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Anti- Nuclear Fasters' Health Critical

By Peoples Movement Against Nuclear Energy

18 September, 2011

7th day Update from Idinthakarai Indefinite Fast Sep18th 2011

Koodankulam: Narendra Modi's fast is getting major response and the continuing indefinite fast of 100 odd people for 7 days in Idinthakarai in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu for life and livelihood is being ignored. About 25000 people are gathered in Idinthakari village for protesting against Koodankulam nuclear plant demanding its closure. 127 people are on indefinite hunger strike from September 11. These fasting people are from the villages in Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts.

With the hunger strike crossing 7 days the situation of many of the 127 people on hunger strike in Idinthakarai has become critical. Twenty four persons who reached too critical were forcefully hospitalised today and given IV fluid in order to save their lives and to prevent the protest from turning violent. Some fainted and were unconscious. Many people who have reached the fast venue have been requesting the fasting to people to withdraw their indefinite fast considering the situation

Today Justice V.R Krishna Iyer the most respected judge in the country has send a request to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J.Jayalitha to initiate a genuine dialogue with the fasting people and also requested the fasting people to continue their struggle in a non-violent manner without putting the lives of the fasters in danger. The fast has reached the 8th day and the protest is spreading to many parts in Tamil Nadu and other states as well with solidarity events happening all over. Medha Patker is expected to join the fasting team tomorrow on September 19th. On the 7th day of the fast no effort from the state or central government has happened with the fasters.

Today mass prayer is going to be conducted across Tirunelveli and Thothukudi districts. In Kanyakumari today candle procession is to take place in many locations. Villages around Idinthakarai resorted to “Kanji Thotti” protest which involved just making some rice porridge and eating to highlight their plight because of no livelihood for the past 7days. On Sep 19th a solidarity fast will be observed in Kanyakumari. Protest is planned in many places for today and coming days. The villagers have been on night vigil since yesterday fearing the police will try and arrest the fasting people. For the seventh day in succession fishermen, farmers, manual laborers, merchants of the area did not go for their jobs while students continued to boycott schools and all shops remain closed for kilometers around Idinthakarai. The government and some of the media are trying to portray a picture that the fast and protest is carried out only by one community and are trying to create a split and give a communal color to the fast. People of Hindu, Muslims and Christian faiths and all major caste groups are involved in the hunger strike and the relay fasting by tens of thousands of people. No political party is involved either directly or indirectly in the protest.

* People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)

* National Alliance of Anti-nuclear Movements (NAAM)

Email: drspudayakumar@yahoo.com, spudayakumar@gmail.com


There are 2 online petitions running do sign them



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Justice VR Krishna Iyer's letter to Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

September 17, 2011

Madam Jayalalithaa,

I do not know you personally though have heard about you from my son’s wife who was a student in the school just a year below you.

I am convinced that my request is just. This I write with the responsibility of a successful judge of the Supreme Court of India for seven years. If you have trust in me and in my words, if your heart responds to the feelings of thousands of villagers at Koodankulam against the hazards of nuclear power, I plead with you on bended knees to judge sensitively to the appeal of the masses and show compassion and political wisdom without further delay. Please initiate without further delay a genuine dialogue with the people who are on hunger strike and consider their concerns. The non-violent struggle which enters 7th day needs your immediate intervention and due consideration. I feel that Tamil Nadu and South India as a whole will be indebted to you if you act at this juncture. I will also request to the movement to continue the Satyagraha without putting life of the people in danger and not resort to violence. I write this letter because I respect your integrity and kindness.

The facts of the case are enclosed herewith which I do not repeat. It is your fundamental duty to show compassion under Article 51A and alleviate distress and wipe every tear from every eye. Your kindness will be rewarded because there is divinity in your being and every acts of goodness will be reciprocated. Please don’t disappoint.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Encl : as above


Her Excellency Ms. J. Jayalalithaa
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
Poes Guardian
Chennai, Tamil Nadu


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