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29 September, 2003

The Magnificent 27
By Uri Avnery

The decision of the 27 Air Force pilots who refused to fly sorties over the occupied territories is magnificent. Some day Israel will recognize the huge debt it owes to the valiant 27

28 September, 2003

Edward Said And The Contours of Palestinian Identity
By A.Y. May

On September 25th 2003, the Palestinian people lost a man whose seminal work has allowed them to define themselves as a people with a history and culture

26 September, 2003

Edward Said: A Fountain Of Humanity
By Ali Abunimah

The most fitting tribute to Professor Said's life and work is to struggle with increased commitment for the vision of justice and humanity that inspired all of his efforts

Permission to narrate: Edward Said,Palestine,
and the Internet

By Nigel Parry

Edward Said inspired tens of thousands of people committed to reconciliation and justice around the world

25 September, 2003

Israeli Pilots Refuse To Fly Assassination Missions
By Conal Urquhart

27 Isreali airforce pilots sent a letter to the commander of Israel's airforce refusing to carry out duties, which include track and kill operations, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

23 September, 2003

Israel's Apartheid Regime
By Arjan El Fassed

Two years after the World Conference Against Racism held in Durban, Israel’s apartheid policies have only deepened and become systematic and widespread

21 September, 2003

Sharon’s Preemptive Zeal
By Neve Gordon

Sharon’s preemptive logic undercuts all form of dialogue and negotiations. Its rule of thumb is violence, and then more violence, whether it manifests itself as a military attack or as an aggressive act of dispossession

18 September, 2003

US Green Light To Assassinate Arafat
By Bill Vann

In what can only be interpreted as a green light for its Israeli allies to carry out the coldblooded assassination of the elected president of the Palestinian people, the US Tuesday vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution opposing the murder of Yasser Arafat

Remembering Sabra and Shatila
By Cilina Nasser

It is 21 years since the massacre at Sabra and Shatila and still justice eludes the victims

By Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk was one of the first journalists to be present at the scene of the horrific murders in Lebanon, September 17th, 1982. He has published a number of different books and currently writes columns for The Independent newspaper. The following is extracted from his book, "Pity the Nation."

17 September, 2003

The Jews In Palestine
By Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi on ! Palestine written in 1938 - "Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs"

15 September, 2003

Uri Avnery To Act As Human Shield For Arafat

"I am willing to put myself at risk and serve as a human shield, in order to foil Prime Minster Sharon's intention to murder the leader of the Palestinian People. So are many of my my fellows in the Israeli peace movement"

14 September, 2003

Removing Arafat
By Uri Avnery

So now it is official: the government of Israel has decided to assassinate Yasser Arafat

Birth And Death At The Checkpoint
By Gideon Levy

A familiar Palestinian story- Rula was in the last stages of labor. Daoud says the soldiers at the checkpoint wouldn't let them through, so his wife hid behind a concrete block and gave birth on the ground. A few minutes later, the baby girl died

13 September, 2003

"They Have Decided To Murder Arafat"
Gush Shalom, Press Release

"The government of Israel has tonight resolved to commit a cold-blooded murder, with the implementation deferred -- the cold blooded murder of the elected president of the Palestinians. Let there be no mistake about it. Let no one be fooled by the talk of 'deportation'. There is no intention that Arafat will survive the encounter with Sharon's soldiers."- Uri Avnery

Full text Israel's cabinet communique citing
removal of Arafat

Communique, MFA, 11 September 2003, Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser

11 September, 2003

The Quick Rise And Fall Of Mahmoud Abbas
By Hasan Abu Nimah

The resignation of the first Palestinian prime minister should surprise no one. The whole scheme was no more than an artificial arrangement intended to serve far more hidden, dangerous purposes than those sanctimoniously declared

The Apartheid Wall And Jubara's Schoolchildren
By Cathy, Marlous and Kate, writing from Jubara

Every day the children of Jubara must wait for the soldiers to open the gate in the Apartheid Wall, then walk in a line past soldiers armed with machine guns, to go to school

History Of Israeli Terror
By John Pilger

In the news we get, only the Palestinians are described as terrorists, and yet the Israelis have a long history of terrorism - both before and since the founding of the Jewish state.At least three Israeli Prime Ministers have been involved in campaigns of terror

10 September, 2003

O Jerusalem: Two Tears for Modernity
By Krishna Kumar

Far from fulfilling its promise of reinforcing reason, modernisation has given Israel the dubious status of being an exporter of high-class weaponry. Each time it acts in blind revenge against a weak and hapless adversary, Israel blurs the terrible universal memory of the Holocaust

09 September, 2003

Who is Ariel Sharon
By Azmi Bishara

Kill unarmed civilians then lie through your teeth: Ariel Sharon's been doing it for half a century. Azmi Bishara examines the career of Israel's prime minister

Betrayal At Camp David
By Uri Avnery

Before the meeting even started, the Americans had, without consulting the parties, prepared the full text of an agreement. This text is very similar to the agreement that eventually emerged

04 September, 2003

"First Of All - The Wall Must Fall!"
By Uri Avnery

A State that surrounds itself with a Wall is nothing but a ghetto-state. Peace will not be achieved with a ghetto mentality

Israel's Assassination Policy Triggers
Latest Suicide Bombings
By Steve Niva

While Palestinians must do what they can to end suicide bombings, it is past time to rethink Israel's assassination policy. They make it impossible for Palestinian authorities to undertake steps to reign in the militant groups without risking a major civil war and fuel popular support for retaliation

02 September, 2003

Right To Return Of Palestinian Refugees
By Salman Abu Sitta

For the Palestinians, the right of return to their pre-1948 homes is sacred. The right of return is enshrined in international law, as evidenced by the sustained affirmation of this right by the UN 135 times so far. Who then undermines the right of return? Israel, of course, and its supporters

30 August, 2003

Violence Will End When Occupation Ends
By Hasan Abu Nimah

The road to peace starts with nothing else other than ending the occupation, wherever that occupation may be

28 August, 2003

A Jew among 25,000 Muslims
By Jonathan Cook

The story of Susan Nathan the only Jew living in the Arab town of Tamra

25 August, 2003

Killing The Road Map
By Uri Avnery

The Road Map is dead, and the killing was a classic putsch

The Nightmare Continues In Palestine
By Gideon Levy

A generation is growing up in Palestine that is not only hungry, psychologically traumatized, unhealthy and without proper education-but is also thirsty for revenge and consumed by hatred

22 August, 2003

A Blood Red Carpet Welcome
By Praful Bidwai

India is rolling out the red carpet for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon precisely when Israeli repression of the Palestinian struggle against occupation has reached new heights

19 August, 2003

Hero In War And Peace
By Uri Avnery

If Sharon and the army command succeed in disrupting the hudna (truce) and bring about the renewal of the intifada, they will not break the Palestinians, who will refuse to submit. And after large-scale bloodshed, Yasser Arafat will make a speech in the Knesset, as did Sadat, the "Hero of War and Peace".

12 August, 2003

Who Will Save Abu-Mazen?
By Uri Avnery

Abu-Mazen will fall before the end of October--this conviction is gaining ground in leading Palestinian circles

11 August, 2003

Washington Is Being Toothless On Israel
By Ali Abunimah

With no check on Israel, the road map could be in an impasse

09 August, 2003

Israel Must Be Subjected To A Global Rule Of Law
By Hanan Ashrawi

It is time that Israel is treated like any other state, made subject to a global rule of law, and its actions scrutinized for such outrageous policies and practices

03 August, 2003

You Cant Imagine How Our People Are Living
By Vikram Sura

The Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, Yasser Arafat, speaks of the plight of his people

01 August, 2003

Israel Imposes 'Racist' Marriage Law
By Justin Huggler

Palestinian-Israeli couples will be forced to leave or live apart

31 July, 2003

Reflections On Leaving Palestine
ByBrooke Atherton

I am leaving Palestine tomorrow, but the Palestinian prisoners - the men and women in Israeli prisons, and the Palestinians being held captive in their own homes - are in my mind and in my heart