women who had gone to complain about the bomb explosion at Idinthakarai.

But at 4 am early this morning, the Koodankulam police filed an FIR holding 50 of us (15 named accused including S.P. Udayakumar, Pushparayan, Mi.Pa. Jesuraj, Muhilan, Rajalingam, Milton, Kebiston and 35 unnamed accused) responsible for the bomb explosions at the instigation of Koodankulam Inspector Mr. I. Rajapaul and the Vallioor DSP Mr. Stanley Jones. Ironically enough, the petitioner is the same Kapoor who hurled the bombs. What can we do with this jungle law? We are afraid these officers are hatching a major conspiracy with anti-social elements and the and crippled KKNPP officials to hurt us and our village.

Please intervene on our behalf and ask these officers what is going on in this "democratic" country:
Koodankulam Inspector Mr. I. Rajapaul: 08903546200
Vallioor DSP Mr. Stanley Jones: 09443554585
K'kulam Sub-Inspector Mr. Thirumurugan: 07598659013, 09047909013.









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