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( PKP-1930 )

(Philippine Communist Party)

e-mail : philcompar@yahoo.com

e-mail : parisantonio2001@yahoo.com

June 1st, 2010


The Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) strongly condemns yesterday’s barbaric act of piracy by the zionist state of Israel against a civilian flotilla of six ships bringing humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. The murderous attack carried out by Israeli commandos, in an attempt to break and shut out the humanitarian aid mission to the people of Gaza, left at least 9 civilian aid bearers dead and dozens of other unarmed civilian volunteers from several countries wounded.

No excuse can ever justify the savage actions taken by the Israeli forces in firing at and boarding the ships, massacring innocent civilians, and taking them to Israeli ports. The valiant aid bearers were assaulted, killed or wounded solely because of their solidarity with the Palestinian people who have long been suffering from the constant aggression and blockade by zionism. This unprovoked attack, which took place in international waters on ships flying the Turkish and US flags, is an act of piracy and is another bloody addition to zionist Israel’s long list of crimes against humanity.

The PKP-1930 condoles with the families of the victims who died in the savage Israeli attack, sympathizes with all the wounded volunteers, and expresses its solidarity with all the volunteers aboard the ships who were jailed or detained by zionist authorities.

The PKP-1930 joins all parties and peoples of goodwill worldwide in denouncing the attack, and in demanding the immediate release of all detained volunteers so that they can safely deliver the humanitarian aid to Gaza. The PKP-1930 also joins the worldwide call for an immediate international inquiry into this latest Zionist violation of international law, so that all those who ordered and perpetrated it (including the terrorist war criminal Binyamin Netanyahu) could be brought before the International Criminal Court.

The PKP-1930 further calls for an immediate end to the genocidal Israeli blockade of Gaza which, for several years already, has caused incalculable suffering to innocent men, women and children. The zionist state of Israel should be held accountable for its Nazi policies in foisting a humanitarian disaster upon the people of Gaza, with Gaza having been transformed into the world’s largest open-air stalag (concentration and extermination camp). Likewise, the governments of the USA and of the EU should also be held accountable for supporting this blockade.

Further, the PKP-1930 demands the immediate dismantling of all “apartheid” walls and zionist settlements in all areas designated for a future Palestinian state ; and an end to the oppression of the Palestinian people in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Zionist Israel is the gravest threat to peace in the Middle East, with its continued possession of nuclear weapons again supported by the USA in the recent United Nations Review Conference on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The zionist threat to peace becomes even more alarming today with Israel’s recent deployment of up to 3 German-built submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles near the Iranian coastline in the Persian Gulf.

For its continued contempt for international law, zionist Israel deserves to be expelled from the United Nations and from all international bodies to which it belongs. Yesterday’s exercise by zionist Israel of “gunboat diplomacy” should serve as a final call for the international community to isolate, and to apply sanctions against, the zionist state of Israel. In this connection, the PKP-1930 calls on the present Philippine government, as well as on the incoming Noynoy Aquino administration, to end diplomatic, commercial and other relations with the zionist state of Israel.

Finally, the PKP-1930 reiterates its position that peace in the Middle East can be secured only with the zionist withdrawal from all occupied Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese territories ; with the nuclear disarmament of Israel and the creation of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East ; with the establishment of an independent and secular Palestinian state in Gaza and the West Bank, with its capital in East Jerusalem and with secure borders alongside Israel ; and with the free exercise by the Palestinians in diaspora of their right to return to their lands and properties in their native cities and villages.


General Secretary