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29 November, 2003

"I Punched An Arab In The Face"
By Gideon Levy

An Israeli soldier's testimony

28 November, 2003

No More Ideas, We Need Implementation
By Rifat Odeh Kassis

One wonders why the Geneva Accord has not created any serious debate inside the Palestinian community, despite the fact that the ink in which the Road Map was written had dried already

The Metamorphosis Of Palestine
By Ahdaf Soueif

Three years ago, the acclaimed Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif travelled through the West Bank to write a special report for G2. This month, she returned for the first time

27 November, 2003

How Occupation Corrupts The Occupiers Absolutely
By Mustapha Karkouti

Decades have elapsed since Israel first occupied Arab territories in 1967. The Jewish state seems to be reaping what it sowed: ordinary Israeli kids join the army and become sadistic monsters, just by complying with its rules

25 November, 2003

Hurtling Toward The Abyss
By Hanan Ashrawi and Jon Elmer

Jon Elmer interviews Hanan Ashrawi - "there will be an awakening, as we are witnessing, among Israeli public opinion. And ultimately Israel will be treated like any other state: not above the law, and not with preferential treatment."

23 November, 2003

11,400 Palestinians Need Permits
To Live In Their Homes


According to the new directives, all Palestinians over the age of twelve who live in the seam area will be required to obtain a "permanent resident permit" from the Civil Administration to enable them to continue to live in the their homes

20 November, 2003

Facility 1391- Israel's Guantanamo
By Jonathan Cook

Despite government attempts to impose a news blackout, information about more than a decade of horrific events at Facility 1391 are beginning to leak out. As a newspaper described it, Facility 1391 is "Israel's Guantanamo"

Zionism As A Racist Ideology
By Kathleen And Bill Christison

What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is not genocide, it is not a holocaust, but it is, unmistakably, ethnicide. It is, unmistakably, racism

18 November, 2003

Living In The Shadow Of The Wall
By Ida Audeh

When completed,Israel's apartheid wall is expected to be at least four times as long and in many places twice as high as the Berlin Wall. Its impact on Palestinian economy and society is going to be enormous. Ida Audeh conducts detailed interviews with people in the districts affected by the completion of the first phase of the wall

12 November, 2003

Apartheid Wall Will Harm One In
Three Palestinians

By Justin Huggler

The "separation fence" Israel is building in the West Bank will have "severe humanitarian consequences" for almost 700,000 Palestinians

Love And Marriage In Israel
By Suraya Dadoo

Israel is touted as the only "democracy" in the world that does not offer its citizens the option of civil marriage

06 November, 2003

Shadow Of Home
By Toine van Teeffelen

A Palestinian home or home town is often a prison and is also often divided in parts closed off to each other

04 November, 2003

The Wall: Building To Destroy
By Anwar Darkazally

The Sharon government has decided that the Palestinians will remain stateless and cut off from each other and imprisoned in their own houses

29 October, 2003

A Disastrous Dead End:The Geneva Accord
By Ali Abunimah

Its creators have tried to sell the Geneva Accord as some sort of breakthrough, it is nothing of the sort. The document recycles the unworkable arrangements that Israel and the United States tried to impose at Camp David in July 2000

28 October, 2003

Death Of Rafah
By Chris McGreal

With ruthless efficiency, the Israeli army has been crushing and rocketing the Palestinian refugee town of Rafah in a manner which rivals the destruction of Jenin last year

23 October, 2003

Turning Holy City Into A fortress
By Chris McGreal

Despite the UN's vote of condemnation, Sharon remains intent on redrawing Jerusalem's borders

One State: Threat Or Promise Of Peace?
By Hasan Abu-Nimah

It is fairly right to assume that Israel would oppose the one-state option at any cost, because it would mean the end of the Jewish character of the state; the PNA would oppose it because it would end its monopoly on power; and the US would oppose it because Israel does. Why, then, should it be an option?

17 October, 2003

One State, Two People
By Ali Abunimah

Peace in Palestine through territorial partition is a doomed fantasy and the time has come to discard it. It is time to declare the era of partition over and commit to a moral, just and realisable vision in which Israelis and Palestinians build a future as partners in a single state which guarantees freedom, equality and cultural self-determination to all its citizens

16 October, 2003

US, Israel Destroying The UN System
By Hasan Abu Nimah

The Arab group at the UN has three times in less than a month requested Council action to deal with ongoing Israeli aggression in the region. In no case was the Council able to properly discharge its essential duties or offer any meaningful help

15 October, 2003

Sharon Stirs Up Conflict In Pursuit Of
Greater Israel Policy

By Jean Shaoul

Israel has taken an unprecedented series of measures aimed at heightening tensions with its neighbours, Syria and Lebanon, provoking a conflict that can be used as a pretext to launch a supposedly defensive campaign as a cover for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s expansionist policy

Witnessing The Rafah Atrocity
By Laura Gordon

Eyewitness account of the invasion of Rafah

14 October, 2003

Rafah: New Nakba, More Refugees

Nine Palestinians were killed, including two children and two teenagers, and about 80 injured, leaving 2000 homeless during the Israeli raid on Rafah refugee camp that began on Thursday night, October 9

Human Shield
By Uri Avnery

A personal account from Gush Shalom activist Uri Avnery who is in the courtyard of Arafat's Mukat'ah (compound) in Ramallah as a human shield

12 October, 2003

Why Women Turn To Suicide Bombing
By Kevin Toolis

As the honour codes that bound Palestinian familes unravel, Islamic Jihad has stepped up its recruitment of women. A report on the cycle of slaughter that drove an ambitious female lawyer to become a human bomb

09 October, 2003

Slow Motion Ethnic Cleansing
By Uri Avnery

"But there are other ways to implement ethnic cleansing: not dramatically, but slowly, daily, even routinely. Like, for example, what's happening now in Bethlehem."

Israel's Date With A Runaway Freight Train
By Hasan Abu Nimah and Ali Abunimah

The Haifa attacker was a young woman training to become a lawyer. Why would a person who ought to have had everything to live for choose, instead, to end her life in such a cruel and devastating manner? As we learned about her victims, we also learned that she too was a victim

08 October, 2003

Al-Sayafa: A Case Study In Dispossession
By Jacob Pace

Al-Sayafa was home to a successful agricultural development project during the Egyptian occupation of Gaza from 1948-1967. The land now is dry and bare and a fence cut across the land

02 October, 2003

The Wall Grows
By Justin Huggler

The Israeli Cabinet voted yesterday to go ahead with a particularly controversial section of its "security fence", which Palestinians call Israel's Berlin Wall. The Cabinet approved a new stretch of the fence east of the Jewish settlements of Ariel and Kedumim deep inside the West Bank

Defending Palestinian Homes:
Tears Amid The Rubble

By Kathy and Bill Christison

Eye witness account of a house demolition in the Jerusalem suburb of Shuafat